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  1. Are the other 2 still available?
  2. hmmm lol
  3. As the title says this GRS for 5 S.S. show specials. Open to other trades as well.
  4. If I had to do it all over again I would have gotten a Saltist 6500 for $250 and a decent 2-6 from NEX or other brand. the reel can handle fish in current its the rod you have to be more flexible with. some days the fish are on magic swimmies and sometimes they are on pencils other nights its a jig bite with 3-4 ounce jigs. I have 2 setups but I only bring my Saltiga strapped to a NEX1 2-6 and it covers every thing I mentioned. My Jigster I'm held to tossing heavy stuff with any distance, it will do everything I mentioned but I'd rather use the NEX. Century has a nice line but those guys creep me out lol. CTS another hot rod. Mojo's in that range very affordable and I see a lot of the those blue TFO's. Just have to get out there a see what feels right for you and your budget. Reel1in
  5. done deal just lmk which one you want
  6. fishaddict you have an ET for kicker? steelstripe not into the squid.
  7. either one you choose. this one is a Med Slim.
  8. honestly I just took them off. this is new.
  9. Title says it all. This GRS for 1 Voorhies JR troller and 1 S.S. et show special.
  10. yes 2 piece.
  11. 8' Century Nor Easter custom wrap fuji torzite guides. Will throw up to 3 maybe 4 never pushed it that far. I can meet up this weekend. 350 firm can get pics if interested.
  12. surface slim block island green/ red head for the 2 cyclones?
  13. My Address for the Lunas and the other plug is ....Mike Bodner.....1132 Solly Ave....Phila., Pa. 19111.........please send me you paypal address and I ll send right out tomorrow afternoon or right now if your awake. Thanks again, Mike Bodner

  14. 18' Bunk Luna 1.6ish 10' Green Luna 2.7 oz TL is 2.4ish. No split $85 to your door.
  15. possily thursday around 8