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  1. According to The Fisherman magazine - The NY Fishing Show that was scheduled for the weekend of March 23rd was canceled. Anybody know why?
  2. When should you buy a Van Staal? When your style of fishing consistently finds you dunking or drowning your reel. Up until then it is more of an expensive “want” rather than a “need”.
  3. I use a small Aquapac to hold my electronic key fob. It has worked just fine. I also use an Aquapac for my cell phone. Google Aquapac - check out how it could work for you.
  4. The guy says he’s looking for a small inexpensive plug bag and the Aquaskinz small bag meets those requirements. Yeah, barbs can get stuck in it and it’s too bad that it is not made out of sailcloth - but, then it wouldn’t be inexpensive. Maybe priced like a Gear Up. I gave the guy, and anyone else reading, my opinion just as you gave yours. My compliments.
  5. Check out an Aquaskinz Small bag. Great for back bay 1 1/2 oz. To 2 oz. Lures. It has some great features for a relatively inexpensive and small plug bag. ‘Has 3 tubes and room. (But is not a bag for tall lures). ‘Has a shoulder strap and belt loops.
  6. Wishing you the greatest and happiest of New Years!
  7. You might try Grundens. I think they have what you are looking for.
  8. ‘And no advertising by Causeway in The Fisherman. Did any of you guys ever notice this and wonder why? It wasn’t always like this though-Things seemed to have changed several years ago.
  9. Why does it appear that there is no relationship between Causeway- one of the very best Bait & Tackle Shops on the entire East coast and The Fisherman magazine? There are no comments, no mentions, no fishing reports, no nothing. What happened?
  10. If you just use the shoulder strap after awhile your shoulder and neck will hurt from carrying the weight of your plugs and bag. You’ll feel a lot better using a waist belt that carries the weight on your hips and legs. But do use the shoulder strap to keep your bag in position to reach it to open and get at your plugs.
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