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  1. Keep thinking this is all going away. ~ “Arizona judge rules common practice of validating ballot signatures illegal” September 8, 2023, 8:29 amRICK HASEN Arizona Capitol Times: A practice used by some, if not all, Arizona counties to verify signatures on early ballots may be illegal. And that could result in election officials across the state have to change their procedures – and potentially result in more signatures on ballot envelopes being questioned. Yavapai County Superior Court Judge John Napper, a Republican, said state law is “clear and unambiguous” that election officials must compare the signatures on the envelopes with the voter’s actual registration record. And that, he said, consists only of the document signed when a person first registered along with subsequent changes for things like altering party affiliation.
  2. ~ We do mock Covidians like yourself that consistently get things wrong and for years now. Got your booster lined up yet? Wearing a mask again yet? Fortunately there are less and less of your kind the more the lies told to all of us are exposed; 10 to 15% of you will cling to the lies for comfort and ego forever though.
  3. The real Insurrection took place on 03-Nov-20. ~
  4. History will show that The Gay Kenyan is a very accurate description of Barack Hussein Obama; since 2011 Trump has been calling Barry out. ~ The Moment Trump PROVED Obama Was A FRAUD | Obama Called-Out To His FACE | It All Makes Sense Now... ~ ~
  5. A deep dark world is being exposed. ~ "Sound of Freedom" True Story of A Federal Agent Turned Child Protector ~
  6. Good one from yesterday, very good IMO. ~ Eric Weinstein HUMILIATES Pro-Vaxx Doctor For Dodging Debate ~
  7. Eric Weinstein HUMILIATES Pro-Vaxx Doctor For Dodging Debate ~
  8. ~ Just the current man behind the curtain, there have been others and they are all controlled by folks whose names we'll never know, even Soros has an old money controller.
  9. @eddy here's another article on this, to add, IMO Kemp and Brad R are hiding data that would prove how much cheating Stacey Abrahams and those that back her did in GA. ~ Previously *SEALED* Report on Dominion Voting Machines in Georgia Shows Critical Vulnerabilities Georgia Won't Update Until After 2024 Presidential Election Brian Lupo June 15 The highly-anticipated report by University of Michigan Computer Science professor Dr. J. Alex Halderman used in the ongoing Curling v. Raffensperger lawsuit has finally been unsealed, almost two years after it was initially submitted in the court case and sealed by Judge Amy Totenberg. Yesterday, VoterGA's Garland Favorito joined Bannon's War Room to overview the contents. Favorito claimed that the vulnerabilities discovered could be used to "alter the QR codes on the printed ballots to modify voter selections." The voter would not know the ballot was going to be read inaccurately because, in Georgia, the filled bubble does not matter. The QR code contains the voters intent. And the voter cannot verify it. Favorito has one of the only existing lawsuits in the country regarding the 2020 Election after the Georgia Supreme Court remanded it back down to the lower court after they established Favorito did, in fact, have standing to bring the case. While the report itself is 96 pages, Dr. Halderman published a Twitter thread and a blog post outlining the findings: The first issue Dr. Halderman discusses is a "Directory Traversal Vulnerability", which is reportedly contained within the Dominion ICX software and "allows a maliciously-modified election definition file to overwrite arbitrary files." According to Dr. Halderman, utilizing this vulnerability, "an attacker can create a modified election definition file that will create or overwrite files in any location on the device that is writable to the ICX App ... an attacker can leverage this capability to execute arbitrary code and install malware." Another issue Dr. Halderman discovered is called an "arbitrary-code-execution" vulnerability. He writes: The last paragraph is a bit concerning considering Dr. Halderman and Prof. Drew Springall of Auburn University were granted access to the Ballot Marking Device (BMD) prior to the 2020 Election in September 2020. That same month, during testing, a problem with the display on the Dominion Voting BMDs was discovered and a court battle ensued over how to correct the problem. Ultimately, it was ruled that the changes were "de minimis." It is unclear whether or not the change permitted by Judge Totenberg in October 2020 was performed on the machine that the two received before the Order in September 2020. Notably, Dr. Halderman testified in the above referenced hearing that the "report makes clear that Pro V&V performed only cursory testing of this new software. The company did not attempt to independently verify the cause of the ballot display problem, nor did it adequately verify that the changes are an effective solution. Pro V&V also appears to have made no effort to test whether the changes create new problems that impact the reliability, accuracy, or security of the BMD system.”
  10. ~ That's because he's a JFK D, not a D turned into a Leftist thug of intolerance and fragility.
  11. ~ All of it, or just some schools? The Mrs. just got her doctorate (Doctorate Nurse Practitioner) from UF in May and from what I can tell it was a very good education, she was educated enough to pass her boards within (4) weeks of graduating.
  12. ~ Critical thinking like you did during COVID is "critical thinking" we can >all< do without. No worries the folks like yourself, GOPe, are now the minority and your absolute continued disdain for others that don't think like you is delicious.
  13. They are going to keep them vulnerable until just after the 2024 POTUS election, then the machines will be destroyed.
  14. ~ This was instantly "debunked" by the best fact checkers money can buy.
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