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  2. IRT 400 on trade?
  3. YES how does this work do you give me an offer. Only reason I am selling is to fund new waders mine are to big. Can get you pics tonight.
  4. 2018 pink blind slim surface. Let know if you have ant interest.
  5. I ve worn them probably 15-20 X's. I am 6' 240. Its a chizzled 240 haha. Washed off after every 2-3X's worn.
  6. I have used these a couple of times but they are to big. I should have went XL. Selling for loss. Fishing is at its peak why drive home wet when you can stay dry with one of the best in the game Orvis! $125 shipped.
  7. Are the jr’s still avail? Looks like someone picked up scup thats what Im looking for.
  8. NONE. I figured it would have sold. I have it listed somewhere is else now hopefully it gets scooped up!
  9. Id do the jr and green no hooks if split
  10. Man I really want that pencil. Will you split??
  11. I wonder the same thing. but like beach glass said when they have the feed bag on its usually fine. It's when they are cruising looking for a school is when color and hardware need to be spot on. IMO
  12. Yours p.m. coming.
  13. Pics
  14. I have 2 plugs kind of need to fund another project. $90 shipped - GRS Blind 2018 yellow surface giant new. Have same plug in Slim so Im going to put this up for sale. $40 shipped - Im actually really attached to this one its a really nice plug been displayed on my entertainment center. Thanks for looking, Dustin