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  1. Direction aside, no wind is too much. I've caught more than a few fish with NW wind 30+, chocolate milk for water.
  2. you must be choosing to not listen then... IF you want I can dig them up but they're not really very positive and I think you know that already. AH's opinion when it comes to surf stuff isn't worth all that much. The vr is a decent reel for it's price range but it's not the vs/vsx. I am fortunate, I can fish with just about any tackle that I want. The vr is not something that I would choose to fish with for the fishing that I do.
  3. I have 4 vs/vsx. i wouldn't take a vr for free.
  4. Little known fact - St Croix named their legend series after marty
  5. Yup. I do carry a pair of heavy duty cutters in the truck. Not sure what type but there’s more than a few that will do the job. On my belt, I carry vs pliers. I don’t expect them to cut hooks and wouldn’t try. They are pliers, not hook cutters. If I have a problem while I’m out it will end my night. Ps - sometimes barbless hooks don’t come out of a hand without a trip to the er...
  6. you mean marty never caught all of those 60lbers?
  7. **** of a raw deal
  8. amazing what one can find on google!
  9. Ok, man damns the rivers, destroys spawning habit with logging, over fishes the resource and then blames the seals? makes perfect sense...
  10. Any 70lbers yet? Gotta be a few of them there.
  11. nice pics
  12. Look at nitecore. They have several models. I have a hc90 and hc50. It looks like the 50 is no longer made though. HC 65 might work too. ps - river site usually has combo packages - battery(s), charger, etc
  13. fyi, your joke is the second ****tiest
  14. if you were going for the ****tiest joke ever - you nailed it
  15. It happens from time to time