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  1. Size 20 soft hackle, pics kind of suck.
  2. That’s been my thoughts as well. There’s obvious and there’s subtle. in the end, the results are the same.
  3. Absolutely. No group can be this bad based purely ineptitude. And yes, yesterday was good to hear but nothing has changed currently and there’s absolutely no guarantee that the asmfc will stick to their ‘new’ plan as well.
  4. While that would be nice it is only good if they hold themselves to their own management plan.
  5. That's really quite sad, but unfortunately true.
  6. Wow, they’re going to come up with a plan that has 50% chance of success?!! ps - sarcasm intended. yesterday was good news but until things actually change it’s quite meaningless. The 2015s will get hit this year and given the glacial pace of the asmfc I don’t know what 2022 will bring.
  7. Is this a serious question? The fishery is in the crapper. I would say it's safe to say that one should expect a continued decline in the quality of the fishery over the next few years. In recent years there's one decent year class, the 2015, not much else before or after that.
  8. Yes they are. They need to know it too. ps - if the asmfc is serious about rebuilding the stock in 10 years that means significant changes to the regs for 2022. Expect lots of whining and crying from NJ and expect them to hit the resource hard this year while they still can. Every charter and party boat will make an effort to get ‘theirs’. That’s the attitude there.
  9. I've done very well on these lately. I'll call them a weighted flymph, size 10 hook, 2.0-3.0 beads (you could certainly call them plain old nymphs I guess). I've been pretty much only swinging wets on the trout spey lately and the river has been up a bit. Also, due to crowds I'm sometimes in faster water than I would like.The weight helps them get down (I don't like using shot).
  10. Include certain state reps in that as well. Some don't even know how to look at a chart/graph.
  11. The cancel culture is running rampart, why not here? NJ guys should make a huge rush to get rid of Fote. That alone would help. I know if I still lived there I would.
  12. Take away their voting rights. again, take away their bonus plan too.