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  1. I have my 6K Gosa on the Suzuki 9' 6" pretty much same weight as your 5K, and I love it. I also have the original Lami Skinner rod, and have caught striper 30lb+ in current around jetties. Would have to do the same with the Skinner BM before I could recommend. For my 4K I have that on a ODM DNA 8' for lighter stuff. My 6K/Suzuki is for Albies I would look to the ODM DNA 9' it is closer to the moderate action of the Lami Skinner.
  2. Suffix 832
  3. Chop Suey great dunk test music!
  4. LOL, Enjoyed the video, can't wait to hear your thoughts MQ, 2015 Gosa, 2020 Gosa!
  5. I can't even read your post with that creepy dude's head coming at me.
  6. ODM DNA 8' Shimano Thunnus 4K Hogy 7' SAND EEL 5/0 Swim Bait hook
  7. Hope you find one, I watched the video and it looks awesome!
  8. Great video! Can you detail the differences in how the 6K and the 8K seal the real heel area. Seems like one was ok but one maybe not, wondering if you have any after thoughts on this? Does the seal get stretched over the heel and then installed and screwed down, can't see it just laying in there like I saw on the video? Thanks!
  9. Best choice Shimano Thunnus CI4, or Economy Shimano Baitrunner OC. Hope this helps!
  10. FS Shimano Teramar TMS-X70MH 7' 1/2-1 1/2. Great back bay rod, many of the guys who work at Tackle Direct use this out back for Schoolies, flounder, etc. They get to try many rods and recommend this one. Rod is in nice shape. $75.00 Firm! (Retail is 129.00) I am in South Jersey half way between Philly and AC, can meet up. Thanks for looking, Pat
  11. It looks like the listing is actually correct because they are XG HG
  12. The old Gosa 5K, and 6K had the same gear ratio, any reason to pick one over the other in the 2020 models: Gosa 5K= 6.2:1 Gosa 6K= 5.7:1 both 41" per crank basically the same weight!
  13. Was going to order some rigs this morning and could not find the web site. Anyone know if Bob is still making up rigs? Thanks!
  14. I bought it based on this article and have not been disapointed.
  15. I use a Lamiglas Black B7320S 7’3” and a BG3000. Weighs about one 1lb. Perfect set up about $200.
  16. Was window shopping today and noticed the 2020 Gosa is now up on the web site!
  17. Remove the spool and take a pic and post it up. Thanks!
  18. Does this reel have the updated spool shaft?
  19. I pass through EHT every day, let me know if you decide to split. I am interested in the rod only cash and carry meet up. The reel would be redundant for me a have a BG, Stradic, Thunnus 4K and a Gosa 5K.
  20. I have my Thunnus 4K on a Black Hole Suzuki 9’ 6” Perfect together!
  21. Looking for an 8' rod to use back bay, back bay jetty maybe a little out front. Black Hole Suzuki 8' 801L 1/2-2 St. Croix Avid/Tidemaster 8' MHF 1/2-2 ODM DNA 8' 3/8-2 I have a 9' 2" GSB but really not needed out back, want something smaller/lighter but with the same or close moderate action to the GSB. Any one have experience with any of these rods as to the "action" Or maybe another rod I should consider.