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  1. I know I'm getting old. The title got me excited, but the contents even more so.
  2. I bring a chair all the time but never sit in it. I use it as a table, saving my back from bending all the time to get bait out of the cooler, plus protecting myself given the area I fish.
  3. Oh yeah! Unfortunately, I'm not plugger but am thinking about becoming one. What a horrible chunking year from shore! Worst ever by far. Yet where will I be before sunrise tomorrow?
  4. Weeds weren't bad but crabs were brutal.
  5. I go every three weeks to a barbershop and get my usual "boy's regular" for $18, plus $5 tip. Looks like crap, but as they say, the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is four days. At my age, I don't give a crap anyway.
  6. It's blown since the end of June.
  7. mark d, thanks for posting this. It is surely a company I would never do business with. Hopefully others will heed your advice.
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