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  1. Remove the spool and take a pic and post it up. Thanks!
  2. Does this reel have the updated spool shaft?
  3. I pass through EHT every day, let me know if you decide to split. I am interested in the rod only cash and carry meet up. The reel would be redundant for me a have a BG, Stradic, Thunnus 4K and a Gosa 5K.
  4. I have my Thunnus 4K on a Black Hole Suzuki 9’ 6” Perfect together!
  5. Really appreciate it! Thanks for the heads up, will scratch it from the list.
  6. Thanks, I am familiar with that rod, trying to be in the 200-250-range, but that could be what I end up with.
  7. Looking for an 8' rod to use back bay, back bay jetty maybe a little out front. Black Hole Suzuki 8' 801L 1/2-2 St. Croix Avid/Tidemaster 8' MHF 1/2-2 ODM DNA 8' 3/8-2 I have a 9' 2" GSB but really not needed out back, want something smaller/lighter but with the same or close moderate action to the GSB. Any one have experience with any of these rods as to the "action" Or maybe another rod I should consider.
  8. Sorry same here, would just send one. Pat
  9. I have at least one.
  10. Bought new one on line.
  11. I am also looking to do this now: BH Suzuki 9' 6" Shimano Thunnus CI4 4000
  12. Lamiglas B7320S and BG2500 done!
  13. I have BG3000, Saragosa 5000, but I love my Thunnus CI4 4000-light and smooth.
  14. Looking for a nice condition Suzuki 962 9' 6" surf rod spinning Shipping to 08037 South Jersey, or local meet up within reason. Thanks for looking, Pat