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    driving all around.

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    too far south in NJ
  1. Well, since KB has hurt feelings his job approval has to drop because someone has booo booo feelings.
  2. Trump haters love to believe that Trump is sooooooo racist that they go out and stage fake hate crimes. Have a nice day. MAGA. I know, it’s cooler and has more meaning (emoting) when you use all CAPS on special words right???
  3. I have to go find my USMC zippo. It’s probably in the garage since that’s where I take my cigar/ bourbon breaks on weekends
  4. I just wear my wading boots for my stocking foot waders. I’m thinking about picking up a pair of Korkers wading boots with the studs on the bottom. Just an added bit of traction.
  5. Nice one
  6. I live right over the bridge and get the same news as you. Liar. Say it enough and it becomes “truth” huh? Have a nice day. MAGA
  7. Able to afford them? Uh.....criminals lie, cheat and STEAl right?
  8. Honk honk
  9. Nice! That today? I was up there this morning and wound up with 11 smallies.
  10. DMag?
  11. Beers/ fishing soon? I’ve got Bob hooked on the river now.
  12. I gotta go with truth over facts on this one.
  13. Now that is the funniest thing ever posted here. Have a nice day. MAGA
  14. I’m in