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  1. Still water fishing on cape. Warming up my casting for the salt.
  2. Looks great.
  3. Thanks for the feed back RM, Jabster & Howied. I was wondering if you could give me some feed back on the pros and cons of using mono vs flat waxed thread. From what I have seen you guys use mono thread. I have trouble controlling materials with mono and was wondering if you had any tips on using mono for tying.
  4. Here's my attempt. Any feed back is welcome.
  5. Thanks. With the low temp it's all about timing.
  6. Yup it's pretty soft a lot softer than the craft foam sheets. If you use a low temperature hot glue gun you have to wait a a few seconds or else it will melt the foam.
  7. Thanks Kid I have tried using Nerf darts for popper bodies the lat couple seasons but have had issues with glue and durability. This winter I tryed a low temp glue gun and it seems to hold on to the foam a lot better as long as the glue is not to hot. I also figuered out that using the tip of the glue gun you can create a well to recess the eyes by melting the foam. I am looking forward to testing them on some fish.
  8. Great step by step thank you for posting. I am going to give it try. Truly inspiring work.
  9. Thanks for the the encougining thoughts
  10. I was planing on going on vacation in Florida but the flight got canceled because of the snow. So I stayed at home and made the best of it. Sorry I do much more looking on this site than posting. I am by no means an expert but truly get inspired by all that is on the site.
  11. From the album Tycation

  12. From the album Tycation

  13. From the album Tycation

  14. From the album Tycation

  15. From the album Tycation