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  1. They usually start soon, and are around in good numbers by last week in May.... I have not seen any yet
  2. A few nights ago they would charge back at it till they made solid contact, last night they would not commit. I would follow up with an unweighted Fin-s or something else with a slightly different look but nope. They would only follow the spook. Im blaming the big moon tide.... Also PSA if you havent packed your bug spray now is the time, biting gnats and mosquitos were out in force last night.
  3. Big tide and picky fish tonight. Threw the bag at them, they would only follow spooks. Lots of swirls and half bumps right behind the plug and especially on pause. 2 takers but very frustrating night.
  4. There have been a lot of them around, and they hit everything.
  5. amazing how well they blend in, crows have been harassing them nonstop.
  6. For beach i wear neoprene wading shoes/boots that are light. I generally throw korkers on them for rocks, not a fan of the big korker boots w wetsuit. But yes they feel bulky
  7. Hit upper Bay Area last pm around sunset. It was sea robin city, couldn’t get much past them. Would have assumed no bass around but guy soaking squid got a few. Squid seemed to be all they wanted. Saw some disturbed water and cast at it only to snag a full sized bunker. Seems to be a lot of bait around which is good.
  8. Red gil teaser fished in front of plug. Covers the small profile and also keeps a larger offering out there in case there is a bigger fish who wants a bigger bait.
  9. Got out last night after dinner for a quick trip up in the bay. Fish breaking all over when i got there, was very excited as i was wading out only to realize they were all sea robins. Big, small, and all sizes in between they were chasing small bait all over. Any time you paused your lure they would attack. Threw on a spook which they were a little less interested in and bass started to jump on it. Forgot how fun it is watching bass crashing a spook and miss a few times but keep charging back. Got a few on spook, wind picked up and switched to canal rigged SP to avoid the robins. Got a few more bass and a few robins. Fun evening and best part was not many folks out. Nothing would touch a jig/soft plastic they all wanted plugs of some form.
  10. Didnt know the googans w headlamps migrated in already
  11. interesting read!
  12. Agreed, area I fish around March/ April had a few days with pockets of herring around but the last 2 year they would be swimming all around you at times. Did not see any of that this year.
  13. Good for you!! I got out yesterday after getting kids on the bus, first spot was clear of weeds but a tough SE wind. Fished all around this area and not a single hit or swirl. Next 2 spots were completely weeded up and unfishable. No one else out fishing at all. Also swung by the Ocean Mist and they are building a big barrier their which makes parking and access impossible. Good to get out and change from holdover fishing but it seems a bit behind.
  14. Bet the booster seat fought like hell!!!
  15. Hope to make it out soon, just need this wind to relax a bit and maybe just maybe some actual decent temps!