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  1. My son plays on his club team and high school team. It’s his passion. He dribbles/ juggles all over my basement while watching the games, Bayern is basically the only team I know much about since it’s his favorite. The only ELP team I know much about is Tottenham.
  2. Liverpool? Really? Lol
  3. Bayern.
  4. My in-laws have a house in Sea Isle. I’ve been fishing the sods in back on foot for at least 15 years. I don’t even bother anymore, that’s how bad the fishing has been lately.
  5. Love you too babe
  6. We just started getting stuff down here in NJ. I've only had two but the were delicious
  7. Back in the house, just no sink or counter tops yet. Waiting for that insurance money to be released. I do have a fridge with beer though. I’m home all weekend. Make the two mile ride and have a beer to break the place in.
  8. Just stick with a shotty....LOL. Couldn’t resist.
  9. I’m in south jersey about half an hour from Philadelphia. There’s a few places around here with loads of pickerel if you don’t mind the drive
  10. Not sure if I could eat a squirrel. I see them hopping out of trash cans etc.....
  11. Totally agree with this. I love going north to your state. My buddy I served with lives in Sanborton. NJ is a crap hole for the most part
  12. Kill anything besides squirrels lately Buffalo Bill? I could go for some ground to make chili with....just saying
  13. I’ve seen the Stones almost two dozen times, starting way back when I was still in high school. They’re my favorite band. The last time I saw them was 2013 in Philadelphia when they hit the 50 year mark. 150 for upper tier. I found out about this tour and checked prices. No way am I paying that kind of loot and then seeing a shell of what the band used to be. Hang it up already guys.
  14. Not sure where you’re located, but the brewery is maybe 5 minutes from Hershey Park. It’s a cool day trip. We did it last year for the Christmas lights. Mad Elf on tap hit home really nice after coming in from out in the cold all day.
  15. I had some a few years ago and liked it a lot, not so much now. They also make Naked Elf, it’s quite crushable