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  1. Exactly right....went there second week in May last year on the Oceanfront and caught every cast. My wife and kids caught every cast and the people we brought did the same.Early season for me is the white SP minnow and any small plastic baits. I'm spending more time in a boat than the surf lately but I really like walking the beach on PI and specifically Sandy Point to the Parker. I suspect the same troughs I've fished last year won't even be there this year. Like others have said, low tide will give you a decent idea and then I look at updated maps on google. I hope to take a walk with the long stick this weekend.
  2. On the North Shore, the big girls just started showing up a week ago. Schoolies are still everywhere with the occasional decent fish. Boat guys are doing a lot better than shore guys in my area.
  3. Solid. Looks like a full month limit in a mere fraction of a day!
  4. I've been absolutely smokin' them on gold willow leafs......nothing has come close this year to comparing, not even the shad darts.
  5. Hit PI on Saturday with my wife and managed a few. Worked the shore with soft plastics and caught many little ones with a 22 and a 29 mixed in. Also saw a guy next to me fishing with his kid catch a flounder. Asked me what is was so I told him how to rig for them if he wanted to target them and reminder him of the legal size. Not sure how he did as I moved on to another spot on the island after that. I fished high tide and a few hours of the outgoing. What a nice day! I look like a lobster but it was nice just the same.
  6. While that's cool and all......that's a bad sign for my plans to hit it tomorrow but then again, there's a lot of water to explore It's supposed to be warm again tomorrow and I have time. The nice thing is we have really good tide times right now. Looks like I can get there on the tail end of the incoming and fish high tide through low and outgoing. I'll post a report on what I find....or what I don't find.
  7. Your guess sounds right....That's where I spend all my time fishing. I have seen many sturgeon over the years in that area and one night we almost had one jump in the boat in Joppa. A couple years ago I was fishing about 300 yards from the Captains Lady fleet and saw 3-4 of them going up and down the river for hours. Pretty cool sight.
  8. I'm sure it would have crossed my mind too and would love to smack people around that pi$$ me off every day; however, I have to exercise restraint and he should have too. I also understand his frustrations...he just took it too far.
  9. Thanks...scales come off easily but they are fun to play around with until some bigger bass show up.
  10. Went out Saturday afternoon with my buddy, Bob. He caught a half dozen or so in the morning so we took the Lund out in the river in the afternoon and got 15 to the net and had a few misses and couple came unbuttoned but probably went 15 for 20. Mostly big ones ranging from 20-23". Only a couple under 20". Lots of big hens. What a blast on ultra light tackle. Had a few doubles and it was non-stop action. Here's a couple pics....all C&R and none were harmed.
  11. .....but the kid in question didn't kick the fish. More of a "nudge" really. Just saying, I thought this was about "Johnny Bucktail".
  12. Good lookin' out, man....
  13. I went on his Facebook page and read his apology and other comments. One thing that I did hear in the video was right at the end - I heard fish flopping on the deck. That tells me there were live fish on the deck. For all we know, that video could have started 5 seconds after the fish were on the deck. Perhaps they all got landed within a few seconds of each other since they apparently had a "quad". Heck, I've had a bunch of fish on my deck that were obviously legal and minutes later I put the tape to them and they are alive and well. I just hate rushing judgement on anyone and I think it happens too often before we get the whole story. I will definitely agree that he should handle the fish with much better care than he did....the fish deserve better than that. That's a fact. The rest is not so factual. He mishandled the fish and is a young, excited Captain and he nutted up and issued an apology. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. i guarantee he won't mishandle another fish and that's the only good thing to come out of this. I'm not ready to crucify him on whether or not he broke any laws but he didn't give enough respect for the fish and I think people are more upset over that than the "culling" topic. I guess forgiveness is the high road here because I'm sure he's learned a lesson or 2 from this.
  14. The state hasn't stocked Salmon in like 3 years. That program is done. Unless they are stocked from someone other than MA Wildlife, there are none.