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  1. No Sir. Jersey side of the bridge. I’m 2 miles from the infamous MikeMc. Actually, his old neighbor is my next door neighbor. Weird. Jersey is a communist s hit hole at best. I drive for a living and my routes are in the philly suburbs.
  2. Camden? Almost as big of a s hit hole
  3. I hope Tebow makes the team and winds up with a SB ring just to watch the “woke” crowd here heads explode.
  4. You see the clown last week that had a bazillion watt LED light platform on his boat so he could find the bridge? Like I said earlier, I just stopped by and left after 10 or so minutes of watching the circus
  5. Corsons. It is kind of amusing to watch the show for a bit. Fish swim, I like my peace and quiet away from the crowds.
  6. I was dropping off some stuff at my in laws place in SIC this past Wednesday. After, I swung by there just to see how bad it was. Wednesday night, so middle of the week,just about 11pm and it was a s hit show. You couldn’t pay me to deal with that disaster.
  7. His mom doesn’t know he’s up this late.
  8. Racist.
  9. Dems are just bigots and racists. Pretty plain and simple
  10. What’s it like to hate being a white male ??? Gov. Blackface make any new laws down there??
  11. That did nothing. Well.... he did sling some racial slurs.
  12. “Everyone notices Francis since he’s smart”
  13. The price is above it. 2500.00 Effing ridiculous
  14. If you’re where I think you are, that bite has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Don’t follow the crowd( that’s a hint) and just downsize your gear. They’re all fun on the right gear.
  15. I’m out the other night. It’s schoolie fest on small bait.( my 16 incher was barfing grass shrimp). So, I was thinking about tossing DOA shrimp at them. Has anyone, south of say, Barnaget used them with any kind of success?