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  1. Thread closed going to move it wts thanks sol Al
  2. I wish
  3. can't upload pics for some reason can some one help me..
  4. want to trade these GRS for some Black Talon's...looking for some older Black talon metal lip or Pikies..
  5. I'll take them..
  6. been looking for that one.. 2nd just in case..
  7. ok thanks bud
  8. I'll take it if rockfish dont
  9. here you go Rager..
  10. who's the bulder??
  11. I have the standard troller if you want.. we can trade
  12. where are you located??
  13. awesome I'll take it PM me you're info
  14. looking for a40 .. can you post a pic of the spoon lip
  15. hey guys looking to trade this mac AR minnow Arsenal for a cyclone..