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  1. No, I'll talk about what I feel like talking about; most times on topic, sometimes not.
  2. Odds he pays Stormy "Anal Train" Daniels legal bill(s)? -
  3. Maddow is probably packing heat these days...
  4. Seems to be good now, but if true, also sounds like he would have gone broke for sure; guess we'll never know. I doubt he's worth 10 billion either, or was it 12, I cannot remember; sell the sizzle not the steak.
  5. Yes I remember that article, I didn't read the whole thing personally. Wasn't the money "equivalent to what it would be worth today" not actually 413 million? I've always maintained he's good at getting deals done because he knows all the angles, legit and otherwise.
  6. My RI roots go back several centuries; I'll bet I've got 1/516th in me as well. No way over the last several centuries, one if not many of my ancestors didn't sleep with an Indian.
  7. Got a number? Let's say it's 20 million, a number I've heard. Is turning that into a few billion good, or bad? We both know it's good, the real issue is he's probably exaggerating how much money he got; so TDS butt hurt because a salesman exaggerated.
  8. I thought he did well, I also think she wasn't giving him the respect of finishing his sentences. He's still @POTUS regardless, but we're DJT so it's OK.
  9. I sold in Internet Security in NYC for a bit in the late 90's, early 2000's, cutthroat and as mean as it comes; zero mercy either. Apparently everyone in the PG is capable of performing at a high level in the NYC real estate market! -
  10. Porn actually ruins a lot of marriages; the no wanking would be hard. What's you point, they do things you wouldn't? OK, thanks for sharing.
  11. Yep now DJT cannot use Pocahontas, I have faith he'll come up with w new one!
  12. Conservatism is the new counter-culture! He's pro-Brexit as well.
  13. I read "strong evidence" which sounds like they threw her a bone to save face.
  14. I've seen most of his videos, funny guy, intelligent, calls out actual bigots so h's labeled far right, or alt-right as some on here like to toss around. He triggers femanazi's a lot as well, trolls them superbly. -
  15. More like 38 +/- million, Hollyweird and NYC money; Beto loses by at least 9 points