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  1. Quick sight fishing clips of the silver kings on
  2. Not too late whenever blackhole USA decides build fly rods I'm willing to be a test subject
  3. Its the challenge the technicality of it using real skills....the regular ones @some point becomes too easy. Its like hunting with a bow and arrow instead of a rifle.. Check out silver kings on you tube it might get you to come to the dark side
  4. Try a sea anchor they make a kayak version should be a big help i use both (anchor and a drift bag)
  5. Reports are bull ..go get tight on something good luck
  6. Not many saw 4 fish, only fished for 3hrs not really a true flat more like shore line with white sand.
  7. Ny....western sound
  8. 1st day on the board for 2019 just a casual outing and the stripes were eager to play 31inchr in the skinny not a bad start .
  9. If you have any energy left i would definitely fish Mallory square, but its only a night thing after 11 or midnight or early morning before the tourist this particular spot has never failed me .lots of feeding poons under the lights ranging 15 to 50lbs .
  10. My friend have the same reel he paired it with 10'6 mojo
  11. That totally suck man....hope you gettem in june... I'm catching the north bounders in August
  12. There's some good spots in the back but sight fishing is almost impossible water clarity is not good for sight fishing.
  13. Sight fishing is a tough technical game with weather/condition a big factor .....willy is the real deal glad you got tight on some critters .
  14. How bout a 12' suzuki special?
  15. Thx bud ...its definitely hard to stickem plus the learning curve but so addictive .