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  1. Another recommendation for Causeway B&T in Wantagh on Merrick Road. They’ll do an excellent job of servicing your reels.
  2. If it does not fit in my surf bag or a pocket or cannot be attached to my belt- it stays on the truck. You don’t need to carry everything with you. Just be confident in the rod, plugs and gear you do take.
  3. It all falls under the heading: “Too Much is Never Enough”
  4. Tight lines, Bill Thanks-
  5. I’m in. Thanks!
  6. Folks- In reality- WE2 sucks. There are much more productive locations on the So. Shore other than WE2. Head a little East- Learn the Robert Moses area. Go further East. Lots of good fishing in Suffolk County. You'll wonder why you even bothered with WE2.
  7. Hadley- As MattyS.I. says- Bill Wetzel is the guy. Look him up online and go set up a session. You’ll learn everything you want plus a hell of a lot more.
  8. Gulp in those supposedly “self sealing” packages they come in dries out. I now use large prescription medicine containers. They don’t leak and the Gulp lasts. Some guys mentioned urine sample containers. That’s also a pretty good idea. Think about it.
  9. Check out “The Ultimate Surf Belt” It may be exactly what you are looking for.
  10. I bought a Guy Cotten Efficient pullover jacket in XL. I am 5/10" tall and weigh 200. Well made, but, the jacket just fit- with no spare room. Next time I would buy the XXL.
  11. Go with The Ultimate Surf Belt by Tiderunner. Very well made. Google it.
  12. “Too much is never enough” One morning you will wake up and realize that you have more fishing crap than you will ever use for the rest of your life. there’s nothing wrong with you.
  13. Go into your local Walgreens or CVS or Rite-Aid or whatever your local drug store is and head over to the First Aid aisle. Pick up a roll of Johnson & Johnson, or store brand 1" Waterproof First Aid Tape or a roll of 3M Nexcare 1" Waterproof Tape. Either one will protect you from getting cut by your line. Tear off about 4 1/2" - 5" and wrap it around your trigger finger a couple of times. You're protected. There are occasional times when I use a conventional rod & reel like a Penn 140 Squidder set-up when I fish a bunker chunk and 8 oz. of lead. Then I wrap my thumb tip with the tape so it doesn't get "burned" when I slow the spool. Have a great season-
  14. Chris- Those are circle hooks, but, not compliant with the new regs. I’ve got a bunch just like those too. The new ones have to be In-Line or non offset. See the package descriptions in these images:
  15. Can you return those hook packages to wherever you bought them or have them exchange them for correct inline circle hooks? I don’t know how many packages you bought, but, 9/0 4X Gamakatsu In-line “Circle” Hooks are not cheap. Like the guys are telling you - they put the wrong hooks in those packages.