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  1. sold!
  2. alright, pmed you
  3. not really looking for any trades at the moment, if you do 675 you have a deal
  4. if you do 700 I'll ship it to you out of my pocket
  5. 02151
  6. wts vsb150 in silver, comes with box and round handle looking to get 700 picked up, will ship if buyer covers pp fee and shipping cost.
  7. bump will pay retail for the right reel
  8. wtb vsb 150 x-series preferably silver and in mint condition.
  9. Chicaneries passed on the st croix, idk if you are interested still but if you are ill do the 250
  10. Chicaneries contacted me first for the st croix the black hole is still available and im firm on the price, no work was doneon the rod its basically new only used once
  11. its the original guides from st croix, when can you pick it up?
  12. I'm try to sell local for the moment
  13. Wouldn't really be worth it for me to ship it at that price sry
  14. I'm let it ride for a little bit more to see if i get the asking price