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  1. Because they’re using a gillnet!
  2. This one was big. Again, everyone trying to get their share.
  3. Too many people have zero respect. Whether it’s commercial guys skirting the rules, looking for loopholes, etc or the ‘recremercial’ guys (i think that’s what CW said) doing the same. It seems like there’s a gold rush mentality and everyone wants theirs before the gravy train ends. CT is a no sale state. Last summer there was an article in the local paper for a bass recipe and how to go to the docks to get fresh day boat bass. It also shows up on the menus at restaurants from time to time, usually advertised as fresh local/day boat bass.
  4. Yes, obviously.... You’re actually an awesome representative for your cause. Keep up the solid work !
  5. And if there’s no DEC officer sell thru the back door and keep the tags for another time?
  6. Legal as in truly legal or legal as in anything goes as long as you don’t get caught?
  7. That’s what happens when there’s a few bucks to be made.
  8. That's why I want the damaged parts returned to me.
  9. well, at least you're smarter than a piece of ****
  10. I've seen a few things where people complained about them. My experiences with their service and products have been very good. My waders are well worn and used, I fully expected to pay for the service that I received. Damn nice of them to do what they did.
  11. I will take for your asking, I'm in madison, that should make it relatively easy to meet up.
  12. I got them back today - new booties, a few pin holes repaired (Most of them, I wasn't even aware of). I expected to get more than a few more years out of them.
  13. This one I mentioned is the current model. I do have an older one, Daiwa told me they should have the parts for it (o doubt it needs anything significant).
  14. I can do that. Like I said, I used it beyond what was reasonable. I was expecting certain types of problems, they didn’t seem to happen. I have an older 4500 that has similar use. That reel has always performed well. That one and the other 5000 will go back as soon as i get the first one back.