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  1. I have a Zeebaas ZX25 I am looking to move for 750 + ship. Can add pictures tonight if you are interested. Dustin
  2. are you interested in any fish stuff trades?
  3. Done deal nice meeting you Mike.
  4. YEAH MIKE ILL DO THAT. CASH IS BETTER. send me a PM when you are in the area.
  5. Runs pretty true if anything a little small. its not huge by any means
  6. located in Warwick, RI.
  7. new price 125
  8. deal please send payment to
  9. Pearl has first shot, I was only PM’d about service. Once pearl decides then whoever was next goes. I kept getting asked for pics and clicking noise. The reel was used maybe 1 dozen times. Dustin
  10. sorry Fish LI. got mixed up.
  11. No. No.
  12. yes still have everything. its only been used maybe a dozen times.
  13. not splitting only going to P.O. once.
  14. 2 LI fish & 1 Carlos. New ready to fish. 100 shipped