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  1. Time to get busy, the striper run is nearly upon us. So new prices for a new season! Considering what's around, these reels are in pretty remarkable condition inside and out. I know I'm just not going to use them but I hope someone will. Reel 3 - $75 shipped Reel 4 - $70 shipped Reel 5 - $75 shipped PLEASE Buy all three for $190 shipped. Buy two for $140 shipped.
  2. Did the comm quota increase or not? Yes, it did. I rest my case. The rest is mumbo jumbo.
  3. This 'agreement' is all you need to see understand who is controlling these decisions. Bluefish are nearly non-existent north of Cape Ann, and in middling numbers south of there AND the comms can't even reach their quota, BUT the status quo is so good to the decision makers decide the comms get even more! Like I've been saying in the save the bass thread - the science/limits are a joke designed for one thing - vacuuming clean the ocean. Don't spend one minute daydreaming the recreational fishery for blues or bass is of any importance to these people.
  4. Scanned condition of the flies over very closely again and I'll have to pass, thanks for your offer.
  5. Hmmm, most are used correct? Pic of case? Thank you.
  6. offer $15 shipped to NH (your thread says case, assuming that doesn't mean a fly case since none is shown?) Thanks!
  7. sorry my mistake... typo city here I meant to say I can offer $30 shipped to NH. Thanks!
  8. TTT thanks!
  9. My $60 shipped offer to NH still stands, thanks.
  10. Take a general position - I think we're pretty close on that one. But, IMHO, there's nothing wrong with that position having a specific number attached to it. I'd say 36"/ 1 fish because that worked with fairly great effect, plus it's more than about time we overshoot on the conservation side. And because of exactly what you said - the science folks have been fairly accurate but it's been the commissioners et al , screwing up the implementation. IOW, it's what I said - the science doesn't matter. What has mattered, and will matter, is who runs the show. And asking the average guy to back off specific requests because he doesn't know what's 'best' for the bass is exactly what got us here in the first place -> everyday anglers either overwhelmed by the reams of data, discouraged by lack of response to what the science says, or a deferral to those who 'know better.' To this I say, wrong, wrong wrong. You want things to change? Then figure out a way to get the MILLIONS of average everyday anglers to scream and yell to the ASMFC day and night. And by default the trust-scientists-will-get-the-council-to act-accordingly method has proven fairly useless in accomplishing this. The only way, for me, to get millions on board with action is to give them something plain and simple. Such as, SAVE THE BASS/MAKE IT 36!! or 36"- THREE FEET ON ROAD TO SURVIVAL FOR STRIPERS!!! Just look at the minutiae being split and combed through in this thread - to what effect? Look at the numbers of views, they're a fraction of what we should expect for the state of affairs. Why? Because it's more of the same techno-babble that's been wholly ineffective up to now, so why bother? I'm not advocating to quit the science - it is extremely important. However, as long as there are ill meaning forces that can effectively twist, misconstrue or ignore it, we need a different system to thwart them. I'm simply proposing a way to get action the millions of us want over the action implemented by the very few.
  11. Reels are in excellent to very good condition. All are rock solid and very smooth mechanically, serviced at Surfland last season and not used since. Reel 4 is missing medallion. Two are filled right up with usable or new braid, the one with yellow braid is a little short but the braid is in good condition. Reel 3 - $85 shipped Reel 4 - $80 shipped Reel 5 - $85 shipped Buy all three for $220 shipped. Buy two for $150 shipped.
  12. Again - you don't seem interested in actually reading my posts, so I should really just move on. But... You've conveniently overlooked that in post after post I say -RECS KILL TOO MANY FISH. That 90% of the fish you point out are caught by the 99.9% of the fishermen. The comm 10% are caught by 0.1% of fishermen. So one last time - it's the unfair distribution of the resource I'm referring to. Thank you for your enthusiasm, we can all learn a lesson from it.
  13. Mr. Witek, I've long admired the determination and perseverance in your posts aimed at saving the bass. You are much more well informed than me. But I disagree profoundly with the highlighted quote from your post. I'm sure you didn't intend to, but you sound just like an overly self-important politician tut-tut-ing the unwashed brutes clamoring for reasonable govt. There wouldn't be a bass fishery without the "average angler" - the comms would have washed it away long ago. And the advice you put forth - the average bass guy has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to conserving the striper - is EXACTLY the attitude that has led to, and the reason we find ourselves on, the brink of another disaster. The 'average' guy takes a peek at all the confusing numbers, hears well informed folks like you speak against him speaking out, and then just shrugs his shoulders and says to himself, "maybe the bass aren't disappearing everywhere, and I'm overreacting...," or something like that. That's baloney. If the average guys had been more forceful and more confident in their assertion the bass were declining something would have been done long ago. If millions of recs called up and crowed about saving the bass NOW, all this absurd, deceitful, ineffective (even disastrous) micromanagement would have been blasted away years ago. But the 'leave it to the wise guys' attitude has pervaded the debate to the overwhelming advantage of those who want the take and kill to be high. Back in the late 90's when I saw the decline beginning, for years I went nutty reading and studying, calling people, trying to voice an 'informed' opinion - all for naught. So I eventually also adopted the leave to the wise guys attitude, foolishly. The wise guys have been run by the comm/high kill lobby to the point the bass are crashing again. They've tricked us all into buying the incremental length increases/decreases, 1 fish/2 fish, bonus fish, release mortality, blah, blah, blah, right to the place the 'average' bass guy never wanted the fishery to be! Heck, yes, the science is important to perform. But what the heck difference has it made? It's been overwhelmed by lobbying and politics. The millions don't seem to be heard as much as the few with leverage - not knowledge! Thus, it's position, not accurate data that won out all these years. And it's time for the average guy to say (just like the boards have done for 25 years),"The hell with data, raise the length limits, cut back the kill and give us back the excellent fishing that we had!" That's how simple it is to me.