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    51, married with 4 young boys, a young girl and a wife that's mostly OK with me fishing a lot!
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    Jesus, surfing, surf-casting, plants/flower's, bamboo, reading.
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    Information Technology

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  1. His charter was to find collusion, he's bunk, the dossier is bunk and the report is bunk; I fully admit I will not read the report because it's bunk. As much as I despised Barry's vision for America, I would NEVER want what happened to DJT happen to Obama.
  2. Twatter was quick on the draw when I started twatting the confirmed "Q" drop.....laugh at me for believing for Q all you want...the fact still remains that big-tech is censoring wrong think... -
  3. Quickest Q post yet I believe. -
  4. Who drew the short straw and had to "service" Nadler..... -
  5. Mueller Time IMO from my research knew in about April (probably sooner or always knew), that there was no collusion. What was he doing for the next 660 or so days?
  6. Sara Carter is a fraud as well, pass it along.
  7. My Gadsden shirt... -
  8. Epstein is helping DJT will be the next story....
  9. Good, eff them
  10. Gender cannot be assumed in 2019, please use the correct term, they.
  11. I wouldn't turn down a drink with any POTUS
  12. A big one for me
  13. Other things I also believe in, Jesus died on the Cross for man's sins, we are not alone, spirits good and evil and the Constitution as currently written.