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  1. Started 33 years ago with a Dale Clemens VHS tape then read his book and used it as a reference. Then took a local Adult-Ed class on rodbuilding. I started building- it became addictive. I have kept up by reading rodbuilding updates like moving to the Concept method from cone of flight layouts. My building equipment still includes two wood V block uprights to support the blank, a sewing machine motor & foot pedal to power spin thread on the blank and a BBQ spit motor to slow spin the blank as I apply flex coat and then to spin the rod while the finish sets up and drys.
  2. Thanks
  3. rreelman is right- If you are 62 or over, from Monday thru Friday daytime parking at Jones Beach is free. All you have to do is show your driver’s license at the parking lot. (I would guess that holidays are not included))
  4. I’m in. Thanks!
  5. Did anyone here go?
  6. If you attended the surf Fishing show that J&H put on this week- How was it? - What was it like?
  7. I don't have an extra Penn 710Z Bail-Less to sell, but, the Mitchell conversion works just fine. Have a look at the images. They show my 710Z with 30 lb. PowerPro. I am happy with the line lay - No problems.
  8. I’ve been saltwater fishing for the last 40 years. The weirdest thing is the day you wake up and realize that you have more rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle and gear that you will use for the rest of your life. Has that stopped me from buying more gear? Nah, I’m just a little more selective. Too much is never enough.
  9. metals - tins
  10. LOL
  11. Take a look at how to tie a “Palomar Knot”. It is very easy to tie, does not slip on braid and will do the job you are asking about.
  12. That little cone IS an integral part of a 706Z. They are all manufactured exactly the same way. I can can only suggest two things: Learn how to cast with a 706Z properly (Have her practice. After a short while casting with a 706Z becomes automatic - muscle memory) or My unsolicited $0.02 is: Just sell the reel and buy her something she feels comfortable with- maybe working a bail-less reel in the dark is just not her thing and she would be happier with a bailed reel.
  13. Redball Master Waders Big Perfection wire guides on a honey Lami rod Olive Drab Bronco cotton canvas Surf Bag
  14. Amazing that this thread is still alive after 6 years. My response to the original poster (or anyone else) would be: Any book by Frank Daignault.
  15. This is the same way my Hunter Rod Rack works with conventional reels