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  1. @ OP, no he "has a higher calling." He's Pompous POS!
  2. We all do it! I'll try to go back and review your responses; crazy weekend though! ~Kevin
  3. He's kept many promises and not fulfilled some to date; being that he's still in office, you cannot say broken. Your ESP must be working better than mine. Carry on with your TDS. -
  4. You stated I must have missed it, I replied "clearly I did, regardless of thread size." You can be a DB all you want, my answer is still the same.
  5. She had forged papers making her legal, how's that knowingly hiring an illegal?
  6. Def a major lock-down all over France!
  7. - His (2) terms are already over?
  8. No, they are two females.
  9. I'll chose the Flynn's over you and yours every time.
  10. It wasn't but if it fits....
  11. And they love 41, now that he's passed away that is.
  12. Nor did Snow White, Kiss the girl from Finding Nemo is so kind of ist now too.... Leftists suck at life and fun