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  1. Old Jerry needs to get out more...see Jerrod Carmichael
  2. I was working at a high tech outdoors retailer at the time when, on beautifully warm, lightly foggy June night at Lobsterville, around 130am I hang a nice fish on the fly rod. My buddy eases over to give me a hand landing the fish and innocently flicks on the at-the-time explosive Xenon headlamp I had given him. It was as if someone had put a cattle prod to the 20 or 30 thirty guys up and down the beach! Hey! Turn that the f#*k off! Turn if off!! Hey!! etc., even some grumbling from way down the beach rolled in like late arriving mail. The folks closest to us starting laughing and we all had a good chuckle as my buddy grabbed the bass and swung her up in front of me just as the shouts rolled in. He didn't know what to do with his hands full of fish and the light blasting into the gloom as he reflexively turned toward the direction of each shout. Live and learn eh?
  3. Are you writing to us from the Planet Lovetron? Perhaps not...
  4. The heck with cutting, who needs all that power equipment, saw blades or even a car door? Grab the rod, point it out level in front of you, firmly tuck the handle under your elbow against the rib cage. March around the back of your place like a modern day knight gallant. Pick out a target in a corner, preferably with a vertical contain as well - like where the side of the steps going to the backdoor meet the clapboards. Back up about twenty feet, scream something like, Beneath Thine Trunchoen Swine Shall Ye Perish And Suffer Pains Of Righteous Assertion!, then with doomed rod protruding ahead like a sacred lance rush headlong toward the building and don't stop until all that remains is the handle and reel seat. Remains fit in any ordinary trash receptacle. A fitting end for a battle worn weapon! The snapping and crackling is pretty cool too. An added bonus - your neighbors will think you've lost your mind. It will make a great youtube video, a viral response and soon you will be known as Pliny The Elder Rod Masher.
  5. Sold, thanks SOL.
  6. In that case I'd go $50, and split the diff to your advantage. It's going to cost me $10 to ship...
  7. Smooth, solid, in really good shape, not fished since being serviced last year, packed with 50lb braid. $65 shipped
  8. FWIW - The promo video I watched specifically referred to the reel having the X-Protect seals, and it being the FK with some changes, again, notably, the seals and the carbon drag washers. And like Scooby says, with a screw in handle, and the FK drive, that's a stunning value for $119, without even adding in the seals and upgraded carbon drags. Still think this a direct response to the BG becoming so popular. Plus, Shimano has always had a kind of hole in the light saltwater category because it didn't make a hard pitch for the Stradic/Sustain as a salt water reel, and the Baitrunner and Spheros were kind of a leap up into the bigger style salt reels. This a definitive marketing move putting an SW trademark on a lightweight reel. But, unlike a lot a brands, it's hardly just a labeling job...
  9. Haven't touched one but info says the new Spheros Inshore reel is essentially the recently replaced Stradic FK now with a seal (Core-Protect), a line roller bushing, and carbon drag - for $119!!! That's a ridiculous value - a lot of quality and tech for the money. Competition is good because this reel has got to be a direct response to the Daiwa BG success. No wonder they put Stella gears in the new Stradic FL, you can get a somewhat upgraded SW version of the FK for $100 less. One significant difference from the very popular "Offshore" Spheros - the new Inshore Spheros is very light, right in line with the Stradics. A 4000 size goes just under 10oz. Is there anything with a sealed body that comes close to that weight?
  10. Jagger nails Wild Horses IMHO, never heard anyone come close
  11. Say What??? Dead Flowers was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Geddy Lee is a giant but he didn't pen Dead Flowers! Today's Tom Sawyer, yes. Which begs the question - did anyone of note ever cover a song by Rush?
  12. Toots and the Maytals doing Take Me Home Country Road is epic. "Almost heaven, West Jamaica..." John Who? Denver? And Peter, Paul and Mary made a hit of out his Leavin' On A Jet Plane.
  13. You just got exiled from the Garden State! Manfred Mann sux it big time! His version sounds just like what it is - a wannabe trying soooo hard to be legit and never near to making it.