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  1. It would be great to find out how many are on the dole.Then return the favor.You're cut off! FU...................
  2. Take the backroads to Wellfleet Harbor and sit on the benches at the boat ramp.Priceless!
  3. BZ [well done]
  4. Poppers are a blast to fish.A floating line is not a must but it will be much better to "fish" a popper.Also,use mono and a non-slip loop knot.The mono floats and the loop knot will make the popper "act" much better.HL got the bug a few years ago when I gave him one to try.To help turning over a popper for distance try a tarpon taper line[if you're in the market for a specific line] and a shorter leader.
  5. Been using a floating line on the beaches for years.I found it MAKES me concentrate and "fish" alot more.
  6. He was a low key guy and didn't try to sell you anything.I still have that Jumpin Minnow and caught alot of fish on it.RIP Mark.
  7. OOPS! I had it reversed.
  8. What size are those "hoofs"? and mitts?
  9. Minor correction.....the Vin.....yarrrrrd.
  10. I'll bet Ayanna Pressley is really jealous.Red peddlepusher jumpsuit and love those shoes!!!!
  11. I've started to call these people "leftists" and not "liberals" because they aren't liberal at all.Just a thought.
  12. I wonder if shim got the monkeypox vax.yet?
  13. It's measured in mm's on the blank.That's the tube size.Oh! forgot measure in about an inch or so.
  14. Wellfleet'Truro'Ptwn. Just be ready for the crowds to get there.This is now "Cape Crowd" for the next 6-8 weeks.