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  1. good news, wish well for you both
  2. Season 1 was so extraordinary in nearly all ways that it seems pointless to compare following versions. So far season 3 stands out as better than season 2 to me, and I liked season 2 pretty well. They went back to the original formula a little more this time you might say. Still getting used to Dorff - other than his turns in Blade and City Of Industry, I didn't really care for him. Plus he played such 'hateable' characters in those films it's a bit of work to accept him in a sympathetic role.
  3. Sponge Bob show or movie If you want a real hoot when you're seriously baked- watch the original Dragnet series (the movie is useless). Sgt. Friday is one rolling snicker after another, eventually you will swear HE was wasted while making the show and was playing everyone the whole time. You must on the edge of veg for it to work.
  4. Altered States (sprinkle some dried shrooms in your joint) Fear and Loathing Eraserhead
  5. I offer $40 shipped for the Fuego 2500LT spinning reel. Paypal.
  6. Sold to bac0701. Thanks SOL!
  7. No hustle here, long time SOL member, just trying to get back a bit of what I paid last spring. This unit is compatible with every level of Comcast/Xfinity internet service (so said Comcast tech who came out to install new modem) except their Terabyte level - which I only took on as part of a deal offer. I'm not kidding - by agreeing to go up in speed with a TV/Phone package I saved $30/month. Anyway, it's mint, and is in original packaging fit for shipping.
  8. Less than a year old ARRIS Modem/Gateway+Router compatible with all XFINITY/COMCAST internet service (except for their highest speed T1 lines). Wi-fi broadcast range very good. Every single cable (brand new never used them), manual, warranty form, etc. intact and included. See pics for model numbers, ports, etc. from Bestbuy, was $120 new. $55 shipped to NE ok3[1] ok2[1]
  9. Regulations for rec fishing are the same in every east coast state- 1 fish 28" minimum length Comms of course get special treatment state by state. See a pattern?
  10. Don't agree at all. If recs had just given up fishing for stripers in the 80's because they were nearly non-existent the comms would have gotten their way and the moratorium never would have happened and the bass fishery would have been destroyed forever. Rec activity generates wide spread money and interest, take that away and the bass are wiped out in silence. The best thing we can do - as I said before - stop fooling ourselves that voting for 'pro-business' politicians won't effect our own fisheries. I certainly believe some 'pro-business' politicians had good intentions but they seem impervious to the devastation they are wreaking upon fisheries (and elsewhere) by constantly siding with the comms. They don't understand or remain unwilling to swallow the truth that the comms would empty the oceans of fish then turn around and scream - you should have told us we were causing problems!!!
  11. The idea that recs are killing enough fish by catch and release to ruin the fishery doesn't hold water. Do recs harvest too many fish? Absolutely. But back during the moratorium years, when the length limit was 36", probably 99% of the fish caught had to be released. What happened? The fishing went bonkers. And soon everyone and all their brothers were fishing for stripers..and what happened? The fishing continued to be fantastic in southern Maine until they netted all the pogies to extinction, AND then nailed the coffin shut by lowering the length limit to 28", and to be sure to destroy the fishery they made it 2 fish. When virtually every fish caught had to be released, and millions of folks were fishing, the bass fishing exploded, so don't buy the recs kill too many fish with catch and release story. The comms want the rec catch to be huge because their take is generally measured as a proportion against the rec take. It's just this simple folks - if you want great bass fishing again then the length limit must go to 34" or 36" and the comm effort reduced to next to nothing. We need more pogies up here north of Cape Ann but down in CT and NY I hear plenty of stories about the pogie schools going unmolested - means there aren't many big bass. And all these little bass we've had the last 3 years have a amounted to zero change in the fishery. I'm beginning to think their appearance is actually a harbinger some something bad, not good.
  12. Well, on one hand it's refreshing to others speak the truth - the bass fishing is a shadow of what it was not that long ago. OTH, as much as I applaud the enthusiasm for action some profess, the fact was back in the 80's, and it's the same today - commercial fishermen rule the bottom line when it comes to decisions. Yes, the boards have seen more rec and enviro minded folks appointed but it makes no difference - the fishing gets worse and worse. I knew it was a losing battle when just a few years after the moratorium was installed (because the striped bass almost went extinct from huge areas of the east coast) and the bass fishing was really beginning to boom and mature again - the early 90's, a number of large, stinking groundings of menhaden on beaches and estuaries from bass and blues driving the fish ashore and inland resulted in huge Russian/Norwegian processing boats anchoring less than a mile off the southern Maine coast while every pogie in sight was vacuumed from the water. Some kind of exemption was worked out allowing them to come so close, allegedly because the stench was killing the tourist trade along the coast. Two years of that and the pogies have NEVER been back in the numbers...and the bass fishing has never been the same either. The comms saw a huge opportunity and jumped on it. Damn the consequences. AND - this was all before OMEGA Protein became the de facto commissioner of the menhaden take. This process only proved it was miracle the bass survived to begin with in the 80's. The moratorium only happened because the bass were so few in numbers the comms figured it wasn't worth fighting over with a handful of screaming recs. It's the same today. Comm's will insist everything is fine and the 'science' is garbage. You reap what you sow folks. Support allegedly pro-business politics and you get devastation, not the promised balance they have sold us for decades. I'll say it again, but it's nearly pointless - comm fishing for stripers amounts to about 10% of the economy spent by rec anglers seeking a big bass. The money generated from equipment, boats, hotels, restaurants, retail, etc., etc., just towers over the comm effort but you'd never guess that from the way the bass are regulated. Squawk that recs are indifferent all you want. Until we begin to admit in the way we vote that everything around us is being scraped clean in the name of the next dollar nothing's going to change. Period.
  13. IMHO the best part of the Ammonoosuc is way up starting along the Cog Railway road and ending just before Bethlehem. The lower parts are unpredictable. We used to sniff around those sections and come up dry most of the time while periodically finding a handful of 16-22" survivalist stockies working a hatch in an otherwise deserted, yet ideal glide. Pollution, especially from building/lawns, habitat degradation, and earlier - acid rain, gutted the Ammonoosuc which once had a fine run of Atlantic Salmon. Of course, as Bob Dylan says, Twas in another lifetime...
  14. What generation are you looking for?