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  1. Those flatwings are amazing. Did you tie em?
  2. Some Loon Knot Sense could help you if you have a UV light.
  3. Great deal!
  4. Thank you. I think you're right. I'll have to time some flies up to go with it! Thank you Thank you
  5. I made this wooden fly box for a friend as a present. I thought I would share a few pictures with you guys. Take Care Conor
  6. Awesome pics. What river is this located on?
  7. How thick? I found some 3,5, and 6mm foam for the same deal I mentioned earlier on amazon.
  8. I got tons of 2mm foam on amazon. 10 sheets of 12inX18in for something like $7, much cheaper than buying foam from a fly tying store or similar place
  9. I held a mystic rod at bears den. Seemed like solid quality, I didn't cast it, just wiggled it a little. But, seems like nice stuff. I can't remeber which model I held however
  10. I was totally cutting the templates wrong and I was getting a really odd shape. I'll try a few with your suggestions Cary, Thanks.
  11. I just tied my first four crease flies. The top being the first and the bottom being the last one made. As you can see, the top one is pretty awful but they do get a little better as I tied a few. Some of the flies I see posted on here are incredible. I need to work on the shape of the foam. Does anyone have a template or something they use to get the foam right?
  12. You're right. I was pretty psyched I caught fish somewhere that wasn't suggested to me. I need to keep looking and find a few more spots however. But, I'm pumped I atleast caught some fish. Thanks!
  13. I see, I will do some research and see if I can find a spot near me to get into some. What sort of flies do I need, and is a 9wt rod a good fit?
  14. Looking at pictures of hickory shad, I think you are right. Thats what I was catching. There was tons of them everywhere. I am on the South Shore of MA. I would love to catch another species. False albacore or Bonito?