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  1. thank you all... DEM just see te pics of your tool... test soon
  2. can you give me a link please ?
  3. Thanks... If I use a vise... Do you think is possible ?
  4. Hi, Sorry for my bad english. I've an old VS300 serial number below 1000... Can you show me how to disassemble the side plate ? if possible show me pictures of the tool or video Best
  5. sorry for the delay, Just returned at my home last night
  6. ok but not now... certainly tomorrow or this sunday
  7. I do not find personally that it is if slipping… except when I use gloves and that they are wet.
  8. It's a G loomis fly rod crosscurrent Beach 12wt 11'3" two handle, rod like new just some minor scratches on reel seat, the price 350 dollars + 40 Dollars shipping
  9. other custom
  10. From the album First carbon grip

  11. From the album First carbon grip