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  1. Part two 3hr DIY trip using the same fly managed one a bit smaller before brunch ....mahola! O'io and beautiful hawaii until next time.
  2. @the graveyard shift yeah those coral and rocks are very sharp at 1st i was wondering why they were so adamant about wearing hard wading boots luckily i listened.
  3. @BrianBM it was a size two shrimp pattern with dumbell eyes dressed sparsely brown or tan with no Flash.
  4. Thanks fellow anglers @pakalolo and @tomkaz both yes ohau by the airport my guide was chris @alohafishinghawaii and spin... specialize in wading only.. he said the angler will have a higher % of hook up he doesn't have to deal with wind and current pushing the boat around he also said the push pole can spook them ...One of the challenges is learning how to "creep" up on them making very little disturbances is key while stalking them ...anticipating their path and staging in certain route were they like to swim another method.
  5. My 1st Hawaiian bone solid 8lbr saw multiple double digits all wading and sighted tough fish to trick pretty epic ..and a Hawaiian papio by the resort...Pacific jack family
  6. Enjoy
  7. I feel there shouldn't be any harvesting in their pre spawn migration . Anglers should educate themselves on C&R... no treble hooks no boga hoisting by the botoom lip and releasing the fish in the water should give these fish a higher %
  8. Monomoy flats
  9. This might be true but I'm just quoting his post "i dont want to get in trouble with tim for being a racist"
  10. So you're saying you are a racist correct? "Watch out for them types" "Something has to be done to teach them a lesson "
  11. RIP..... tug away my friend wherever you are...condolences to his family.
  12. I would rather use Abnb and vrbo hotels are my last resort.
  13. Greed will manifest to their own destruction and hopefully the beloved striped bass can survive humanity.
  14. They also make the back country 7'10" one of my favorite short rods
  15. Our guide was lance Peterson an expert at this game