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  1. I use rebel crickhopper and crickhopper popper Skitter Pop Dieing flutter Original rapala SPRO frogs
  2. Alright forget sharks then I'll catch smaller fish in the surf like kings or blue. Probably throw squid out and hope to no get a croaker
  3. No need to be sorry my friend. Anyone in the DelMa area of IRI bethany 3rs at the end of the month and wants to go fishing with an out of towner let me know
  4. Is this made in Sweden interested in any trades?
  5. I have some abu reels I'm selling I have a 6500 with 80lb spectra 2 6600BCXs A 6500 CT big game
  6. What are you going to be using it for bait wise?
  7. What else can I catch in the surf and in the IRI? I just don't know what to expect last year I used squid and only caught freakin' croaker they're like reeling in weeds.
  8. I have a question when will you take me fishing for one?
  9. Hahaha. No boats on the surf
  10. What about for surf fishing what should I do there? I would actually really like to catch a shark.
  11. I agree weedless frogs, senkos creature baits. I like wooly hawgs too.
  12. Bowfin have a muddy taste.
  13. The only problem is with my conventional reels they have a levelwind on them and I don't want to hook into a runner a burn it out.
  14. At the end of the month I'm going on my annual vacation to the Bethany beach area. This year I'm more into saltwater fishing than years before. What kind of gear should I be using for the surf or fishing the IRI. I just don't know what kind of rods and reels are best as I usually fish FW. I do however use larger gear like Abu 6500s and 7000s. I was thinking of picking up a used baitrunner and maybe a surf rod.