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  1. Does anyone actually buy their seafood in a supermarket?
  2. Pair it with some sushi - good to go.
  3. COW catchers fo' sure!
  4. Those plugs are extremely underrated. They are solid producers.
  5. A legend in his own mind
  6. The NJ party boats sailed morning and night for blues. Now they target mackerel in the summer with the occasional to rare blue being caught. While i generally never specifically target blues I usually caught my share each year. I had 2 or 3 last year, I’ve yet to see one this year. Two years ago I had a few on block at one spot and that was it for the year. Every year the quality of our shore based fishing gets worse and worse.
  7. Caught a blue? Hell, I haven’t even seen one yet this year. I haven’t even been chopped when fishing eels. It sucks. Everything is in the ****.
  8. yup. it's cold this am - global warning simply isn't true!
  9. Maybe try google? The river site?...
  10. The original vs reels were out just before braid (or before braid use was widespread). So, with mono the 300 made some sense and there was definitely a use for that. Now, no reason to have an almost 30oz reel that holds an ungodly amount of braid.
  11. Patagonia light weight boots. They are a bit more than your price tho but not too much.
  12. P.F.B. Pretty friggin bad...
  13. no he doesn't
  14. just a wee bit of a stretch there..