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  1. Uh, except for the most significant fact that it was never written. And the fantasy land of those who wish it had been only hammers home the fact they understand nothing about "real education."
  2. There are a number of waterfront hotels in Hampton Beach. It's delightfully deserted this time of year.
  3. Thanks
  4. How much for the Baitrunner 4500B?
  5. Nice work. Fine thing you've done.
  6. If you watch tube with the girl - Orange Is The New Black (the first couple seasons are very good) The United States Of Tara - it's a little uneven but sometimes it's right off the hook (Buck). It's funny and your women friend will think you enlightened. Surprised no one mentioned Weeds. I resisted but I have to admit it was pretty good, the early seasons especially. Though when the Mex cartel gets involved later it gets nutty.
  7. I've got an original vintage Shimano Spheros 6000 in solid condition. I'm talking the first version that was blue with silver spool. If at all interested I can dig it out and come up with a price.
  8. Incredible how misguided the intentions are here. If everyone wore masks for just 4 weeks new infections and deaths would drop to nearly zero. The head of the CDC said that masks may even be more effective than the vaccine. If everyone had religiously worn masks in the spring at least 100,000 fewer (probably even more) Americans would not have died from Covid. Do you get that? By insisting on not wearing a masks thousands of people are dead. Universal mask wearing for 4 weeks would allow the vast majority of economic activity to resume. By not wearing a mask you put everyone you come in contact with at needless risk of infection. The point is it shouldn't take any kind forceful order from the govt to get folks to wear masks.
  9. Wearing a mask isn't the same as cowering in your basement. All you Constitutionalists here ought remember we ARE in this together. That's the whole reason there is a Constitution, because cooperating made us stronger than all going their own way. That why it says " in order to form a more perfect union..." And not, "Don't tread on me."
  10. You guys have lost your way. It's an act of kindness and respect to your fellow man to wear a mask etc. Liberty without cooperation is meaningless. You might as well move to the moon so you can pretend you're your own man.
  11. What are you folks thinking? You don't drive down the road 90mph anywhere you want. Why? Because it's not safe, you can kill other people, needlessly. That's why we should wear a mask - to be safe, for others at least, if we're too stubborn to do it for ourselves. For all the supposedly free thinking going on in Righty land, you sound an awful lot alike. As if you've been issued orders to resist something you haven't bothered to think through.
  12. Well, I tried.
  13. How can you be "ultra radical" and "mainstream" simultaneously? Radicals by definition are extreme, outside the center. You Righty nut jobs are awfully amusing sometimes. Especially when you're so easy to play. You get hysterical about Obama being a Muslim, but look sideways when Trump kisses the feet of the Saudis. The same Saudis, and we're talking the exact same people, who funded the 9/11 terrorists. And who have dragged Trump gleefully into genocide in Yemen. And played Trump like a stooge when they murdered Khashoggi. You clamor about radical Muslims then kneel before their biggest supporter here in the US. I know you believe in a better America than that. Let's make it happen together.
  14. Where have you and the Daily Wire been? OAN? Anybody? After Biden muttered, "Inshallah," (means God willing in Arabic) during one of Trump's incoherent debate tirades, I was sure you'd jump up declare you'd at long last found proof of the truth - Obama was a Muslim, forced Joe to covert, and was essentially an Imam who turned the WH into a Kenyan mosque!!! Where have y'all been when the country needs you?
  15. To the OP - Given the different braids you've tried and the clear effort you've made to get things right, at this point, in my experience, it's always the reel. I know that's a bummer given the money you've sunk into your Penn. It's a fruitless endeavor to continue fussing with it. I acerbically posted earlier that the cure is to get a Shimano, but sincerely that's the move. Don't send any more good money after bad. It's a dud, plain and simple. There plenty of PENN Koolaid drinkers here sure to be willing to take the reel off your hands mistakenly certain those wind knots are 'user error.' But hey, that's their gig. Good luck.