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  1. Perhaps you think Chauvin and his cadre of murderers were simply "pushing their agenda"?
  2. Good grief, that's ridiculous. And it's straight Right Wing, don't-think-for-yourself boilerplate.
  3. Sieg Heil, Adolph Actually, I shouldn't have posted that - you'll probably take it a compliment.
  4. Your signature is disgusting. And don't give me any, I'm just a hunter (Shooting a coon) baloney. You should be ashamed of yourself. Please change it, I'm sure you are a much better man than is reflected in that kind of doublespeak.
  5. Selling only as a combo for now, thank you
  6. I'd love to keep this thing but I won't ever be able to use it enough to justify keeping it in my lineup. The thing feels perfect in the hand, balanced, super light. Jig all day, run live bait off it, even get nutty and pitch it at 'tiny' bluefin. Completely new and unused, never even been in the boat. My pics don't do it justice... it's beautiful. Daiwa BG 4500 loaded with either 40 or 50# JBraid. St Croix Mojo Jig Spinning Rod MJJS66MMF 6'6" Medium That's $350 retail, I'll part with it for $250 picked up in southern NH. Possibly could drop off elsewhere in MA/NH/ME/VT as my fishing partner travels the area for work.
  7. Right on. Sold to Queensfisher for $75 shipped. PM coming. Thanks SOL as always!
  8. Thanks for your offer, I'll keep it in mind.
  9. Box specs say it weighs 7.1oz
  10. Right on! Entire lot sold to JBreese1 for $55 shipped. PM to follow. Thanks SOL!
  11. Never used, new in box. Two spools, one filled with 2lb test. $75 shipped to east of Mississippi. $80 to the west in lower 48.
  12. Only way i can fairly sell the whole lot is for $55 since Roy C made an offer for the partial and I told him he could have the Roberts if no one bought the whole lot, ostensibly for $55. And it would have to happen tonight.
  13. Hi Roy, if no one buys the full lot today you get the Roberts for $27. Any chance you want the Atoms too?
  14. See post above...
  15. Bulk discount for all eight at $55 due to shipping costs, ideally they'd all go together. However! These are strange and weird times, so ReelSharp... if no one steps up and buys the whole lot today (Saturday), how about $27 for the Roberts and everyone goes home happy?