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  1. Ashamed to admit that I've just heard this news. Good man and enthusiastic about our sport. Joined us at the first Plug Bash at my invitation. Miss him.
  2. After nearly a decade of visiting this site it's time for me to go. Honestly it's not you ( yes the **** it is) it's me . Yeah , time for me to raise the middle digit high and bid a hearty **** you. It's come to the point that it's just not worth the aggrevation anymore. Thread constantly being ruined by pissing contests, good men like SIM and FnM being hounded by the ignorati. Screw it , this ain'r entertainment. So as the sun sets and the door just misses my glutius , I bid thee a hearty FU...
  3. Why the **** is it that every thread with more that 30 posts turns in into a bitch fest at the quilting bee? Honest to God, do some of you ******** come here because you're not allowed out in public? Get ****in laid or something.
  4. I tried the fat lip method, the guys upstaris hate that .
  5. Sit on the beach bayside in Truro and watch the entire Cape shoot their fireworks. About 270 degrees worth in my estimation. Shared with friends that I've had since almost birth.
  6. Maybe George Carlzone? I have a few of his plugs but never knew that he build 1foot needles.
  7. Laws without enforcement are only suggestions. Or threats. If you want to obey, fine. If you don't the sad truth is this, your chance of getting busted are near nil. Save your outrage for other things. This "it makes me sick crap is the same thing that gave the Piping Plovers our beaches. THAT should make you sick.
  8. The fish weren't chasing sandeels. They were chasing the mackerel that was chasing the sandeels. In tight.
  9. Quack is pretty funny, so is tallywacker.
  10. Exactly. Don't be robbed of a good time. Keep calm. Offer to help out. You'd be surprised at how many of these surf heros are newbees.
  11. Joe, tell us what to do with dogfish, please. I bet they're good done up right.
  12. Call the Wydah Museum in P-town. They always have something bubbling away there.aybe have an answer or two for you.
  13. I have an electric weedwacker, when I need to use it , I use the generator. figure that should keep the generator "limbered up".
  14. Can PEX be buried in direct contact with the ground?
  15. Did it just last week. A good friend;) suggested this and it's stuck with me. And no failure to start in a coupla years for it.