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  1. What kind of depth in this place?
  2. Nice eyes man! You aren't fishing in NJ are you?
  3. Ahh, maybe my expectations for a factual, educated response to my comment were too high? And yes, it's nice being able to cut out of my suit and tie management position early whenever I feel like it to catch fish on free lures sent to me monthly. The free clothing, free hats, free winter gear, free sunglasses, etc. are also pretty nice. Thanks for following my posts .
  4. Just curious as to how exactly kayakers caused a boat ramp to be closed? I'm sure the people launching wave runners, hunters, poachers, illegal dumping, parking illegally, bucket brigaiders leaving trash, etc. had no affect on their decision to close it off. Lots of unregistered, unsafely operated boats manned by drunken operators ripping through these stretches as well that has been well documented on another popular NJ forum. Could that maybe be a reason?
  5. Monksville, Greenwood, Swartswood and Hopatcong all get stocked with Walleye. I've caught Walleye from my kayak at everyone except Monksville.
  6. In the fall I fish bottom structure, contour, etc., usually between 30ft-50ft of water. The 3/4oz-1oz jigheads allow me to cast a mile to cover water, as well as maintain positive contact with the bottom. With lighter lead, you won't exactly know when you are on the bottom, which is where the Walleye/Hybrid Stripers/Crappie/Smallies hang out this time of year. Fish as small as 9" Crappie will willingly take swim shads on 1oz. jigheads. It's a popular technique in Europe for Zander (European Walleye) that hasn't caught on here yet.
  7. Some weekend fishporn. Hit the Big Lake on Saturday, landed 2 Walleyes on 3" Relax swim shads. Wind was blowing Sunday, so I stayed on shore to play with some tidal schoolies. Ended up with a handful of feisty river rats, on 4" Relax swim shads. [img= [img=]' alt='20141026_152955_zpslziqqtge.jpg'>
  8. This time of year I usually switch from spinnerbaits to jerkbaits for Pike in my river. 4"-6" seem to work best in bright colors. I don't target Walleye in rivers much, but I do very well this time of year in the lakes with plastic swimbaits on lead jigheads bounced along the bottom.
  9. I landed one last fall here in NNJ that was displaying the blue walleye traits on its tail. Its actually their slime having a blueish tint to it, believed to help protect them from UV rays (called "sandercyanin"). Very cool stuff. [img=]
  10. Pompton Lake for Bass and Pike, Monksville for Bass and Walleye, Furnace or Mountain Lake for Muskie. All perfect sized lakes for your set-up.
  11. Picture is too small to see anything. There are millions of Carp in the river, they stack up pretty thick in some spots!
  12. Good Largemouth Bass and seasonal Trout fishing there. I've had luck pretty much everywhere there on wacky rigged 4" Senkos and small Rapalas.
  13. Did some late night jigging with a buddy over the weekend. Not lights out fishing, but managed some nice Crappies and Bullheads and this Walleye.
  14. Thanks guys! Fish was caught from a Northern NJ river PLENTY of forage for them. TONS of baitfish, Sunnies, Crappies, Yellow Perch, Freshly stocked Pike, Creek Chubs, Golden Shiners, you name it. .
  15. It's all feel. I set all mine by hand depending on what species I am targeting, catch some fish, then adjust from there.
  16. New personal best Pike landed from my kayak over the weekend. Hit a 9/16oz spinnerbait on light tackle (10lb braid/45lb flouro leader). [img=]
  17. I've done well with Largemouth on that end of the lake, landed my PB Crappie there, and even saw and measured a monster dead 52" Muskie in the timber 3 years ago. As for Walleye, I've fished that lake morning/noon/night at least 75 times with not one Walleye landed. 10 minute drive up the road to GWL and I nail them every time lol.
  18. For deep water dropoffs, park in the South side launch by the dam. For shallow water fishing (and more weeds), park in the North side or Beech Ln lot. Tough place but the fish are there.
  19. A couple big girls from earlier this month. First one was 36", the second 38". Still looking for that elusive 40"er. Both caught and landed from my kayak. [img=] [img=]