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  1. The general lack of respect is ridiculous..
  2. Its spring, and fish are constantly moving. Keep hoping spots till you find fish but from my observations/reports i have heard the night bite has not been consistent yet unless you have a dialed in spot.
  3. Honestly, while can rarely fish during the day, when i can i prefer not to. The later at night you fish the idiot factor goes down drastically, with the exception of the bways which require really bad weather for that.
  4. Almost all states are complaining about this problem, there is little point in changing and adjusting rules to help the fishery if the rampant poaching is not addressed.
  5. They are one bait that is very consistent on their timing regardless of everything else (weather, temps, etc)
  6. Picky but good bite this am at ocean front 14- 24” fish mostly but I lost a real nice fish, still kicking myself. Tried 2 other spots up in bay and both were dead. Lots of bay anchovies or silver sides at one bay spot, will need to circle back
  7. Interesting. I tend to fish in a location with a bunch of current and found the canal rig just didnt produce the way the slower swim of front treble and siwash. Its one of the great parts of fishing, there are no hard rules on how to fish these plugs or what combo of set up works. Leaves room for experimentation.
  8. I’m guessing you would have smoked this fish on one of your freshwater set ups.
  9. Where RT 102 and 2 meet, near Veterans Cemetery
  10. That development project is HUGE
  11. True story
  12. That would be a great band name
  13. Its the cluelessness and total lack of caring that irritates me. Everyone is new at some point, and make mistakes i know i did. But the unwillingness to take advice from others like they know everything and lack of caring how they affect others is what really gets to me. I am happy to help out someone who is trying and observing, but plowing in and screwing it up for others and trying to keep clear shorts i have NO patience for.
  14. Fished an easy access spot after dark, just didnt have the motivation after work and coaching baseball to venture too much. Not much going on, but i should have known easy access = frustration w other people. Someone up stream from me catches a fish using a freshwater rod and cannot get the fish in against the current. So now i am waiting while this person cannot budge the fish, calling for his buddy like he has a monster. Finally gets it in and it is a whopping 23" fish, that took 5 min to reel in. Then posses for 20 selfies, and asks who has a tape as he thinks its a keeper. Fish has now been out of water for awhile, so now i get involved to inform him it is NO WHERE near keeper but he disagrees. Needed to show him mark on my pole and he was still reluctant. Its not even May and it begins.................... Sorry for rant but maybe we need a thread for these types of scenarios to not clog up other threads.
  15. Was Rejects Brewery in Middletown. Some good beers.