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  1. Sent
  2. As a former thai restaurant owner I can make bluefish any which way till Sunday and you'll never think its's my version of red curry bluefish casserole
  3. I used to have a revo and one time unhooking a big mean sucker it bit my kayak and actually took a nice chunk of plastic out.
  4. Nice glad you're in them...they do have a knack of busting up your gear !
  5. I don't live in LI I travel to fish all of south shoe and North shore
  6. But you guys get those big girls coming up from the Chesapeake before us
  7. Ny...You could be correct for mid summer I don't know much about that but these are ocean spring time spawner, sea lice all over them .every year for the past 6 years they've been coming to the back bay daisy chaining not feeding on anything but will attack a fly or plug with vengeance once presented.
  8. 20220517_105314.mp4 Short clip of hundreds of spawning blues
  9. Good ? Topwater definitely will get them fired up they can be picky especially on spawning mode I noticed when casting a fly to groups they will get competitive but on singles and double they get spooky for some reason
  10. Yeah I hope too i usually take 1 or two trips to Brewster flats love sightfishing there my favorite place
  11. Alrighty then.. would you care to elaborate more?
  12. It's a 12' livewatersport catamaran style board super stable with a 55lbs trolling motor with remote simple setup , very effective for open water and skinny water.
  13. Thx...yeah I don't get that either
  14. Ny
  15. These blues are efn nuts 5 flies ,2 plugs and a broken rod For 4hrs straight , literally hundreds swimming high stacked up from 2ft to 10ft