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  1. Queenies is definitely on my list!
  2. Its pretty sick very realistic you can swim it both ways ...when you rig it thru the tentacles it actually swims away from you and flutters just like a real squid .
  3. Beautiful Moma toman from one of my brother's client
  4. I would go with a 10wt but i never use sinking always floating and intermediate most of the strikes comes in around 8 to 15ft not deep enough for sinking Imo .... same we cast or pay out lines into the rip and keep it in the strike zone by stripping towards you but not all the way then let it back out working the strike zone in a grid pattern left to right or vise versa if I enjoy the visual strikes ontop more.
  5. Can you do 125.00 ship to Westchester ny?
  6. Sold pm sent
  7. Nope tried numerous time on all three dept sales,warranty, order status could not even leave a voice mail their box is full .
  8. Yeah noticed that after I tried to call them
  9. Also noticed there's two sites northfork composite and edge rods same company same rods but two different prices ...going to try to get them to give me the north fork composite site price 80.00 less fingers cross
  10. Can you do 250.00 meet up today or tomorrow?
  11. On the 1st guide not sure if its dust or scuff marks can you verify thx
  12. Oh patience is way over do ...I waited a full 2months 8weeks ..3 weeks more than what was stated on their website, 2 voice mail no response followed by a 2nd email which now they tell me the rod i ordered has just begun assembly and will let me know when its being delivered hows that for patience? I think They're under staff and over booked with orders.
  13. Yes but this method requires a pretty potent sativa or sativa X dominant if its a hybrid
  14. Single hooks is ideal if i dont have time to switch them out ...i will remove the middle hook and leave the front and rear and crush all barbs
  15. will it be possible to purchase one @ the show? Saltwater expo