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  1. @Steel Pulse makes a nice wire forming jig.
  2. I've been using this method for years. Works very well and accurate.
  3. Very nice.
  4. Whats your point, if someone builds a Danny plug, do you respond\by say is that a Danny 

    Pichney plug, I didn't know there was a patent on the design.

    1. Rui


      I just asked a simple question. I thought it was a lemires based on the tail section. If you built it, very nice. 

  5. Cool paint
  6. looks a lot like the ryobi.
  7. I think any plug with a metal lip will have some roll. If its not rolling out I wouldn't worry unless its on the verge of rolling out. One "good" thing about roll. When using a dark color over a light color and lets says a silver down the center. I feel the roll helps in adding flash as if a bait fish is in danger and trying to get away. Some things that come to mind. Line tie too low. I like high to mid. Personal preference Lip slot too low. I try and keep mine above center. Personal preference. Try bigger/heavier hooks. I see a lot of undersized hooks on plugs. Myself included. Not enough keel weight. Maybe add a second weight instead of using 1 bigger weight. Keep the weight as low as possible. Wrong lip altogether.
  8. The best way I found to eliminate hook rash is to fish without hooks. Just kidding....Its part of fishing
  9. Those look great Ed. As for laying on their side in current, I would try adding a little more weight to help them keel better. (Assuming they have a slow sink rate) Sucks you lost the glider. The 7" is a great glider. I also use them in calm water. Unfortunately no Surfday (Brookdale) this year.
  10. Yes, its a 5"
  11. Probably one of my favorite patterns. Clean, simple, fishy!
  12. Enjoy!
  13. Beautiful work Lonell! Now you can send me back my gliders, thanks!
  14. I use playing cards folded over. Apply epoxy and before putting the plug on the rack I slide the card through the slot from one side to the other. Put it on the rack and forget about it. Never had an issue. This way I don't have to remember to come back and take it out before the epoxy cures it in place.
  15. That's what I plan on doing, learning it myself. I found it interesting that they give exact numbers when there are so many other variables. Maybe they should give approximate locations? Anyway, that doesn't matter. I will take your advice and start by choosing a blank and reel for the type of fishing I plan on doing and go from there. Thanks!