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  1. Some good mags are gone but that rag called the fisherman still manages to survive.
  2. Not really sure where to start about what I need to know. On the fishing side, I've come across enough info to have an idea regarding patterns, tackle. I have little info about lodging, the general area, etc. I could realistically sleep in my truck for a few days though. Maybe since you already fished it - what would you do differently, if anything. It's really unlikely(more likely to not happen this year) to happen due to covid. Maine still seems to have a 14 day quarantine for out of staters for the time being. But maybe next year will be an option. The more realistic option for me this year is a staycation on the Farmington. I'm ok with that.
  3. I was looking for trip for my June vacation and this popped up. Those ideas were quickly table due to Covid. Anyone fish it? I’m starting to look again but I don’t think it’s going to be possible (due to Covid and short notice).
  4. Popfleyes would be a good resource. Plenty of vids online too. some saddle, bucktails and flash and you can do deceivers, clousers, etc. my first vise was a clothespin nailed to a dowel nailed to a board. I think I was 10 or so when I made it. It worked. My first real vise was a sunrise (I think). That was a huge upgrade and I used that for a long time before upgrading again.
  5. There’s no need for a locking wrap.
  6. I’ll choose two - deceiver and jiggy. I could fish anywhere for anything here and be fine with those.
  7. No more than 10kg
  8. What do you mean by ‘large’? to me that’s at least 5lbs. To target them on the fly you’d need current and structure. Otherwise they’d be a pure accident. Flies - large and white with flash is all you’d need.
  9. Spline! Yup, it was improperly splined.
  10. A bit of an update - I've learned quite a bit over the last few weeks. First, this is a damn fun way to fish. To me, it's like a combo of toggin and bucktailing. Both of those have been favorites of mine for a long time. Bucktailing - you need to work the jig, pick the place you want it to go, get a feeling for the bottom, currents or structure and work it. Small changes may give big results. Toggin - it requires constant attention, pay close attention to the subtle things. Some of my biggest tog gave me the most subtle hits, barely perceptible. I started with my 10'x4wt cts. I really like that rod but it's a little fast for this type of fishing. I built a Sage ESN 10'6" 3wt. It's a very nice rod but I had some issues with it. I didn't know it at the time though. I also got a T&T Contact 11'3" 3wt after some research. The 'weight' ratings on these rods are pretty meaningless. Over the course of a few weeks I dropped more than a few larger fish on the Sage. I blamed the rod to some extent (even though it was really on me - the equipment is only as good as the operator...). After fishing the T&T I'd say it's a bit more powerful. I didn't drop any of the larger fish that I came in contact with while using it. The Sage though, is a much finer rod - I can fish lighter and smaller flies much better with it. When I started, it took a 4.0mm tungsten bead and some lead wire on the fly in order for me to have good feel.Now I can do the same thing with smaller and lighter flies and my success has seemingly increased. Comparatively, if the T&T is a 3wt the Sage is a 2wt. More delicate, greater feel, but less power. The T&T, not quite as sensitive but easier to handle larger fish. Some of my issues with the Sage were likely situational - aggressive wading, rod held high and a crappy hook set on the take. A softer rod doesn't help but in the end it was still my bad. I hooked those larger fish but couldn't keep them stuck. I dropped a few fish that I still agonize over weeks later. But at least I came in contact with them and got them to eat. It's almost June and I haven't even seen the salt yet, and haven't missed it one bit. I've been fortunate enough to have access to a fishery like the Farmington and to be able to fish it 2 days per week (on a weekend day and Tuesday). The virus also helped too, my business slowed done for a bit and i had more time available to fish.
  11. Perhaps. I know jack **** about manufacturing blanks and I only know slightly more about building. but.... there's always drama about RH. Looking at the OP's posts - he got taken. He made some mistakes but at the same time thought he was dealing with someone on the up&up. There are plenty of threads here regarding RH and most ain't all that positive....
  12. Learning to cast with non dominant hand is great in theory but the reality is quite different. I’ve toyed with the idea multiple times. I’m pretty sure I tried it years ago. It’s really not easy to do, and definitely not easy to do well. while I don’t have shoulder issues I did have a problem with my hand that kept me from fly fishing for many years. I also developed some significant (likely needing surgery in the future) neck issues. I got the hand fixed and was doing well with the neck until the virus shut my gym down. I thought I would’ve been ready to throw a 10wt all day for albies. Now, I’m not sure. first, see a good doc and figure out what is wrong. Then, if you can build strength in you forearms and arms. That will take stress off of other things. Most people lack adequate hand strength to fling a 9wt and up fly rod all day. Also, strengthen otherwise areas as well. No more hero mid 20s type weights. Higher reps, lower weights. Last, try to improve your form. Good form, especially when combined with strength will help.
  13. He made the VT on ‘his’ tooling? thats pretty funny.
  14. Well, your 'more experienced guy' is very suspect, as in doesn't know what he's talking about. The guide is perfectly fine at that spot. That is provided you don't use it for leverage to separate the rod... It's not a warranty issue at all, that's the reality here. Making matters worse, you're dealing with RH. Good luck with that....
  15. Perhaps the most incoherent post ever on sol and that's not an easy thing to do!