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  1. Replied! Can you just put the details in this thread for SOL. I am down to trade!
  2. Opening back up $400 cash you add fee's and shipping. Or trade for EOTech XPS-2 or 3.
  3. Ill take this. Send me p.m.
  4. shipped tracking info has been sent via inbox. closing. Thanks and good luck if you fish them. The Jr. kills in early spring!!!!!!
  5. OG just sent PM
  6. gota hold tight at $190 shipped for now.
  7. Do I hear $190 shipped for the set?
  8. 1 - GRS Surface Giant 1 - GRS Jr. $235 shipped. The Jr. is a little darker than the Giant. Both are in good condition see pics for reference. Not looking to split price is firm. Dustin
  9. Only the tank is left. $15 shipped
  10. 30 and i'll throw in the sinking??
  11. Sent you a P.M. they are both around 3.6oz
  12. $12 a plug just need these gone!
  13. 70 including fees and shipped! Shooting season need ammo cash... Wont split Thank you,
  14. You take a couple plugs on trade?
  15. What do you got & price? Looking for bone no other colors please. Looking for the smaller 5" or 6" plug.