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  1. Well sadly my week of vacation at the beach is over...... Had a blast relaxing on the beach and soaking a bunch of bait with the kids. Lots of scup, more last year and the sizes were a bit bigger last year. We caught 0 dogfish, which was shocking, and disappointing to the kids. Had a lot of skates, and some different large stingrays which was fun for the kids. This year we caught a few schoolies, and a bunch of short black sea bass after dark which was cool also. The weeds at the beaches suck, had to do a lot of work to avoid and had to pick your tides for most fishable times with no weeds. Learned a bunch about different aspects of the tides where i was by sitting fishing and observing with no other places to have to rush off to. Kids had a bast and and we ended with some excitement and mystery. The last night we decided to try some fishing after dark, due to weeds and waves fishing during the day was not productive. Was teaching my niece to set the hook on the little bait stealers, when suddenly gets slammed. She is yelling she cannot reel the fish in, after a bit of a battle she gets the fish near the waves but misses getting the fish in on the first wave. The drag was really tight because setting hook with the weeds was a pain, fish decides to make a last push with the large outgoing wave and my niece hadnt learned to give a little ground when fish turns with outgoing wave and the line popped. Was either a big bass or a really large stingray, the way it was fighting constantly trying to go down and not out makes me thing big ray but broke my 30lb braid. That left the kids craving for more and having a story to tell, they are already looking forward to getting out again. Now back to work......... Saw no real blitzes the entire week, birds working schools of bait at times but never saw any boats that worked them get any fish and never saw any splashes. Baby sand eels washing up on beach at times. Had a seal that last day that was camped out in water in front of the house. Later in the afternoon when a bunch of us where swimming, the seal popped up out of no where right next to my wife seemed to say hi for a second and then swam off. The kids and wife thought it was very cool, but then my son says "dont sharks follow them".
  2. Tiny sand eels being washed up on beach by waves yest afternoon. Scup still biting strong and some big stingrays. Got some schoolies on squid mid day also. Birds working bait off shore but doesn’t seem to be fish under them, boats pull up and cast to birds/bait but all come up empty and move off. keep having too many day drinks to bother fishing bway at night.
  3. Scup have been hot even had some Black Sea bass in the mix from shore last pm. Kids are having a blast reeling in fish after fish. Will hit the outflow near me one of the next few nights.
  4. Tides near me, magic seaweed, noaa radar, and weather channel
  5. Bunch of short and keeper size scup off beach w a few skates mixed in. Was slow till near sunset and then was nonstop. No birds, bait, or schools of fish to be seen from beach which is a little surprising.
  6. always assumed it was a dock or barge that sunk
  7. almost all the fish there have been coming on teaser, or bronze back mag. tons of bait, blue fish were destroying red gils till one of the blues decided to hit my swivel. Can hear the fish popping on the small bait.
  8. In RI they are often called mummichogs - listed in bait shops that way also
  9. Seriously, im with HD on this one!!! If there is ever a chance, that may be it!!!
  10. Lots of bait around last pm, sand eels and silver-sides. Got a couple annoying size blues, and even more annoying when one hit my swivel and i lost my stuff. Couple of bass (24-27"), but body of fish i have been getting into lately has moved out and hasnt been replaced by next wave yet. Finally had a decent pattern going for the first time this year before they moved. Lots of holiday fisherman out last pm, one group had 2 kids they were trying to teach to fish (kids kept screaming at each other "who was better at fishing") and at night at popular/tricky spots are not the best places to teach kids to fish at night. Others really didnt want to fish, they just wanted to talk and would walk person to person seeing who would talk to them......... Holidays...........
  11. Been like that everytime i have been down there this year. "NO FISH IN RI"
  12. True story. I never bait fish, other than eels or shiners! But have fun w kids throwing bait, it’s a nice change of pace. I don’t have the patience or attention span for bait fishing otherwise.
  13. Fished a popular spot last pm and it was empty! Which was shocking, but says something about the state of fishing.
  14. That is nuts. I seriously wonder how there are not more incidents with folks trying to get in and out of those bways. With a swell and a strong tide drop it seems insane to try and get in there.... Lucky no one was hurt including the guys on the jetty! Any fish?
  15. I will be out tonight and a few nights next week. Too many family and friend obligations this upcoming week to do as much fishing as i would like. Then a week at a beach house in Ctown = Drinking and bait fishing to change things up (at least the bait fishing is a change)..