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  1. One question.What was described as the "limited lifetime" warranty? When you had it built. Meaning the blank,guides,cracked finish,etc.I don't build rods anywhere as much as I used to do.Now it';s more a few a year.Anyway,I had to keep all records of the blank receipt when purchased by me and passed to the customer.When a blank failed I took it back and the rod was sent to the manufacturer with the original receipt.When braid came on to the market it spelled disaster to a degree.People were overloading the rod with braid and busting rods like crazy.It was a nightmare.Since your builder is not responding to you that's wrong.It's become a no win situation as it seems.Sorry for your frustration.
  2. Local Trout Unlimited chapter.Casting for Recovery.Wounded Warriors.Just added thoughts.I donated a lot of rod wrapping thread to Casting For Recovery back a few years ago.They were very appreciative.A local flyshop may help with suggestions[that's how I found out when I lived in Maine.Rangeley Region Sport Shop.]
  3. Been tying pink /whites and tutti fruittis for a shop and can't keep them in the bin.Hang in there Steve.
  4. Have you used the backpack you made?
  5. You most likely will not get on an ORV beach until the end of July.The closures are ramping up now especially in June.This will depend on where the birds nest and then toss in weather,high[storm] tides,re nesting after a storm,preditors,beach management zealots.Not counting the health issues now.
  6. YUUUUUUUP! In both fresh and salt.
  7. The shri-lankan,viet,etc. crap.
  8. The polt parade!
  9. Wulff Triangle taper is my favorite for the most part.The 1st line I used back over 30 years ago.I still have it on my Pflueger 1498 reel and they both work like new.Keep'm clean.
  10. Great rakes,service, and great people.
  11. Bear in mind that the back trails flood with raw saltwater.Especially down around the "cupola house[Chesters]" and in other spots too.
  12. You're showing your age!!!!!!!!!! But true.
  13. Yep! The tab eyes have taken over it seems.I like them too but the raindrops hold their place better without more adhesives added. Just my observations.I even searched Alibaba in China[which I hate to do] and na-da.Like the miltary saying"adapt and overcome".
  14. To a degree,yes.Just shorter in length.Nice idea you came up with for your use of them.Those would work.