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  1. ~ Sold! I'm the next town South of St. Augustine, Palm Coast. You tell me where you want it shipped and I'll get it out right away. ~Kevin
  2. @bassonator007
  3. ~ Yes and please refer to post above your last .
  4. Ty. I’ll take some extra picks when we get back into town from our kids soccer tournament. This reel was fished in RI rock piles, and swam with, I don’t expect to see anything like described.
  5. ~ Apologies but I don’t know what “spool rash” is? You can zoom in quite a bit for a closer view, I can take some other photos as well. Let me know.
  6. ~ "Incel" can now be added as another term Leftists stole because they lack originality and funneh. You jamocks are whipped up into a frenzy over a made-up threat, but by all means carry-on being a useful idiot.
  7. ~ It's Fake News, just like storming all 50 capitals was FBI Fake News, gotta keep you people all riled up thinking there's an "insurrection." People like you gladly give away Rights for perceived safety, fact.
  8. End the occupation, bring back the People's Economy, 11.3. Enjoy your Zoom inauguration, I have no doubt it will be broadcasted by The Legacy Media. ~
  9. Red carpet rollout?
  10. ~ I don't think you know the actual definitions of the words "storming and crisis."
  11. ~ Technically it takes ballz to do something like you mentioned, let me know when it happens, thanks in advance.
  12. ~ Look more shyte a Leftist plagiarized because they’re nothing but boring, group think plebs; no wonder you’re being out bred by every race and the South.