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  1. Short stripers today after work in AC outside of jetty with clam.
  2. Getting a bunch of small blues inside the jetties in AC. Mostly right before high tide.
  3. It is my back up reel. Use Trilene XL smooth casting 14lb, and a 3 ft shock leader 40 lb Big game. I use a barrel at the top and a snap swivel at the bottom for quick changing of lures. Cast very far for me with this set up.
  4. I have the Triumph 10'6 and will be using it chunking this fall, it likes at least 3 oz. to load up properly for a long cast. The plugs/lures I use are more in the 2 oz range so I use the 9' Triumph for them. But to answer your question for chunking and heavy plugs the Triumph will serve you well.
  5. I will pass that one on to my brother in law (he is a lawyer) that is a pretty good one.
  6. I do not think I would throw 3-4 oz with my 1/2-2 1/2 rated rod, if you want to throw the heavy plugs you will probably need the 3/4-4 oz model.
  7. I have the 9' Triumph with the Shimano Baitrunner 6000D. It is a perfect and nice balanced rod, the reel is very smooth, and casts very well. I could not be happier with the pair, it has surpassed my expectations, rod was 110.00, reel 139.00. Rod loads beautifully with what I throw mostly between 1 1/2-2oz. Also you have the baitrunner feature for bait or live lining. I have 14 lb. Trilene smooth casting on the reel, (mono) and I use a 40 lb 3 ft. leader Big Game snap swivel on the end for quick changing of lures/plugs.
  8. I think the easiest way to load, is the way the Red Fin is done, heat a large sewing needle over a candle flame and push in. You do not need a hypo needle to inject the water, just use the sprayer nozzle at the kitchen sink and it fills right up. Smooth over with a hot nail and use brush top crazy glue if you like just to make sure. This only takes a couple minutes.
  9. Clam strips!
  10. I actually went with the 9' Triumph, 1/2-2 1/2, so it depends on what you are throwing. I liked that it goes down to 1/2. My top 5 lures, stubby needle and darter range from 1 1/2 oz- almost 2 oz, with 1 5/8 being the average and the rod loads up very nice with that weight. My rigged Slug-Go weights 1.6 oz. and works well on the rod. Depends on what you are throwing, what is your heaviest plug? Also a rod may be rated 3/4 or 1 oz. but it usually take something a little heavier on there to load properly for a long cast. To answer your question I do not think one rod will cover it all, but for me the 9' Triumph covers the sweet spot for my top 5 lures/plugs. I do not throw anything over 2 oz. though.
  11. Was using one yesterday during daylight hours, white belly blue back.
  12. What you need for chunking is the St. Croix Premier Surf, 10' 6" rated 4-8 oz. And a very nice rod. I would go with that over the Shimano. The Lamiglas I think you may want as a plugging rod.
  13. For swivel's I use SPRO power swivel Size 4 130lb, very small and no problems. For snap swivels prefer coastlock 75lb and up. I actually use a snap swivel on a heavy leader on my pluging rod, that I can switch between my favorite 5 plugs/lures quickly.
  14. I am really color blind, but the hook is a dark color probably black, I know it is not silver.
  15. All bails: Shimano Thunnus and Baitrunner, Penn 650SS.
  16. What kind of weight are you going to be throwing, the 10'6" SC needs some weight on it to load up properly like 3 oz.
  17. I picked up 2 3 packs has the new hook. I will probably not use till the weekend, but I have no complaints with the hook. I put it on my digital postal scale and it is like 1.6 oz. rigged with hook. My other lures/plugs at around 1.5 oz cast really far so this should be good as is.
  18. I have the 9' Triumph and am using the 6000D baitrunner on it, awesome combo!
  19. On my new Triumph 9' surf rod my older 650SS just makes it on by a hair, and it is because of the length of the real seat, my Shimano Thunnus and Baitrunner fit on no problem. I like the 650SS on it because it feels more stable with less side torque, because of the wider foot on it.
  20. I like to use the "Owner" 3/0 hook with the ghost leader, comes prerigged with 40 lb. flouro. It is 3/0 circle hook with 18" of flouro terminated on a barrel. I use it for live lining and it works great. For bigger hooks I make up my own with Seaguar. I really only use it on my one rod set up for live lining.
  21. 4" Gulp swimming mullet chartreuse, on a same colored 3/8 or 1/2 jig, at times you can get flounder every cast with this set up. I also have the white but why change when you are catching so many. I do also have the shrimp but have not tried it. Anyone know which gulp the striper like, I was gonna go with the Slug-Go 9."
  22. I also just bought a 5 footer, and gave up on it. I got this down very quick, thanks to this video, thanks for posting!
  23. Hi, I already have a 10'6 rod rated for 2-6 oz. for chunking and throwing large lures. I am looking for a rod for lighter lures for striper. I am really liking the above 9 ft. rod rated for 1/2-2 1/2 oz. Is this 9ft rod long enough for casting lures I am in South Jersey, will be using a 6000D baitrunner on it. The lures I will use range from 1 oz. up to 2 oz. Any input or experience would be great. It is a St. Croix Triumph, and for 110.00 seems like a great rod.
  24. That is encouraging thanks for the info, I was actually thinking of going back and getting the Tica 9' because it is rated 1/2-3 oz and a little heavier but the guys at the shop agreed that the Triumph was the better rod, so I went with it.
  25. do you still have it? If so where are you located? I am in South Jersey.