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  1. Your timing may be perfect.
  2. I couldn't agree more. This is especially important for someone like me who only has a certain window of time during the day to fish. It's either adapt to the tide or stay home until it is right for the time of day I can fish. I don't do well at home.
  3. How about a local tackle shop?
  4. The idiots we have in some sectors of government will eradicate us before the far more precious piping plovers. Remember, these are some of the same people who are warning that Social Security (which we working people actually pay into) will be running out of money. Has anyone heard when the giveaway, welfare programs will run out of money?
  5. I'm not sure what's worse, the birds themselves or the people and rules who protect them. We have one nutcase around here who calls them her "babies" and visits the nests several times a day to check on her children. Fortunately, they're too fast for her to catch and breast feed.
  6. I know we have discussed waders ad nauseum, but this is a different take. Like many of you, I'm lucky to get a 10 weeks out of a pair of waders and decided to question this with an LL Bean product specialist. I did this after having upgraded from the Emerger bootfoot to the Kennebunk bootfoot. The lady with whom I spoke claimed to have 34 years of experience. Her take is most retail waders, including those carried by LL Bean, are made for recreational fishermen. She defined that as someone who might go out once or twice a week several weeks a season. She said people like me, who fish 7 days a week from late May through early October should be purchasing a commercial grade or guide quality wader. She mentioned going directly to Simms and spending like $800 to get waders which would last several years. While I have a little difficulty with waders that expensive, it makes some sense given my personal experiences with leaking waders and what I've read on other wader posts. BTW, LL Bean has been good about replacing my leaking "recreational" waders. Admittedly, I'm a credit card holder. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts.
  7. Being the wuss I am, I'm not fishing again until tomorrow when it's warmer. I'm hoping the east winds of the past few days push in warmer water with some fish in it.
  8. LockedDrag, thanks for this positive post. We have several members of this forum who, if 99.9% of things went right with a product or service, and one thing happened to go wrong, would focus solely on the one wrong thing. In this time in history that is difficult for many of us, it is refreshing to hear people making compliments rather than whining.
  9. I consider myself fortunate to only be about 5 miles away from Webhannet River Boat Yard in Wells Maine, but I also travel down to Massachusetts several times a year for reel service and shopping at Surfland. I also enjoy going into Crossroads in Amesbury. Being solely a chunker there's only so many supplies I need other than bait, but I'd highly recommend any of these places.
  10. And that's all I did.
  11. I'm planning on drowning my first clams tomorrow morning.
  12. I believe now.
  13. Even better news!
  14. Great news. Thanks for sharing. Looks like my wife will finally be getting her wish of seeing less of me.
  15. We are not old. We're merely chronologically challenged. Naps are the name of the game.