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  1. Now that they're available to purchase you might get some feedback.
  2. Thanks Wire for Hire! Hell yeah Drew it was fun painting that pattern on a darter. Man was i nervous applying epoxy to the face of the darter.
  3. Nice catching Bay!
  4. He gave credit to someone in his video. Cant remember the name.
  5. A "good" glider does not need anything more than a straight retrieve to glide in the seductive S pattern that they're known for. However, a quick twitch, a little pump, or changing your retrieve speed to impart a different action is OK. Just remember to take up the slack you've just introduced to get the glider to glide again. During a steady retrieve, if your glider does not glide, it's a stickbait, and you must impart action on the retrieve. Thank you all for the kind words (RG Lures)
  6. I have one i never really used. I believe its a 4. Ill check later when i get home.
  7. Looking to sell my st croix avid surf. 9’ rated 1-4oz. Used but in good condition. Located in Woodbridge NJ $160 Thanks
  8. Thanks, I did see those. Very nice!
  9. Guys, I would like to hear you're preferred method for shaping slopes on swimmers and sharing jig ideas. Thanks RG
  10. Keep in mind, not all fast or slow sink needles are the same. Look for how they sink. Tail, level or nose. I prefer a level slow sink rate. I believe it keeps the needle from coming to the surface easily where a slow sink tail heavy will come straight to the surface. Also, fishing it like a pencil, but a slow pump action on the surface with a pause here and there can be deadly.
  11. Looking to buy a used jigster 4-10oz. Either length is OK. Would rather a local pickup around Woodbridge NJ.
  12. Its the weight of the egg. Choice your egg weight based on the rod you plan on using.
  13. That's a pretty ass plug!
  14. As usual TK, sweet work!