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  1. Both nests on my way to work are still empty, they always seem to be late arrivals though.
  2. No confusion here, its a single stab knife and not an automatic. Guess your not a Simpsons fan.
  3. Opinions are like a$holes everyone has one. I'm not saying anyone else's is wrong, i simply stated mine. I was not being offensive to anyone just stating an opinion.......... Geeze can clearly tell its the end of winter, lots of panties in bunches..........
  4. wow, and good morning to you also ...... Somebody needs to go fishing........ Sorry i feel there is no need for automatic weapons, clips that hold large volumes of ammo, etc. They arent used for hunting so why have them? I understand that the majority of owners are good citizens who respect the rules and laws. But the problem is the same laws that put these in the hands of law abiding citizens, also put them in the hands of insane people who use them to kill innocents. My wife works in a school and my kids attend schools, im all set with some whacka-doo using an AR with over 10 rounds to mow down kids in a school. Just my opinion, dont expect others to agree its just my opinion.....
  5. All very good points.
  6. Now that is freaking funny and so true!!!
  7. 2 Osprey nest on my way to work are still empty. More and more birds showing up, buds coming out on trees....... We are getting close
  8. I was over there for a meeting and saw her just yesterday!!! The woodpeckers have been very active in my area lately. Coyotees were all fired up last night in my area, not sure if it was spring related or they just cornered a deer and needed some help finishing the job.
  9. My goal is to beat my PB; learn a new spot; and start focusing on the lower part of the water column more. I have been to focused on swimming plugs (wood and plastic), and not tossing enough lead or swim shads. And to try and fish more, not just during "optimal" conditions.
  10. I use a Lifeproof case for my iphone and have swam with on multiple occasions, without issue. There is a slot in the corner that you could use a lanyard or tie something to.
  11. I start poking around in April, but its usually all dinks. So May signifies to start getting night and more serious trips rolling.
  12. that was my thought
  13. The first week of May used to be when i really started fishing hard for Keeper sized bass but not as much anymore. Either way the new moon in May is my true start to fishing consistently at night.
  14. SP minnow (bone/ chicken scratch) Magdarter (Bronze back) Bomber (blue/clear) Zig zag (copper or yellow/white or bone) Swim shad (bunker or pearl) 6th - SS little neck popper
  15. This is very true!!