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  1. Sold thx
  2. Price drop 600.00
  3. Which model is this?
  4. That was a loop to loop hastily tied.
  5. Third outing super foggy no stripes too many blues....pretty cool watching them fin and tailing
  6. I have a electric guitar with a amp bought for my daughter but she hasn't touched it in a year pretty much brand new.
  7. @PSUFly,,, the yak is definitely more efficient especially on windy days .for .paddle board fishing is just picking out optimal conditions.
  8. Hmmm you just gave me some idea's a micro power pole sound like a new project
  9. Thx! It's a electric trolling motor with wireless remote. I almost got the rover myself, personally 5hp is too much for the inflatable and without a kill switch that is sketchy.
  10. 2nd outing today more in quantity and quality big girls were out hunting and flashing the shallows these Were fresh ocean migrates .
  11. I have a pickup truck the board alone only weigh 50lbs carrying it is cumbersome ,everything is attachable.
  12. I went into the drink a few times just make sure you are tethered to your board and wearing a PFD its easy to get back on , agree on practicing self rescue smart.
  13. Ok pm sent thx
  14. Thx Coming out of Westchester ..but travel to skinny waters all along the northeast .
  15. 250.00?