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  1. I have the ODM DNA 8' and I have had reels of the 5K Stradic weight class on it-perfect match. The rod is great and a nice light set-up, but have easily landed keeper striper near the jetty in current. If you want a one piece get the ODM Back Bay 7'6" Everyone has different needs based on fish target/lures, plugs fished etc. I like a moderate rod, for me the St. Croix Avid mentioned is not to my liking, I have also owned a Legend, and sold it. Just my 2 cents, good luck!
  2. Forgot, reel is spooled with XL Smooth Casting 20lb and ready to go! Pat
  3. Have a Shimano Thunnus 12000F, many love this model for throwing chunks etc. Works as it should I just did the following: The felt drag washers were upgraded to "Smooth Drag" washers when I got it. Refreshed with Cal's grease Disassembled the line roller assembly to clean and lube-roller spins freely Greased clicker and under spool, and lubed shaft Used Shimano grease/oil as pictured Added power knob ***The spool lip is good $175.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail Thanks for looking! Pat
  4. Since you have been in most of these reels, which MQ has the best sand/water intrusion sealing. I know you were not totally happy with the BG MQ especially the handle entry, and top of the shaft. Does the Saltist MQ have a mag seal bearing in these locations to make up for that weakness. Thanks!
  5. I am interested in the 4000, vs a 5K/6K Gosa due to the weight. I have the 6K Gosa wonder how this will compare?
  6. Have 2 real nice rods here: 1st up: Shimano Tallus Blue Water 7' TLS-70LA Line 15-30 "Live Bait" List 159.00 Selling for 95.00 2nd: Shimano Teramar Southeast Inshore series 7' TMS-X70MH Line 10-20 1/2-1 1/2 List 119.00 Selling for 75.00 Paypal, meet up/pick up in South Jersey Thanks for looking, Pat
  7. I have had to call the manufacturer a couple times to get that info. And then get a reel on there that balances well.
  8. I am in Hammonton half way between Atlantic City and Philly.
  9. Saw the Lamiglas 2020 catalog and it now has the Skinner rod listed as a 2 piece option. Have not seen a pic, wonder how it would fish compared to the original. One of my vehicles is small so may be helpful.
  10. Is it old blank vs new blank difference on the ones you have?
  11. Got it! Reel sold, thanks! Rod still available.
  12. Hi, Have a real nice set up here: Shimano Teramar rod- Great all around rod, many of the guys at Tackle Direct use this rod! Diawa BG 3000- I just pulled the drag stack and greased with Cal's grease. The reel is loaded with fresh XL smooth casting 12lb. This rod/reel combo weights about 1lb 2oz I bought both new at Tackle Direct and have the BG 3000 box. $175.00 takes it, best to meet up/pick up South Jersey. Thanks for looking, Pat
  13. Price drop 160.00 for the combo! or will split SOLD Reel shipped 80.00 STILL AVAILABLE Rod 80.00 local pickup/meet up due to shipping cost Pat
  14. Many guys in South Jersey use BG8000, 8000/12000 Thunnus, or 8000/10000 Saragosa for sharks off the beach and piers.
  15. Have a minty Shimano Spheros SW 3000 HG, maybe used on one short session. Comes with box and manual and shims etc. Spooled with XL smooth casting 10lb. 99.00 Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping. PayPal only. Thanks for looking, Pat
  16. Yes, that works! PM incoming
  17. Hi, Have a nice Thunnus CI4 4000 for sale. Very light use (maybe 2-3 short sessions), spooled with XL Smooth Casting 12lb. line Includes box, shims etc, see pics. PayPal 215.00 includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping. Thanks for looking, Pat
  18. ok, will send you info in PM. Thanks! Pat
  19. I am in Hammonton NJ Half way between AC and Philly
  20. Selling this lot of bearings, this is directed to someone who wants to buy in bulk. These are Penn 20-704 fits many Penn reels. These are the best NMB Mineba as used in many high end reels. These have a factory light grease, but you can add your own depending on usage. 195.00 shipped Conti USA. (Factory tube of 39 bearings) Thanks for looking, Pat