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  1. Hurley, gags, hogy $55 shipped
  2. I did some landscaping to try and get ahead of bills ect this summer. So this lady hires me through one of her friends. I do the job she's happy with it. Calls me 3 days later saying I fcked up her Arborvitaes up. I'm like I didn't touch them. It took me an hr to convince her it was from deer. Needless to say I didn't go back. Karen
  3. I had one of these. Is it a mac or another custom?
  4. Price droppp $100 shipped
  5. Heading to P.O. tomorrow, still making room for new reloader. Ill do $125 shipped for this lot
  6. Dark Star 3 tube with bucktail trailer jar holder. Great bag just collecting dust now a days. Down To Fish initials on it. $115 shipped
  7. 1 ah eel 1 ah pencil 1 winch mullet $85 shipped
  8. Ill do that. Sending pm now
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