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  1. Really working hard to fit in and learn buddy. You agreed not to spot burn when joining the site, respect your agreement and stop doing it. Most guys here aren’t discussing catching dink’s and claiming they are 30”, maybe respect the rules and learn about more then just catching migrating schoolies.
  2. Stop with the spots.
  3. Which ever one is big with the horse face!
  4. That thing is a beast!
  5. I had 2 grey seals watching me fish about 2 weeks ago. I was only fisherman around and they seemed to just be waiting for me to hook up. After a few minutes of not catching they moved on. I have seen them in the fall more and more frequently but this is the first spring that i have had several sightings.
  6. I have def had one grunt at me, kind of like a catfish will do.
  7. That is my next thought. Was hoping some fish would be active with volume of pogies i saw last pm (not in bay).
  8. All good points above. Love taking my kids fishing but their attention span is small, and i have learned to not have a plan in mind but stay flexible and be ready to head home at any minute. Worst thing to do is make them stay when they want to leave, cause then they wont want to go anymore. Seems to get tougher and tougher to get them into consistent fishing. My 10yr old has started to do some night trips with me which has been fun and interesting. My youngest (7) we do mostly freshwater, a bucket of shiners can keep them occupied for quite awhile.
  9. i fished 9-12, last pm. Was not my favorite tide but we fish when we can fish. I dont mind some tides this weekend so we will see.
  10. Temp Readings this am: Newport - 49 Quonset - 51 Prov 50 Conim 53 Still seems cold for halfway thru May
  11. No night bite last pm except large bait. Found some fish but they wouldnt commit. Not sure we are there yet, but i generally start catching better fish at night starting around May 20th according to my records so it should pick up any day now. That may be dependent on some consistent warmer weather settling in.
  12. Tried last pm after 9. Nothing going on, except a large push of pogies. Snagged a few and so did another fisherman. Some larger bait around once the bigger fish finally get here. Night bite didnt seem very active last pm, when finally found some fish they would only tap it and wouldnt commit.
  13. I wouldnt mind catching a few large ones for the table. I have heard they are good to eat but the ones i have gotten seemed to small for the effort/reward.
  14. exactly.... Love the new guys who think they know more then everyone around them.
  15. Anyone seeing a consistent night bite yet? Day fishing doesnt work for me with all family stuff, so moving to the night fishing shift (which i prefer anyway). Just wondering if anyone has been seeing a consistent bite. Spots i have tried have had really limited action after dark.