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  1. You conspiracy guys drink way too much kool aid.
  2. This scam has been some on other sites as well unfortunately. I’m not sure how a fee would help with a pm situation like this.
  3. Fergal

    2025 Tarpon

    I have several reasons for looking elsewhere but I’m not really frustrated with the fishing at this point. The weather, that’s another story. Too many lost days or days where we go out but you know it’s pointless. It’s been well north of 50% of the days my last three times there. The place seems to be a wind machine and that’s putting it mildly. There is another reason too and I’ll leave it at that….. It was time for a change. I’m looking forward to trying a completely different area next year.
  4. I’m not sure what people do for a tippet set up but I use pre-tied tippets with a Bimini in one end, the end of my leader has a double surgeons, when I change its loop to loop and done. No fumbling with wet hands or wind or rushing to tie a knot because albies are blowing up all over.
  5. Take a bullet, sure sloped roof - no ****ing way, too dangerous!
  6. The ‘indexing gears’ thread has potential… toothpaste, people, toothpaste.
  7. I like removing every other tooth on the gears, makes it as smooth as buttah!
  8. Whales - a couple of million years? That’s a pretty good run.
  9. I have a small graphite forest in the ceiling of my garage. I’ve also had a good number of years to accumulate this stuff.
  10. Fergal

    2025 Tarpon

    Thank you, but I’m all set with days (7) and a guide for mid June.
  11. Fergal

    2025 Tarpon

    I'm in the first half of their season, close to the middle. I s/b in good shape with the timing. I’ve been tracking the weather for the area, in general there s/b less wind vs KW.
  12. Other than too many, I don’t know. I still probably have more spin/conventional though.
  13. Fergal

    2025 Tarpon

    I’m already set up for June. One thing for sure, that area is less expensive than KW. It’s also a bit less of a drive.
  14. unfortunately. Look it it this way - we have the best government that money can buy!
  15. I’m guessing he isn’t the only politician doing this crap, so who the hell did he piss off?
  16. Fergal

    2025 Tarpon

    For multiple reasons, I’ve decided it was time to change things up and move on from Key West. I can probably only get one trip in next spring and I decided I wanted tarpon. After some looking around I decided to book a week with one of the guides at Shallow Water Expeditions, which is David Mangum’s guide service. I’ll being fishing the Mexico Beach/Port St Joe area in mid June. That’s up on the panhandle. Hopefully, that will be more productive vs Key West.
  17. I ‘needed' 1 more 9wt so I stopped by the Compleat Angler today. I also wanted to add the Sextant to the above mix but that was out. I was leaning towards that one since I had thrown it before and came close to picking it up. I currently have an Asquith, so that wasn’t in the mix today. I didn’t bother with the Sage Salt R8, I’ve thrown it and do not like it at all. I threw two lines: SA Bone+ & SA Infinity, with the Infinity being the line that I really wanted to match to. I spent a good bit of time with all of them. The NRX was out first, I didn’t really like it at all. The remaining three (Helios/Winston/Z) were all nice with the Infinity, the Winston and Helios were effectively tied, the Z close behind. The Bone+ was very nice on the Winston and Helios but I did not like the Z with it, so that one was out. I went back and forth for a bit between the Winston and Helios, the Helios won. I never thought that I would own an Orvis rod, I’ve never really like their stuff and have been biased against them for no real reason. I think it took so long because I was trying to find a reason to pick the Winston over it but I couldn’t. The Winston is a very nice rod, maybe one of the nicest in terms of fit & finish. It was a touch faster than I was looking for and I suspect it would have been lights out with a SA Grand Slam but I have a rod that throws that well (two really, both the Asquith and Burk throw that line very well). The other thing, and it was minor, was the guide size on the Winston, the first guide was 16, I prefer a 20. Realistically, it probably doesn’t matter but it did influence me a bit too. FWIW, both the NRX and Asquith also start with a 16 (I replaced the strippers on my Asquith and added Cerecoils in 20-12). I am still kind of surprised picking the Orvis over the others but it was the better rod for me. I could probably have flipped a coin on the Winston & Orvis and been happy with either. I think the Winston would have grown on me with more use but the Helios had the better feel with the Inifinity. At this point, I’m set for St Brandon’s - I’ll take the Burk, Asquith and Helios. I also wanted to get this set now so I could practice the remainder of the year, until it gets cold and spend next year with them as well. For that trip, I’ll bring three 9s and two 11s.
  18. Fergal


    Just honest hard working commercial fishermen trying to make a living, lol!
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