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  1. Slow evening/night trip last night. Could see some fish breaking off shore, lack of any real wind made fish picky and kept bait off shore. Few fish around but slow pickings. Back water same deal, weaker tide and no wind = picky fish.
  2. Im a big fan of the airwave elite's, nice rod for the price
  3. Got into a good bite last evening into dark after the storms. Looks like sand eels are filling in nicely, right on time after June full moon, and fish have followed. Constant bite all trip with large schoolies and slot fish, fish were all fat and lively. Lost one real drag burner who seemed to know exactly what he needed to do to get away, it was actually impressive. Red gils were key, very fun trip after a few disappointing ones. This was out front.
  4. That’s a big fish for a blue to take that big and clean of a bite. Def not a seal it’s too clean. Never heard of that happening in bay
  5. When they fill in they seem to bite everything but pencils and spooks but they will follow and bump.
  6. That's a big dogfish... Kids have a ton of fun with them...
  7. The senetts seem to be thicker and thicker each year, certain areas bass love to target them as they are hunting small fish in packs.
  8. Hit an out front and backwater spot last night. Very weedy at both, and had to really work to scratch out a few fish. More shad around then bass at one spot. Real lack of any consistent bait from shore at least for me. Less people out fishing then normal at a good tide time, so that says something. Bright ass moon didnt help, and made any fish around very picky.
  9. I agree, a friend reminded me of a time i got a hook in my foot trying to unhook a blue with sandals on in a boat. He stays well away till unhooked and gripper on but it is something he has to learn as you never know with the YED.
  10. There were stacks of those juevi weakfish with the blues just sitting under them.
  11. My youngest loves to fish, and is meh on sports..... My oldest loves sports and could care less about fishing. Its a funny mix, but he is my fishing buddy and i wouldnt trade it for the world. My oldest is my baseball buddy.
  12. Didn’t find any bass but ran into some big blues eating juevi weakfish.
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