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  1. Oops sorry. South Jersey half way between Philly and AC. I do travel between Cape May and Barnegat.
  2. Have a good used condition Triumph 10'6' 2-6oz rod New 205.00 sell for 120.00! Thanks for looking! Pat
  3. Reel is working well and still smooth. What is your zip so I can quote shipping? Or do you want to meet up? No dunks or visible corrosion. Thanks! Pat
  4. I have this 12K Thunnus: Drag upgraded to Carbontex smooth drag, reel serviced by me. Has power knob installed. Fresh 20lb XL Smooth casting $100.00 I am in NJ and will ship. Pat
  5. The VR50/VR75 do not have the shaft upgrade or drag upgrade like the VR125 and up. But the gears have been upgraded, anyone hear different.
  6. Yes, same I wanted to like it also. I had the BG 3000 and prefer it to the MQ. Moved to a Spheros SW4000 which is a bit better overall then the BG
  7. I had the 4000, 6K/8K may be different. Drag knob-cheap Check the bottom of the spool-cheap Remove the rear boot-oscillating guide is actually imbedded in rear of body, and butts up on and relies on being against the rear boot. No real connection. Just not to my liking. Small and light, it is!
  8. I bought a BG MQ, Saltist may have mag seal, air bail and rotor. I returned mine and got a Penn SSVI4500. To me it seemed very cheaply made.
  9. Has anyone fished both the DNA 8’ vs the Lamiglas GSB 81MS? Wondering if it’s worth the almost double price?
  10. I am stripping off the line right now, I will re-spool and let you know!