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  1. Few more under water shots
  2. trip almost didn't happen due to current circumstances but it all came together with multiple grande
  3. Thx....10wt 6 to 7ft 30lbs straight fluoro
  4. If split how much for the rod?
  5. It varies on structures and Conditions this will dictate what choice of line that will be most affective .
  6. Plastic ....hence 580p
  7. brand new 175.00 ship
  8. Copper
  9. Bump
  10. time on the flats is what's needed feeding our beloved stripes crab flies
  11. Sold thx
  12. Great condition 2.5 hp 15" shaft already winterized used one season will include rack and extended tiller asking 650.00 Pickup only
  13. Price drop 600.00
  14. Which model is this?
  15. That was a loop to loop hastily tied.
  16. This is a definite game changer since i sight fish 80% of the time i had to have this setup, now i can cover lots of water while having a rod in my hand instead of a paddle..55lbs of thrust plowing thru the skinny on stealth mode my own AI poler
  17. Third outing super foggy no stripes too many blues....pretty cool watching them fin and tailing
  18. I have a electric guitar with a amp bought for my daughter but she hasn't touched it in a year pretty much brand new.
  19. @PSUFly,,, the yak is definitely more efficient especially on windy days .for .paddle board fishing is just picking out optimal conditions.
  20. Hmmm you just gave me some idea's a micro power pole sound like a new project
  21. Thx! It's a electric trolling motor with wireless remote. I almost got the rover myself, personally 5hp is too much for the inflatable and without a kill switch that is sketchy.
  22. 2nd outing today more in quantity and quality big girls were out hunting and flashing the shallows these Were fresh ocean migrates .
  23. I have a pickup truck the board alone only weigh 50lbs carrying it is cumbersome ,everything is attachable.
  24. I went into the drink a few times just make sure you are tethered to your board and wearing a PFD its easy to get back on , agree on practicing self rescue smart.
  25. Ok pm sent thx