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  1. Yes, I’ll get there with the flies eventually. I’m starting with the bonefish stuff, then permit since those are the main attractions there. I probably won’t get much tying done over the next month. I’m prepping for FL now so that is consuming most of my spare time.
  2. this was outside my office the other day, cool critter
  3. Smashed to **** is a better way to put it. If the crystal cracked like that it took a good hit, enough a hit to cause problems inside.
  4. $5, i'll even send it to you via pp ff.
  5. I'll disagree there, might as well throw an SP on a spin rod. That being said, one should fish however they want.
  6. Weight balancing - basically using a lure instead of a fly...
  7. Mike - I wish you the best. Hope that you get the best news possible in the coming days.
  8. 12wt - I hope that you’re very young and very strong…. An 11 is more than enough and a lot easier to handle. Plus, todays 11s are more like 12 vs the aftma std. the rods are stiff, the lines are overweighted…. Plus, If you can’t make it work with an 11, practice your casting.
  9. found on road dead **** of a raw deal fix or repair daily
  10. I take the auto train, CT to VA, get on the train and have some wine and I wake up in Orlando the next morning and drive to key west. I have a full size truck so transporting a 1pc rod up to 11’6” is doable. I have my own vehicle, all my own tackle, etc while I’m there.
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