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  1. There are two very different aspects to this thread - one has bass being so sensitive to their environment that they can feel a fly line - the other is that we need bigger flies to push water so bass can find them. Which is it?
  2. Shipping is very high right now and for obvious reasons. So if it had to go back, it’s gonna be pricey with insurance. I would reach out to Scott before gluing the ring to the frame. Reach out to them, and let them decide.
  3. Over the years I am tying flies more sparsely. They just look better, at least to me. I think overall, we pay too much attention to our flies. Put a reasonably good fly in front of a fish that's somewhat hungry - they're gonna eat. Now figuring out what that fly is - some times it's easy, some times it's not.
  4. Based solely on the fly - I really doubt that.
  5. That's a spearing, not a bay anchovy. I like the non-epoxy fly.
  6. This, we can only guess what they see (or perceive). Then consider water color, clarity (of lack of), wave action. Then throw in darkness....
  7. Dupe - dammit
  8. I doubt it as well. They could probably change the color of the blank every few years and we wouldn't know. My ~25 year old 8wt SP+ (it was a horrible 8 but a very nice 9...) weighed 4.1875. The new R-Core 8wt weighs 3.6875, a savings of 0.5oz. I really doubt that anyone can notice that. Overall, it is nice to have the selection of rods that we have, there's always something for everyone, it just takes some time and effort to find it. It does seem that the trend is moving away from the ultra fast rods towards rods that are a little more 'relaxed' (for lack of a better word).
  9. Pics are definitely needed. ps- I’m guessing cow like
  10. I would say it should not spin but I’m not surprised given the design of that guide. ps- mine do not spin.
  11. I thought that the RPLXi was accurate. The Xi2 was the beginning of the issues for me. I still remember getting my 10 Xi2, retiring my RPLXi and trying to force myself to like the Xi2. I eventually gave up and went back to the RPLXi.