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  1. I have used the following: Penn Torque 5 VSX 150 Thunnus CI4 8000 on the rod now. Hope this helps!
  2. WTS Shimano Saragosa SW 6000: Bought new by me from Tackle Direct, has had very little use. Comes with box and contents as new. Reel may have a couple small scratches but is other wise 100%. $210.00 Includes Priority Mail Shipping to your door.
  3. I would do 180.00 shipped. PM on the way.
  4. Thanks for the offer, I am going to pass on it.
  5. Where are you located? I am in South Jersey
  6. I have one very light use as new with original bag. I am in South Jersey, 150.00 is fine. Pat
  7. I had a VSX 150, and a Penn Torque 5, and for my fishing style and down here in South Jersey around the jetties neither was ideal for me drag wise. I switched to 6K and 8K Gosa which are perfect!
  8. LOL, TY!
  9. On the subject of SW vs SWA Maybe I am missing what makes the difference in parts for Infinity Drive? On the SWA scat?
  10. I have a Viair and it works very well. Make sure you get one that hooks up directly to your battery. The cig lighter types will blow fuses and/or run too slow.
  11. I can do 22.00 plus 3.00 first class shipping for total of 25.00. Don't really have time to meet up right now, sorry. Pat
  12. I am also in South Jersey, the 8' DNA is excellent. I do also have the Suzuki rod. The DNA is more moderate and throws something like the lighter Hogy eels better.
  13. I have a couple, plus while you are in there I have NMB Minebea bearings from Thailand as used in many high end reels. I am also in South Jersey. Meet up? or 22.00 plus first class shipping for rotor cup and 2 bearings. Pat
  14. The rod surprised me, did well with keeper class striper off the jetty in current.
  15. I love mine with a Shimano 4K reel.
  16. I really only use mono, but have tried 832, if I was not using mono it would be 832.
  17. As stated above the 9'6" Suzuki is my Albie rod with a 6K Gosa.
  18. Which Suzuki?
  19. Lol, I have landed 30lb+ Cow Nose Ray with my BG3000.
  20. May want to show the drag knob nut, and also remove the spool to see if it has the updated spool shaft.
  21. Hogy 7” eel
  22. Gosa 6K Tried a 4K Thunnus went back to the Gosa.