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  1. I cant say I've had an issue with black, pearl white and fluorescent colors, yes. Usually only the first coat then the second covers and lays flat.
  2. I tried by volume 1:1. Turned out pretty soft.
  3. Very nice.
  4. @TimS Price police! love it. That made my day. @Goldy Don't pay the 140-160$ or whatever it was. Just wait for Mike.
  5. I love the color on the 4th and 6th. Nicely done.
  6. Nice work
  7. Nice glider
  8. Thanks, yeah same here. Air compressor and sometimes an old t-shirt i have.
  9. @DeepBlue85 you mention alcohol, have you thought about wet sanding with water instead? This would keep dust down. @Steel Pulse @Wire For Fire how are are you cleaning your plugs after sanding and before primer?
  10. Does a pikie glider count?
  11. Very cool Ed. Its crossed my mind to give it a try. But i really don't need another hobby!
  12. I havent. Some guys mill out the thru wire hole then glue the pieces together.
  13. Pretty sure i already offered you some.
  14. Now that they're available to purchase you might get some feedback.
  15. Thanks Wire for Hire! Hell yeah Drew it was fun painting that pattern on a darter. Man was i nervous applying epoxy to the face of the darter.