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  1. I saw them twice with my son on the Rock or Bust tour. Once with Brian and once with Axl. Axl killed it especially the Bon Scott stuff. He’s hitting notes Brian can’t even think about anymore. I’m going to show either way if they tour again. Killer band and killer show.
  2. English much?
  3. So? Ya like the bone huh?
  4. Ludlum Island Brewing. They have quite a few good brews.
  5. Tot
  6. Lol. Heady is overrated. I was in Va. last weekend for the boys soccer tournament. Lots of great beer from Virginia and North Carolina that blow it away.
  7. Little trick I use that one of the brewers at Alewerks showed me is to lay the can or bottle on its side and roll it back and forth a few times. It evenly disperses all the good stuff without shaking it up
  8. Is that NFL Europe crap still around?
  9. Why do you think I dropped those two in the cooler by your door? Lol
  10. Keep it for company beer. You know, the guys that went from bud to yeungling, so now they only drink “good” beer.
  11. Brady and Breese must be shaking in their pants, or maybe laughing
  12. I bought it a week ago and it’s no where near some of the juice bombs I’ve had.
  13. At least 10 minimum. It’s a private pond I fish, never saw them until 3 years ago. Been fishing there for at least 10 years and now they’re there. That’s why I’m going with 10
  14. Sounds good and easy. Thanks
  15. How many per? We each had what? 30?