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  1. I had a single siwash on the back but after a few fish some how a blue managed to remove it. Had to switch out to a treble from another lure on the fly.
  2. yes it is.. Blue fish love that blue backed one this time of year. Was out catching many around me who were struggling to hook up. I gave it away to someone who wasnt catching as i left.
  3. im in bass and blues. Wish I put a tape on this one. Its a size 13 boot.
  4. All the ones i have seen or heard have been in the bay, havent seen them outfront. They were throwing up squid and herring pieces.
  5. Blues were stacked up this weekend, no stripers seen caught in the area just blues.
  6. Just wonder is it because the Bio Mass of larger fish is so small they don't need to spread out as much or is this related to the Bay itself??
  7. I have seen lots of MA guys fishing RI this weekend. No one seemed to say anything or care.
  8. Fished out front last pm, some hefty schoolies around but had to work for them. Bait filling into the backwaters. Hit the bay this morning, 2 nd stop had big blues crushing topwater. Forgot how fun they are.
  9. Way upper bay, water stained brownish. Big worms swimming around cove, 1 20" fish and that was it. Nothing feeding on worms and no action to speak of. This is an area where you usually see a good volume of silversides and pogies, i have not seen much of either this year, hence the no consistent fishing at this spot. The wind was blowing annoyingly hard from SE. Lots of cabbage type weeds/algae in the water also. Im assuming the few spots that are open are going to be mobbed this weekend with good weather and a long holiday weekend.
  10. a looooooooong walk.
  11. It really feels like we are the Dink capitol!!! Was hoping bigger fish would start to show with this new moon. Need some bigger bait or they are gonna blow right by us and go straight to canal...... again
  12. Slow evening/night last pm. Some small bait around and a school of small bass came through at one point and got 2 small fish. Really quiet otherwise, despite really nice conditions. Water felt really cool with that NE wind and SE swells. Lots of cabbage/weeds in the water at times.
  13. I do not know if rules have been adjusted due to covid but previously i have fished there many times at night.
  14. I often see them w a brown back, but for some reason white bottom pink top is the winning combo, at least the spots i am fishing them.
  15. Small pink teasers are a must in my bag for early spring, i have had too many frustrating nights with grass shrimp and have learned my lesson.