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  1. My only bite all day at the river
  2. Look at you with a big boy beer
  3. I started in East Brunswick, after the military my wife is from south jersey,so here I am. Once our son is off to college we’re headed north. I’ll buy ya a beer or two when I get up there
  4. Care to bet Frank Star makes up another story tomorrow to make himself feel better? Hopefully he only posts it in one forum this time.
  5. Act like an animal get treated like one no matter what your color. Just a side note since you seem to have a lot of white guilt going’s ok to be white.
  6. Knew Be won’t ever actually answer you like a man. He’ll just give you a thumbs down. A weak minded little kid actually who can’t discuss things as an adult
  7. I love it up there. My son pointed out a fact, there are more people in my county here in NJ than all of NH. I look forward to every run up there and try to hit different breweries. Next on my list is From the Barrel. Unfortunately my buddy isn’t a big fisherman so I get a three day liscence and wander. PS- Lobster rolls from Lobster Connection are the best
  8. You in NH? My buddy I served with lives in Sanbornton.
  9. Stoneface Blip and Full Clip are very good. Long Blue Cat and Rockingham breweries are very solid as well from NH
  10. Black in the back
  11. If you ain’t white your not riding in my front seat anymore
  12. Two weeks later and still never answered me. Would you be ok with him nip tweaking and fondling a female family member of yours? Try to grow a pair and answer this time instead of your thumbs down. If you would be cool with it own it.
  13. That place is always looking for an excuse to torch dat jawn
  14. Not protesters. They’re rioters. Call it it what it is. MLK led protests. This is just rioters looking for free stuff. Why can’t you call it what it is?