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  1. No shortage of them in Southern Maine. I wish someone could come up and take them all.
  2. I see no reason why not. We have guys catching them on hot dogs, so I would think anything with a scent would work.
  3. Maybe the lull before the migration storm (if the seaweed goes away).
  4. These guys were doing a job they're paid to do, likely ordered to address this issue by someone above them. Why bust their balls? They're working people, plain and simple and shouldn't be harassed. How many of us ever had jobs where we were ever subject to that level of behavior on a regular basis? If we keep allowing our law enforcement people to be abused, both physically and emotionally, we will not get good people who want to do the job. We'll go back to the "knuckle draggers" we had 20 or 30 years ago. It will be our own fault, and society will pay the price for it. For the record, I was never in law enforcement and have no family in it.
  5. All about perspective. If you're 6 foot 6 it will weight a lot more than if you're 5 foot 6.
  6. If you're driving north, there's a good bait shop at 95 & 110 in Amesbury called Crossroads. Surfland is the best, but it is a little off the beaten path. If you're staying on the beach, you don't really have to go far.
  7. Glad for you folks. Let's hope even the remnants aren't as bad as they say.
  8. This isn't the first time you've had a streak of bad luck? The only way to get out of a slump is to take your at bats. The water is moving fast right now and the surf is a little bigger. Good conditions. Have you tried trouble hooks?
  9. Your penance is to cast away all your trouble hooks and pray for salvation at the Fremple Temple. You will not only cleanse yourself of the sin of fishing, but also protect the species.
  10. Funny you should mention that. I have to delay my Mousam escape to Yemen because of the tariff situation. It seems the "trickle down" effect has reduced the price of camel dung to the point my Dung for Guns program with the warlords is in jeopardy. I was hoping to trade 5 pounds of dung for an AK-47. Unfortunately, because of Donald Trump's policies, the price of dung is at an all time low. It is so serious, I'm thinking of contacting the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and other reputable news bureaus to report this yet another Trump economic blunder and see if there is some collusion with the Russians. If the media is true to form, this could be a headline in their reporting very soon. I should also add that my 401K is at an all time high, meaning I will have more taxes to pay on my Required Minimum Distributions, yet another Trump blunder. If I lost the whole thing, I would be tax free.
  11. Given this season of pogies everywhere (yet no bluefish), whales, sturgeon and tuna just outside casting distance from shore and for my first time ever catching mackerel on mackerel chunks, nothing surprises me. I can't wait for the fall run (if there is one) to see what happens next.
  12. I believe he did some shows with Curt Gowdy, who was the voice of the Red Sox. I wouldn't be surprised if Ted Williams fished with him as well. Williams was an avid fly fisherman, who used to fish on his off days and even occasional early mornings of a night game.
  13. Better yet, The Lost Temple of Fremple. I'll be seeking that in my missionary work in Yemen as I escape from my new friends in Maine.
  14. LMAO. I understand they had changed the title from Trouble Hooks in the Dessert.