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  1. Not cicadas but 4years ago I was lucky enough to be @ the right place @ the right time in isla blanca Mexico there was a huge swarm of one of the largest grasshoppers ive ever seen(lubber family) on earth tarpon up to 40lbs were slurping These things on the surface as they fall even kamakazing into our heads we switched to a gurgler and had a guide also tells me they like to eat them they make them into whats called chupalines and add them to their tacos too ,it was a national geographic moment.
  2. ... alittle wind can be your friend agree 100% on timing i too get it wrong more than right .
  3. Interesting i normally don't fish/feed the lead fish unless its windy and choppy or i feel very confident I can execute it flawlessly..because there's absolutely no room for error she is the Matriarch once spook the whole school goes with her you will have more shots fishing the males behind her.
  4. Best analogy I can give you is lets say you are kayaking and there lots of structures big bolders and sand bars depending on the tide and current you will try to navigate the least resistance route "safe zone" this zone is where we want to be to intercept them , ocean swimming poons coming in or out of the flats ,base on those info we'll try to make a edjamacated guess not always 100% but most experienced poon guides have a 80 to 90% success rate.
  6. Lucky you Wish I had them in my backyard .
  7. 3days of constant whipping winds 25+ had us feeling like flags , we had to anchor up and hope that they swim in our lane...amazing what we go thru for poons but when it all comes together you forget about the wind and hours of waiting.
  8. Sounds like a very productive one day!
  9. Not sure how durable to the previous model but I like the older cvex version better .
  10. Understand GLWS thx
  11. Would you take 1300?
  12. Sure pm sent thx
  13. Would like to offer 275.00 ship
  14. Not sure if you are fishing with a guide or DiY ... i sight fish 90% and hire a guide 80% of the time , hiring a guide will cut the learning curve drastically its money well spent even with one trip ,these questions you have can be answered by putting TIME on the water/bow and learn from your guide, expensive and hard way to hunt/ fish not for everyone.You can have the right fly the right conditions the perfect cast the perfect feed and still get the middle finger and be humbled but thats what keeps us feens coming back for more.its basically hunting but not with a riffle but more like a bow or spear.
  15. I have both inflatable and hard boards the difference is the inflatable will catch more wind so you have to pick your low wind days. Besides being lighter and easier to carry/transport its also vulnerable to sharp objects there's lots of companies making good inflatables sup for most budgets i personally went with BOTE ,even tho you are fishing shallow water i would still reccomend a pfd you can never under estimate mother nature .