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  1. Yeah not great optics she was thrashing...swam away pretty good tho
  2. I let them suck on my thumb until she swim away ...I guess it's a distortion from the water just noticed .
  3. Definitely a paddle board day, sooo let me try to break this down, I stalked this fish way up in the super skinny water she was almost belly crawling so I waited till it moved alittle deeper , she finally came out to 3ft of water where i was hoping and waiting , she then cross my path to my 11 heading to 12 about 50ft I made a 60ft cast btwn 12 and 1 made two hard bump with a pause that got her attention waited until she figured out there's something to kill! made another small bump and BAM! She went psycho with 6 aggressive head shakes.. it was insane! Helicopter guy was watching it all go down 20230526_140132.mp4
  4. Thx.. I'm a total sight fishing feen only time I blind cast/fish is when surf fishing with conventional gear
  5. It had a yellow tag with some vegetation on it .
  6. Hit up my local spot , heard peanuts in the bay and they were in pretty thick but only a handful of fish harassing them was able to sight fished a proper one what a awsome eat! Gills flared and mega head shakes my leader was wrapped around a rock right before landing her she made a hard dash a poooof a quick release .
  7. NRX+ 10WT anyone?
  8. @Chipnice..thx, Since you mentioned it while switching over to topwater this trolling yahoo with a marlin spread came thru in 4ft of water in the back bay! doing circles around us dont understand the logic with open ocean to their disposable they definitely spoiled that agenda ...will revisit this fri and try again hopefully I'll have a short clip for ya heard gators are mixed in also.
  9. I had a hobie with an outflrigger to stand up and fish I used one of those collapsible stripping mesh basket, if you're interested I can send it to you FREE just pay shipping.
  10. Yamon I guess the consensus is sage R&D is making some waves in a positive note I have yet put it to the test against a tarpon, it cast nice and hopefully it also can battle the mighty silver king, my last rod blew up on me near the butt fighting 5 tarpon back to back, I'll be taking the 11wt to the test very soon will report on it for ya.
  11. The only con about these makos is the weight, I whish they were a tad lighter
  12. Interested to hear on their migratory patterns thought they were introduced from the east coast.
  13. thaistick

    SALT R8

    My personal review on salt R8 11wt with rio flats pro .....bonkers! Two false cast and 95ft of line just catapulted, It's not as fast as the method (less feel)but as powerful I can actually feel the rod bend deeeep into the blank and the recovery?! on point! ..the 9wt is on its way,was going to piggyback off of @Mike Oliver thred even tho 20230506_190000.mp4 the core and salt share similarly in engineering they're just built different.
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