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  1. Unfortunately, some lures do come with hardware, right out of the box, that is too light or undersized to handle big bass and bluefish. What’s idiotic is that the manufacturer makes a quality lure body, but, then cheaps out on the split rings and hooks. That does not make sense. Shame on that company. No one really wants to spend money on a new lure and know that even before they use it for the first time that they will have to change out the hardware. They are just improving their odds of landing the big one by using better hooks and split rings. John, when I see that the original hardware is obviously not up to the job- I usually replace it with VMC hooks and Spro split rings. That is just my preference. Others will recommend different brands. Have fun-
  2. Why put on a decoy plug when you walk back to your truck? What do you care what another guy throws? Do you think that if he uses the same plug as you after you leave the beach- that he going to catch all the remaining fish in the ocean with it?
  3. Walk west and you should be able to figure it out very shortly.
  4. Read anything by Frank Daignault. You will enjoy it.
  5. I’ll take this right now for $28.00 Let me know if we have a deal Thanks Surfcaster1
  6. Like the guy said - Sargent Sportmate pliers are no longer made. If you want a pair of good hook cutting pliers- buy a Manley. Or go into Lowe’s or Home Depot and get a small bolt cutter. I always carry a Manley and keep a small bolt cutter in the truck.
  7. I look at it like this- If you are not going to get the reel wet- I mean dunking it when you use it- a Van Staal is a want more than a need. You’ll save yourself a lot of money by buying another reel that meets the needs of your type of fishing. Pier fishing? Go buy yourself a Penn. if you’re not dunking it, swimming with it or getting blown off a rock at Montauk- you really do not need a Van Staal.
  8. Don’t know why someone brand new to the surf would want to fish those conditions. If your buddy is a sand beach fisherman and not wading to a rock in Montauk- tell him to wear his waders, a good dry top like something from Guy Cotten and to be sure to wear his belt over his top and pulled snug. I would hold off on wetsuiting, if he wants to go that route, until he is more experienced and confident. When you are in bad weather conditions- Mother Nature does not play.
  9. Reading the Water- Here's a couple of views of the original edition. I still have the dust jacket around somewhere.
  10. I’lll do your asking price of $50. For the Neoprene Hodgman’s picked up in Long Beach.
  11. ‘You guys know the underground history of happenings at Camp Hero?
  12. Sold to Fishaholic Ivan. Done Deal. Thanks, SOL Surfcaster1
  13. Ivan, I will PM you with my information.
  14. Ivan, If you will do $160.00 we have a deal.