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  1. I was once told the honeymoon is over when you fart in bed. The marriage is over when you fart and force her head under the covers.
  2. Absolute zoo coming into Maine on 95 at noon. I thought I'd be ahead of it, so I hit the gym and supermarket before noon. Big mistake.
  3. His punishment should be that he be required to spend more time at home with her or go to prison. I'd take prison.
  4. Baseball the way it's supposed to be played. They even know how to bunt, advance runners, etc. rather than swing for the fences on every pitch.
  5. There are so many factors here, it's probably impossible to get a consensus. Me, I live in a beach town, so in order to avoid the crowds I fish early AM before they get there. Then I have the rest of the day to do other things, like even work once in a while.
  6. No, great shoot!
  7. Fair to good. I've been limiting myself to two hours in the AM and getting a few every day. Size seems to have dropped in the past couple of days. The river guys are doing better than the beachfront.
  8. Little on the gourmet side, but decent pizza at When Pigs Fly. Not a fan of Warren's except for salad bar. Dinnerhorn is Portsmouth (Route1) has both excellent seafood and pizza. Comfy atmosphere too.
  9. great shot; well deserved.
  10. Depending upon the severity of a bodily injury caused to an innocent person, I do indeed. We need a second tier of prisons where people are allowed to work by day, either from their cells or on road crews, but be incarcerated at night. Part of their wages would go toward their "room and board". These prisons would not require the level of security of current facilities, and pay for themselves.
  11. As a first responder, I've seen the carnage. Okay, maybe 20 years ago it was nothing unusual to drive drunk. However, with the publicity and horror stories we've all seen of late, anyone who drives drunk is hard core and should be treated as such by the courts. If there's no room in the jails, impound and sell their vehicles. Punishment, in order to be effective, has to hurt.
  12. High price of fuel may mean a lot more of these incidents.
  13. If there was anything even close to fair reporting on the part of the mass media in this country, the Dems would be run out of town.
  14. You guys just have to remember. Joe doesn't send out mean tweets. Isn't that worth high energy costs, inflation, supply chain disruption, loss of retirements funds, increased crime, etc? No hurt feelings is what it's all about.
  15. Nobody to blame but Trump. An independent investigation of his involvement in this incident is needed.