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  1. $75 shipped
  2. I have one I'd sell let me send you some pics when I get home tonight.
  3. Not much of a collector but not sure these can see water lol.
  4. I know for around here New England when i fish in bolder fields and beach i pick the low ration van staals. but when I hit the canal or jettys I break out the stella 14k. the ratio helps when you need to rip your plug in quick and get it back in the action. Currents on jetty's and canal can be crazy. when I boat fish I bring the stella as well if I make a bad cast or if I'm jigging and need to get the fish up quick I want the High speed reel. in your case I think you will be fine with either and wont know the difference but you will be more of a baller if you go 14k hahaha.
  5. My bad I honestly forgot about this. Work has been crazy. Ill pass for now. Thanks for the check in.
  6. Both plugs shipped $80
  7. Ill do that. Im driving home but msg me your info
  8. Ill do the top 2 for 70 shipped. Dont need 4 of the same plugs.
  9. $60 shipped. Jig heads AA Bubba shads, 4.5 misc shads.
  10. What you got. dont really need anything but if its something that catches my eye, sure.
  11. 10'6" CTS vaportrail 1-3 oz w/ fuji k guides build by Eastern rod works. Rod casts a mile just need to thin the heard. This is the original 1 piece (not glued) cant be shipped. I live in warwick, RI near tf green airport. $500