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  1. beat me to it with video, but yeah right through his butt follow spine, and it fillets easier than some other fish. Very helpful video though. DELICIOUS fish too!
  2. If you dont plan on eating it, guess what, a picture tastes just the same!! C&R you look like a bigger ****** than you think by gloating and showing off a dead fish with no intent to keep it or use it for research or any means justifiable for just killing it.
  3. yeah, I was running around all day today and totally forgot to grab it. Ill scoop one up while im there hopefully I find a place close.
  4. Ok, so as for freshwater Im clueless pretty much. Im bringing what few pieces of tackle I have for the lake, which are various colored senkos, small spinners. I've never been to the lake before im going for my girlfriends family reunion. Should I invest in getting a boat or conoe to get into the lake or can I get away with sticking to the shore. Anything special I should know about the lake, ie. what works better lure wise. I understand the structure thing as with most fish and to fish the weeds and lily pads and stuff. Any help would be mucho mucho appreciated. Thanks
  5. 456! congrats, hopefully someone can put good use to it
  6. Bass11 is the winner, sorry I didnt post yesterday I was sick as a dog. Thanks for so many people showing interest. Ill post some more stuff soon.
  7. my job is done....thats all I wanted was one person too get annoyed as much as I did with it when I first saw it, im changing it...thanks guys, yeah I did read the full review of the Sargus (amazing one at that) but at the time I was not able to drop 140 on the slammer so I opted for the sargus, which is with out a boubt worth its $. Ill keep that as my backup when I get the slammer or something else, but boy I did love my 560.
  8. oh man, I didnt think so many people would partake. I should have picked a wider margin for you guys to choose from. Good Luck all
  9. If you can send me a hand written note from yourself written in crayon, signed by your parents that will be ok. Oh and a PB&J sandwhich with the crust cutoff made with love
  10. Pick a number 1-500
  11. Ok, well seeing as my use for this case has gone out the window I've decided to give it to one of you SOL'ers. It has 4 compartments insude, foam top for your rod tips. Ill get dimensions on here later. Its your run of the mill pick a number. Ill choose the winner on Wed 7/21/10...good luck
  12. It has two wings, on top and bottom. Too keep it straight and zig and zag in the water.
  13. I used to buy oakley's EVERY year, never ceased to fail I would wreck them pop the lens out bend the frames or just totally trash them. Since I bought a pair of Costa's never a problem anymore. The countless money that was spent was nuts, my fault, but nuts.
  14. Xoloitzcuintli......it growled, and acted like the neighbors dog. Yes a strange animal indeed, thank this man for saving peoples lives, god forbid they were licked to death or just left alone. Jackasses some people need a good swift kick to the yamsack!
  15. 706z? correct me if im wrong, its happened before