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  1. ~ I'm completely on-board that these riots were just waiting for the right opportunity before the elections, way too organized and way too funded. I saw right through Barry in 2007 and have been saying so since, he's the biggest fraud/traitor this country has ever borne witness too.
  2. ~ Yeah no, The Gay Kenyon is trying to cover his treasonous tracks, one's that the wing-man was involved in as well. Max, Barry is an empty suit that lied to and spied on Americans, as well as attempted to rig a POTUS election then unseat a duly elected POTUS. I know there isn't amount of evidence that will ever convince you otherwise, you're lose not mine.
  3. ~ Now that is the best part, Max gets fed a 3.5 year article from somewhere and runs with it! But this painter was wicked important to Max. ~
  4. ~ Besides many doctors and recovered patients you mean, doctors on record I might add.
  5. So butt-hurt stopped the painting, yet another dishonest thread title by Max. You getting paid by the propaganda piece Max? No one is this plainly dishonest by mistake.
  6. ~ Could be but he garnered something like .001 % in the primaries; DNC has been making elections about racism for decades, that's nothing new.
  7. ~ Hopefully shirtless, let's see those abs Barry!! Good to see "the wing man" out, now we know for sure he's part of the old admin trying to undermine a current POTUS from being elected, a first in America.
  8. ~ And exactly why I called out Zak for his dishonest thread title. POTUS said he and many other front line workers were taking HCQ as a prophylactic; me I'll never trust WHO again, their study was halted and it appears France stopped approving it from that never completed study. Other countries use it and like you posted, reporting success.
  9. ~ Clearly you haven't been affected by the rioting.
  10. ~ Legacy and keeping many our of jail! Not sure where you're from/living, Deval Patrick is stoopid beyond stoopid, I don't think he'd fair well in the debates. I was still in RI when he was Gov. of MA so I got to see a lot of him.
  11. ~ A lie is a lie, I measure them by the damage they do as we all lie.
  12. It wasn't 3 months ago and HCQ is still being used with successful results globally; you got me on th Macron thing from last week. You only found that article after I called you out for your misleading thread title.
  13. ~ Sorry I cannot agree this is "a big old whopper of a lie." No one was hurt accept Trump's ego, which again I don't get what would be the big deal in saying the SS thought I may be in harms way and followed protocol.
  14. ~ Please shot tear-gas at folks most likely carrying real bang-bangs, please.
  15. COVIDY2K

    Prepare for goal post move from the intellectually dishonest too; "now you're saying CV-19 doesn't exist, it was a hoax!"