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  1. I'm a bit east of you on "the sandbar" and finding water temps btwn 54-58 up inside some locations.Getting calls and texts for worm flies.
  2. Is it signed by Tony or John?
  3. You splashed the boat....OK......did you use a fishing rod?
  4. The "sweetwater" is very under fished.No seals either................
  5. Question: Is the distance[PD] from the center of your nose to the pupil?
  6. Where on Cape??? BLM! We need to march peacefully.
  7. He's in Mass.
  8. You know better than that.
  9. Fool!
  10. Take a look at Charlies video on retrieving the pole dancer. This was posted back during the winter.
  11. I was dropping off a rod rebuild for his pal Johnny M. and hung out at the pool for a couple of hrs.
  12. Was that you passing Mikes house yesterday afternoon when I was pulling out of his "compound"?
  13. Did you look on the pond side? It's a great spot to watch the pickeral and bigger bass slide down from the pond and slip into the growth on either side and wait for a fish to pass towards the pond.BOOM! Forgot,this is the run to Wiley Pk.
  14. I saw that the other day and knew the coming reaction.Have you taken a walk to see the truth? Nothing surprises me anymore.