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  1. It’s not a new drug. It’s a combo of two drugs that have been out for quite so time. I don’t think that I needed it but I have some risk factors for serious issues with Covid. Plus my wife had it before me and she was absolutely miserable for a solid 7 days and still has problems. I saw zero reason for me to take any chances with Covid. Taking it was a no brainer.
  2. 200 people in Mass. had contact with a monkey pox patient. so it begins. monkey pox lock downs lol.
  3. That’s certainly not ‘good’ from a historical perspective. sadly, shifting baselines.
  4. ruff day for Pip, JoJo, and Fergal.
  5. I took it. A not so nice metallic taste that doesn't go away. I had some GI issues (the craps) but can't blame it on the rice rabies treatment with certainty. My wife did not get the drug and was miserable for 10 days. I got it, it took a while to actually get the script (day 3), I think I was already getting better but ultimately the rice rabies was no worse than a mild to maybe moderate cold and hit me for 2 days. If the paxlovid helped, great, if not then whatever. Take it, you'll be fine. Or maybe you'll die. But take it.
  6. 53 Motto: You're only young once but you can be immature forever.
  7. I'm closing this at this point. I'm away starting Friday and the rest of my work week went to crap so I can't get out and ship before I go. Surfrat - your stuff will go tomorrow.
  8. Awesome, glad that you're out
  9. Yup. The only reason that it could happen is the pootin showed the world how inept and incompetent his military is. Even France could kick the crap out of pootins misfit army. at this point all that he has is a button and at this point I don’t even think that will work as they expect.
  10. I think it might be the other way around….
  11. The MPX is yours. My scale is MIA, I can check work but if it's not there I would be able to weigh it. PM on the way for the MPX, maybe wait un til this evening. I sb home around 8 or so.
  12. Couple more
  13. That’s a good one
  14. Because it will make you cool. You'll be the envy of surfcasters everywhere!
  15. Add these as well