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  1. Don't want Bernie Sanders anywhere.
  2. Shorts and over the knee wader socks[Bass Pro,redhead] 90% of the year.
  3. They are finishing up the new lot and the new road is open.The south lot is usable as before.
  4. Thanks.I found a UV light torch at Wal-mart for less than $10.It works better than the $40 solarz torch.
  5. What beach were the shots taken? Haven't run into you guys yet.When is the funeral?
  6. The maker of your flyline will recommend what to clean it with.Older PVC lines are easier to clean then recondition with armour all.The newer lines have impregnated silicone type lubricants in them.Using dishsoap like Dawn etc. are degreasers which can/will harm the line over time by removing the "slickness" so to speak.Now with the price of lines at $100 range[friggin nuts] use what the manufacturer recommends.
  7. Who makes these pens? Thanks....................any pictures would help too.
  8. So,if it was a Corona or Singteo case it would be Latino and Asians? The "photograph"? well...................Slobs are slobs.
  9. At $15 remember to remove the spool and wash out the reel and spool gently.Put a "drop" of reel oil into the release on the spool and on the shaft.It will last quite awhile.OR it will freeze up very quickly.I have old pflueger reels over 30 yrs old used in the salt and still work well.Just more maint.
  10. What about.............Oh! never mind................
  11. If you like them and having fun with them that's what really counts.Just fishing with the Wonder rod is a blast in itself.Had wonder rod for years and it was lots of fun.Keep the automatics away from the salt.
  12. HL will be happy to see this.He's down the Cape now.Send him a pm he'd love to know this.
  13. You'll need a football field.
  14. Stop in North Chatham Outfitters[rte 28] if you're down that way.They can help.