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  1. Culling the seals on Cape Cod,Nantucket,etc,etc, is not going to happen in any of all the folks posting here's lifetime.Count on it Example:It took almost 15 years just to get a crossing of the Appalachian Trail for snowmobiles in the Saddleback Mtn. area. near Rangeley Me. and that's seasonal.
  2. Yep it was almost a clubhouse.So to speak.Another person who was a big part of the shop environment passed away recently.Bill Strakele,guide,x-NY police officer,inventor of the I-Fly rod holders,and fly tyer.He was the brainchild of the beer keg tap drilled into the side of the refridgerator where the bait was stored.Never a dull moment in there.
  3. It was a nice but chilly afternoon on the pond.Conditions were about the same except for the snow falling.Got smacked only 150' from the ramp.Medium sized rainbow along the surface.That was the only landed fish[released boat side].Rest of the afternoon cruised around and changed flies till dark on surface and dredged with leadcore.Marked a lot of singles at various depths but it really didn't matter.Snow squalls were high up coming out of the clouds as the sun set but never reaching the ground off to the east.Spoke with a few folks fishing from the beach who knew Harry and they commented on the "flying tiger" face he had painted on the bow.There were a few hugs and handshakes from the old guys when I told them why I was out there.
  4. Eleven years ago today.Harry passed away.Heading out in a little while to fish out of a johnboat which was purchased from him.I was actually out in it the morning of his passing on Big Cliff pond in Brewster.It was flat calm and started to snow.You could hear the flakes hitting the water.Had a weird feeling as I slid across the pond.Got "the" phone call a few minutes after getting home.Conditions are about the same today with the possibility of some flurries.Time flies.....RIP Harry.
  5. PM sent.
  6. Try contacting Mass Bass in Braintree.They have flyfishers mixed in with the members.The club has been around a long time and could help with pointers to establish yourselves.Also,don't overlook local B&T shops up there.It's a good idea and could go fast.Keep it fun 1st.
  7. Yep,saw that last night.The cops finally used the vehicle spot.Beautiful animal.
  8. Different results from the same method.Personnally haven't fished bait in over 20yrs.
  9. Damn...........Never stop learning something new.Great idea! thanks.
  10. Sorry to disagree they do make a difference.A couple of guys I know do use circle hooks and their catches are almost always in the corner of the mouth.I do agree with you about the handling.I just wish the fish was harvested instead of wasted.
  11. Bait folks,please use circle hooks.I'm out pretty much daily and finding dead fish more and more.After opening them up for a possible cause most have rips deep in the throat.
  12. The "mob"? Really.....................One of the most ridiculous statements said so far.
  13. It's not going to matter.If the plovers are gone it will be something else.This has already happened right here on the Cape.Though quite quietly.Notice the back beach is never opened at all.Even in the fall.That's for migration of birds for a "stop over" as they head south.Toss in the sand tiger beetle as another in the "lineup" of threatened species to surface as need be.These people are very smart and waaaay ahead of "Joe Q Public" who use the beach.Most people don't follow any of the processes to these closures and why until they want to access the beach.Remember the saying; Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.
  14. Once the enviornmentalists found out about the lack of "the plan".A variation of the model at the Cape Cod National Seashore was used to shut down the beach in North Carolina.I remember attending one of the 1st "meetings" in Fanuel Hall Boston in appx 1982.That was the beginning of the end of ORV access.The lies and bs have continued to this day and will continue until it's a total closure no matter how long it takes.FACT!
  15. I was speaking with him last night.He mentioned meeting you and enjoyed that time with you.We took a couple of days away from the waters due to the temps. below freezing and dealing with frozen guides,line and the big winds.We'll be out and about today seeing what's changed over the last few days in both the sweet&salt waters.You've made a good impression upon him.Stay humble my friend.