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  1. autumnal mead only please!
  2. Hold on its stronger and less watery beer.... not sure how that gayd it up... Dont you like stronger vodka?
  3. Fall herring is a crap shoot, some years they come in shore from open ocean and some years they don’t. It’s a luck thing in my opinion. If you find them, there will be fish on them, usually big blues and bass of all sizes.
  4. Agreed.... where are the 40" and above fish. Had a good run of fish 32-38" but usually run into at least a few 40"+ fish each season. I havent even seen one caught, or know of any friends who have caught one from shore (outside the canal).
  5. Hate big NW wind unless right after a big Nor Easter. It’s a bite killer
  6. Nice, the tight schools of that size fish were in my spots a week ago and then poof they dissappeared. Good report, but seriously Pabs blue ribbon beer? I didnt think anyone under 70 actually drank that.
  7. I agree i fish hard end of Aug and Sept. I had a very solid stretch over that time, nothing huge but way better then what i had seen all year. And got to fish most of it without any company!
  8. They chase them, ambush them, grab while on a hook. Does a bunker hang around when a large bass shows up?
  9. End of August and through most of sept we were rolling, big schools of bait and agressive fish in good numbers of all sizes. Thought this fall run might be great, October has really seen a slow down, only small pods of bait, and smaller picky fish. On a positive note the rivers and ponds are stacked w bait of all sizes. But the timing of them dropping out when fish are around is a roll of the dice. has anyone seen snapper blues? Seem very absent this year. Same with any blues but snappers are generally more reliable.
  10. Anything of eating size for seal leaves
  11. A certain river was packed 1.5” peanuts flipping happy as could be. Fishing was better 2 weeks ago both day and night.
  12. In the spring and early summer the fish will come to you and there is shore access, just scope for safety first. Some spots can be sketchy. After that fish slowly move out of bay and then it is 20-30 min to find good fish.
  13. Way more fisherman then fish last pm. Lack of etiquette is unreal. Had a guy practically cast over me from rocks behind be, after blinding with lights
  14. The action was non existent where the seal showed up
  15. Saw a huge seal cruising the Narraganset shoreline yesterday at daybreak