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  1. @FatTailWagging thanks for your input , at 1st it looked cool then after studying the design with all the moving parts I was on the fence especially with that price tag.
  2. My friend Fished this lure back in the summer for tarpon he said he get a better hook set ...still not too sure but the hook disengaging from the body is cool.any soler's here have experience with them?
  3. Good point you have to have a network of same minded and dedicated angler/guides who make it their priority to find those breeders year after year "getting dailed in" so to speak ....thanks to ferret i was able to get tight and land my PB 45lbs plus previous to that it took 2years to break that 40lbs mark. "Two jobs and a wife with two personalities " lol
  4. For zx27 silver thanks
  5. I have one brand new ....bote HD bugslinger come with paddle,paddle sheath, pump and bag box paid 1,300 would like to get 1,100.00 ...only thing is that I'm in Westchester county ny area
  6. Looking for a spool thx
  7. Definitely check out van Staal cvex or three tand
  8. Thats cool ..I don't mind a few oz I stay in shape for that
  9. 9500... 8s spool a glove
  10. Yup already know
  11. "We look forward to continuing public access to our nation's healthy fisheries " HA Sounds like another bait and switch.. there's a few word for this type you've just been Gassed. You got played player.
  12. My last for 2018 and my PB on fly happy healthy new year SOL'ers
  13. Ha..your buddies don't know how to drive lol
  14. Cant say enough about these all purpose reliable cars ...with a lift kit it can go anywhere their symetrical AWD is hands down the best.with 500hp fully built i can get to my fishing spot fast.