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  1. In all due respect, if this is something you've just noticed, you may want to get out more. I have it narrowed down to a mathematical principle: clothing sizes decrease in direct proportion to increases in weight.
  2. Besides being stupid enough to guarantee herself a citation versus maybe a warning, this woman's behavior should result in being terminated from a position of public trust. Like it or not, certain jobs, such as teaching, require an even higher standard of outside behavior, and this was certainly not demonstrated here. If she was my kid's teacher, I would be raising holy hell.
  3. You got it. One year he was actually on a side street a few blocks away from the location shown. That was a disaster for him.
  4. Rob was his name. Good guy.
  5. That's the store owned by a nice guy, whose name I forget. The last I heard he was cooking for a local restaurant during tourist season and guiding for either moose or bears in the fall. His problem was location. He was a little too far north for the tourists in Wells and Ogunquit and too far south for the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport visitors. There are not enough "regular" fishermen to support any one baitshop.
  6. Not sure which one you're talking about, but one on the Ogunquit line also sold/rented bikes. He was a great guy who died about 20 years ago. Another guy opened near the Maine diner but used to yell at people who asked questions. I went in there, introduced myself as a local fisherman and he told me he wasn't there to be social. What did I want to buy? He didn't last long. A third was owed by a good guy who used to work at Webhanett, but he just couldn't find a good location.
  7. Take a ride north, just past the fifth set of lights (next to the new Wells fire station), take a right and go to the end. Webhanett Bait and Tackle. Top notch folks running a nice shop. I wouldn't waste the gas going to KTP.
  8. Windy. Early too.
  9. I live in Maine. Store brand plain bagels are about as good as you can get unless you want one the size of a manhole cover. I prefer Hannaford's over Market Basket. I toast mine, put on a little margarine and add a piece of Hoffman's cheddar cheese (only available at MB). I then stick it back in the toaster over until the cheese starts to melt. That's my everyday breakfast. I can only imagine how good it would be on a real egg bagel.
  10. You're right about them all sucking, but I use LL Bean Emergers. Bean has tightened its return policies, but they still give me a year (maybe because I'm a credit card holder) and I've never had a pair go that long, so I'm still able to exchange the leaking ones.
  11. Your definition of a nice shirt is still one with a fishing theme, but without the usual stains.
  12. The best to you. Fortunately, this is one area that they've made great strides in the past years.
  13. Your favorite TV show is The Weather Channel.
  14. Come on, it's Massachusetts. You know the revenue will be used for the public good.
  15. I believe most of the bookings around here are from VRBO. I'm not sure if that generates a 1099. I also know a lot of the repeat business is done "off the books". One guy in the neighborhood doesn't rent out his house at all. He gives it to a different cousin every week for 12 weeks. Yeah, sure.