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  1. The only one we get in Nj from Bissell Brothers is Substance. I wish we got more, a lot more. Thier stuff is balls out delicious
  2. Cheers @fishless
  3. Oh well.
  4. Mrs Plugchucker knows what I buy and I bring it in the front door. King of my Castle ya might say
  5. It’s a cream fetish.
  6. Cheers @fishless
  7. Another vote for the sod banks/ bridges. South Jersey southern beaches are parking lot flat and feature less. Grab some lead heads from 1/4 - 1/2 oz and a couple packs of bodies. Smaller sized plugs and poppers are good as well. First light, last light and of course night time are best. Shadow lines are awesome.
  8. Check out North East Jig Company. Thier lead heads are great. The bodies come in three sizes.
  9. I wish we got more of thier stuff down my way. It’s all really good. That from the brewery or a store? Might be a road trip soon.
  10. You don’t like IPAs Most men do Only two beers in.
  11. Anyway, you bringing beer,or am I for the next fling? Im always down to drunk with quality company.
  12. **** pizza= **** Fishless in My Book
  13. Who don’t like pizza???? @fishless says some unamerican, commie here, don’t like pizza!!!
  14. That was witty. 18 members here told me you were slow. Guess they’re wrong huh?
  15. Pays to be a winner Just sayin