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  1. The same ass clowns that throw batteries and snowballs at Santa?
  2. Groot steals the show. Love the face he’s making
  3. You can make all the rules and regs you want. The people that actually give a crap about the fish and follow the rules will comply. The asshats that don’t care will fish for and kill whatever they sink a hook into, wether it’s in season, short, over limit, you name it, they kill it. They’ll just move on to another “ hobby” when the stocks are wiped out. Some of the crap I’ve seen in the last few years on beaches, rivers etc.. is nauseating. Rant over.
  4. You forgot golf clubs? By some chance Lagunitas play a part. Answer your phone. I’m gonna drop the rod off. I know you have fresh Lagunitas as well.
  5. I was up early and knocked off a coffee. Killed an hour there . Wound up with four.
  6. Here’s the bag of dicks ya wanted for your bed time snack lil slugger. Run along, adults are talking.
  7. Will this crap jump the fence and wind up in my yard? This something I should worry about gobbling up my roses etc…?
  8. So, I’m cutting grass, and go to toss my water bottle in the recycling can. I keep them along the fence, out of sight. I notice these on the leaves hanging over into my yard and then discover that all her trees are covered in them.
  9. Yup. Things over ran a small pond by me. Ate everything in there.
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