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  1. Not pretending anything just calling out arseholes like *...later ~Kevin
  2. - Trump should be glad we spied on him; tick-tock! -
  3. Not caring a (possible) criminals color, race etc., if guilty he should do serious time.
  4. But, but that would make me wrong, I'm never wrong! - Partisan cherry picking at it's finest and she called them out on it.
  5. So sad, like a child...maybe you should have told him "come at me bro!" - -
  6. What name did I call you again please? Odd you're not capable of seeing the difference between, don't listen to that person and calling someone an "abject moron."
  7. Walls don't work, Trump wasn't spied on, there is no border crisis; stay the course Team Genius, stay the course!
  8. Sounds like a personal attack I thought @TimS warned you several times about them? Seems like you have no self-control.
  9. - Your are correct, hate and division is all they have to offer.
  10. Petabytes if not more
  11. My guess is no she did not have first hand knowledge; I'll bet she heard about it from credible sources second hand though.
  12. Lol...didn't even see this post!
  13. fb4e568623b5f8cf7e932e6ba7eddc0db9f42a712718f488bdc0bf880dd3 -
  14. Hope they had a pad on....
  15. - Agreed! Personally I don't care if half the DOJ, State, FBI, CIA etc gets shyte canned to clean house; this can never happen to >any< candidate and or POTUS elect again, full stop.