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    50, married with 4 young boys, a young girl and a wife that's mostly OK with me fishing a lot!
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    Jesus, surfing, surf-casting, plants/flower's, bamboo, reading.
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  1. Charge him POS could have started another race war.
  2. Don't feed the trolls!
  3. Mittens for @POTUS in 2020.....
  4. Didn't watch yet either...def download it tomorrow
  5. Conservationism is the new counter-culture
  6. He's a better looking not my biological gender than she is, just sayn'
  7. He's off speaking with Mom's that just delivered full-term babies, on how they feel about keeping the child alive?
  8. No...something they won't enjoy...or is it them won't enjoy?? Can I please get a pro-noun review; do I need to check myself??