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  1. First world, white guy problems!
  2. It s/b time. I am hoping to head out fri-sun.
  3. I have been seeing this as well.
  4. Seriously? You're kidding, right?
  5. Literally
  6. Amazon sells crappy products - who knew
  7. They do have stock colors that are available but some colors need to be painted. Cement gray is one of them. That was additional $$$
  8. It's painted, they would have to repaint an entire new one which I guess is expensive and takes a few weeks. In theory, this s/b quicker. I am under the impression that changing the insert alone is a little tricky. Hopefully, this doesn't end up in a mess. I almost missed the damage. I looked at it when I unwrapped it and didn't see the crack. I had taken everything off and was putting it on and I noticed it.
  9. I lived in NJ until I was 40. NJ is bad, real bad. But... CT is far worse. In my business clients come and go. But this year, I know of 5 in the last two months that are leaving the state. A mix of young and old. Every single one of them is leaving for financial reasons. In the 5 years that I’ve owned business I haven’t seen that many go at one time and certainly not the younger ones that I’m seeing now.
  10. Heard back from the supplier, they're sending a shipping label, I need to send it back and they will swap out the grille insert. That will probably take 2 weeks I'm guessing.
  11. It's amazing how rare that is. Ya'd think people would care a little more about the resource that provides for their living.
  12. I'm not having the best of luck with this vehicle. First, the cap screw up. Not a huge deal but still a pain in the ass. Cost me a few extra weeks. Today, the painted grille and bulge arrived. The grille is damaged and more annoyingly it appears to have been sent that way. The shipping box was fine. I have several emails and calls in with the supplier. A pic with the bulge. The truck looks kind of stoopid with just the bulge but I'm not taking it back off at this point.
  13. Pretty much the same thing as tilapia - pure crap.
  14. Back to the original post - yes, John is a good guy. We need more people like him.