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  1. Anyone near Rhode Island have an old school 1201m blank hanging around? Asking for friend looking to purchase.
  2. Ill take a couple of these as well. 5 1/2 and a 4 1/4
  3. Wow people fighting over alans yikes.
  4. Ill take pbau for 45 shipped
  5. I have a custom 8' century nor easter. $225
  6. I use the lami everywhere lol. I had a custom built its a circa 97 so not the new crap lol
  7. I tried them all and this is what I stick with. Again everyone different. Pencils - ODM NEX 1 2-6 MS's, gliders, Plugs and jigs up to 4oz - Lami 1201M When the tide is ripping and need heavy jigs I have a NEX 1 3-8 cut down to 10'6. But I rarely bring that rod unless I want a good bicept shoulder pump. Again make friends test stuff out and find out what you like. Save a bunch of dough unlike me Im not friendly ;(
  8. Price drop $95 ship each
  9. Reel piece of history these have caught giants. Not these, these are new for all I know. Ive had them for years time for someone new to own them. $125 each shipped.
  10. Yeah ill take it.
  11. Yeah thats fine. I can flex a lil.
  12. looking to get a used in good condition silver VS200 would like a us made but VSX is fine to is you have one hanging around that you dont use anymore let me know.
  13. Closing down ill start new thread with whats left.