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  1. My personal opinion has always been that a VS200 on a Lamiglas GSB1081M, 1L or any damn 9 ft rod does not work well. The VS 200 is too heavy, too big and just takes the balance out of any 9 ft. rod set-up. It's like fishing that set-up with a Penn 704Z. The VS150 is a much better reel for a GSB1081M. (if you could even find that blank today). If I was targeting something large from the open beach it would not be with a 9 foot rod. A VS200 is a much better reel for a Lami GSB1201L, GSB1201M or even a GSB1321M but, not with a 9 foot rod.
  2. Happy New Year Folks- Wishing all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. May you limit out often and make this the year of landing your personal best (at least until 5784) Tight lines- Surfcaster1
  3. It has not happened often, but, it has happened to me. I was not a happy camper breaking off a brand new plug and seeing it sail off toward South America. I prefer Bailless reels. Easy to use, and no accidental break-offs. I’ve eBen converted my Penn 710Z’s using Mitchell Reel parts. Your muscle memory on how to cast a bailless reel comes quickly. You may never want to go back to bailed reels again. You should also use a wrap of a waterproof First Aid tape around your index fingertip to prevent cuts. Try it. Think of it as driving a car with a manual transmission as opposed to an automatic. Driving with a stick shift is a lot more fun than an automatic.
  4. For years a well known NE fishing magazine column writer recommended that a Lamiglas GSB1081M blank be paired with a VS200 reel. I always wanted to build a rod on this blank, but, feel that a VS 200 would not match with this blank- that the reel would be too big and heavy and out of balance with the blank. I see a VS150 as a much better match. I would appreciate the thoughts of builders who are experienced with building on this blank. My opinion is that the 150 would be the better way to go. I would be fishing it mainly on South Shore Long Island open ocean beach front and inlets. What’s your opinion? A 150 or a 200 with this blank?
  5. Try: Striper Surf or 20 Years on the Cape Just my suggestions. They are “old school” and still excellent books on Surf fishing for bass.
  6. +2 I put dressed 5/0 siwash tail hooks on a few SS Darters. It killed their action. I put VMC trebles back on and the darters side to side motion came back.
  7. Check out anything by Frank Daignault. You’ll enjoy AND you will learn.
  8. Here’s the deal- i have been surf fishing for the last 42 years. When I look at all the fishing gear, tackle, lures I have accumulated- At this point I realize that I have more fishing crap than I will ever use in my lifetime. When I walk into a bait shop I still feel “the want” but, not “the need”. If I pick up a new lure it would probably be a triplicate of something I already have. “Too much is never enough” but, at some point you just have to say: no. I have arrived at that point. when I drop dead my wife is going to make a score on the garage sale she holds to get rid of my fishing stuff. She had no idea how much stuff costs. If she sells a Van Staal for $25 bucks you know I will be spinning. So, yes, you can reach a point where you just say no. You just have to reach that age first.
  9. I use the bag kind from Aquapac. I take 3 sizes with me: 1 for my phone, a small one for my electronic car key fob and a larger one for my wallet. I keep the phone in my wader chest pocket, key fob w/keys in a shirt pocket and the one with my wallet in a pants pocket. ‘Works for me and everything stays dry.
  10. I was in Freeport this morning and drove by the new Capitol Tackle shop. They looked like they might be open so I parked, went in, and said hello. Nice looking shop, well stocked and it appeared they were working on the finishing touches. They say their official opening is planned for early June. Good to see a new B&T in that spot.
  11. The triple wrap Wolverine split rings are also very good and I would use them. But, It’s just my personal preference to use Spro’s. Their lb test ratings are very high for the size of the split ring. I like the quality of all of their terminal tackle.
  12. My choice would be VMC hooks and Spro split rings.
  13. 1.5 oz. Hopkins Shorty with my GSB1081L. It’s just fun
  14. Just plan to stay for an hour
  15. Bass season opened this past Friday and I went to Jones Beach on Saturday morning to check out conditions and decide where to fish. I went to Field 6 and entered using my Empire Pass Card. No problem. I stayed and looked around for about 15 minutes. Then I drove to Field 10. I showed my Empire Pass, had it scanned by their gun and was told "it failed". The attendant at the booth was very nice and apologetic. My Empire pass suddenly was not approved to enter the parking field there. I had no idea why. I turned around and headed to the inlet by the Coast Guard Station on the West End. The attendant at the West End scanned my Empire Pass with their electronic gun and also told me that my Empire Pass Card "had failed". I had no idea what was going on. I renewed the card around the beginning of 2022 and I was not about to hand over another $10.00 to park. When I arrived home I went on the NYS Empire Pass website to see if I could figure out what the problem was. I did not really find the answer so I sent an e-mail to George Gorman - the head of NYS Parks on Long Island. I received a response from the Ass't Director Of Operations at Jones Beach State Park today. Here it is: I apologize for the poor visitor experience you had yesterday at Jones Beach State Park. I looked into the issue and confirmed that Empire Pass usage is locked out for one hour after each time it is scanned, as part of our anti-fraud policy for the Empire Pass which you referenced in your e-mail from the website, to Mr. Gorman. I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate departments within NYS Parks, Long Island Region for review. As a means of mitigating this issue, if an Empire Pass is declined for re-entry, our booth attendants will be asking visitors if they had recently come from one of our other parking fields. It is my hope that you do not experience an issue with access to the facility in the future. However, if your card is declined for re-entry within the one-hour time period, please inform the booth attendant that you are transferring from another field and they should allow you entry to the parking field. If the issue is not resolved and access to the field is not granted, please request a supervisor meet you at the booth and we will resolve the issue, and allow you to enter the field. I never knew or was made aware that you are locked out of using your Empire Passport again for an hour after using it to enter a parking field. NY State needs to find a way to fix their system's built-in problem. What if you checked in to Field 6 just to use the facilities and then headed off to Robert Moses to fish? You're there in under a half hour. But you used your Empire Pass to check into Field 6. Or what if you stop in at the Bait Shop at Field 10 just to get a cup of coffee or pick-up a couple of bucktails and then head to Jones Inlet? Your Empire Passport would be declined when you got to the West End booth. 'Same thing would happen if you checked in at the lot at Montauk Point, stayed less than an hour, and tried to check in at Camp Hero. It seems that from from now on- if your Empire Pass Card "fails" they will ask if you just came from another parking field. If you did they will let you go through. I don't mind that. There are a lot more important things in the world to annoy me. It's just that after several years of using the Empire Pass card and the Empire Pass window sticker for years before that- I was never made aware that your Empire Pass could be declined if you tried to check into another parking lot in less than an hour. That needs to be addressed. I appreciate the prompt response from the Ass't Director of Operations at Jones Beach.