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  1. Sorry, I can't find it, probably no longer have it
  2. Rob, I might have one. I will check in a bit.
  3. I’m building another 3-6 VT and I already have one with RV’s. If it’s not too crappy out I will try and test cast the built rod next to the new one and will have Rv25 straight the the kw10m. I dont rhink it will work but what the eff. It’s February and I’m not doing anything else.
  4. Have you thrown it yet? I'm curious to get your thoughts. It looks horrible, it looks completely dumb. But.... if you showed someone a kr layout 15 years ago they would probably say the same thing about that. I'm building another rod soon. Maybe I will mess around with something that drastic.
  5. even that's debatable at this point. Best use is probably for firewood.
  6. Yup, it's all over for plugs
  7. there's a knife for that... ps - I have seriously considered that. i carry 2 knives, in case i'm tarded and drop one... If I drop the second one - I deserve what I get.
  8. What year? I had Powell at one point. Very nice rod but not the nicest that I had so I sold it. THe one that I had I would say fairly fast action.
  9. you guys don't know what you're talking about white perch, all day
  10. That's a whackshlagg layout... Seriously, It's missing 2 guides for a KR type build. imho - no way in hell is that going to work. Test cast it and see but I can't see it being even remotely ok. Hopefully Mike will chime in.
  11. I had a molar (2nd to last, bottom) pulled ~5 years ago. At first it was a crown and try to save the tooth, then it had to go. They wanted ~$5k for the implant, 8-12 months for it to be done. I said screw that and let it be. The dentist warned me about all sorts of complications - teeth would shift, my face would fall off, things like that. So far that hasn't happened.
  12. The eely is what caught my eye. That's what I wanted, the other two were 'throw ins'. The wire looked off but the pollock color says BM to me but others know far more about this stuff than I do.
  13. Having any fishery on a fish likes this is lunacy.