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  1. Waiting for surfdaddy to reply
  2. you can have them all for $45 sending pm
  3. Belly weights are in there no tail weights. I can throw a couple in for you. Just cut to your needs.
  4. All 3 are new just been hanging on shelf. Norcal Polaris, big baits tad pole, rm jig smith mack/ bunk loaded. $110 shipped
  5. These are Sporting wood blanks. What you see is what you get. I have made a couple in past years and they work great! 6 bottles 4 darters 2 large pencils 1 danny $75 shipped
  6. Ill do 550 cash meet up. Let me know ill send p.m. to arrange meet up.
  7. Its says in the title, Surf machine? 1-6 oz
  8. It has a 24" to reel seat. Not sure height matters. All in what you are looking for. Im 6'1 but use different rods fir different areas i fish.
  9. He knows me well. All details are in the post. I buy everything and send to him for build. I have about 5 rods he has built the same way for me. Rod is just about a year old but never used. I built it for canal but due to the **** show it has become i never go anymore. Rod feels like it can throw sp to 5 oz gags jig. Super versatile rod. Willing to meet ri - ct&ma borders
  10. Uhh what? Why would I need a receipt? Im confused.
  11. Yes still available. I am located in Rhode Island 02886
  12. Yes still available. I am located in Rhode Island 02886
  13. Price drop to $600
  14. You got it. Pm coming now