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  1. Are this years ACOE charts off too? Just printed from the site from 4-11.
  2. Played little league baseball at Watson park for Helens Rest. and Hamilton shoe co. which was at the dam of factory pond.Ice fished for smelt next to the bridge on Quincy ave.Eeled up tide of the bridge by the Braintree Electric light plant with spears through the ice.I still have a Gracia rod and Mitchell 308 reel from Bra-Way B&T.Also bought my 1st rod blank from Howie and built a cod jigging rod with it.I remember Howie saying " What are going to do with that! Catch a tuna"? as he laughed. I still have that rod too.Drifted big seaworms on the outgoing tide just east of Town river where this huge boulder was located and the bass would hang behind it and smash those worms as they went by.Learned that from an old timer at Town River yacht club@TOO.Small world......................Yep!
  3. Used to catch bass and tommy cod at the outfall of the Edison power plant [Edgar Station] in the Fore River on the Weymouth side in early March.
  4. Plenty of holdovers moving around.Brackish waters! Largest so far was about 24-26".White bunny/marabou clouser with extra large black beadchain eyes.The beadchain is from commercial office blinds.Normally the hunt starts on tax day but with the warm winter and not much snow runoff the water is warmer.So I started almost 2 weeks ago.
  5. We're researching trips to the sacred piece of sand this year.Change of Command last year.
  6. I advise keeping your "dirty work" away form "clean work".Tools used for cleaning/lubing reels/chainsaws,etc etc and your hands will find their way to your "clean work".A seperate work bench for oil products.I have 3 benches.1. for tying flies 2. for rod building& repair 3.workbench for everything else.Tying flies deals with other type nasties[animal skins,borax,dyes,salt,etc.] from rod building work.X contamination from your hands and tools create havoc with finishes.Oils are the enemy of all finishes.Just a thought............
  7. Ptwn stickers are on Wednesday I believe and the beach opens to regular access on the 15th.
  8. The perfume.Dryer sheets seem to loose their scent fairly soon.We had a mouse issue under the hood of the ladys car and they would be back within a week.Put the Irish Spring soap in the engine compartment and it kept them out for weeks.Just remember to pop the hood and pull the soap out before you drive away.Also,put it in a sealed container or it will drive you out of the car when you're on the road.
  9. This was an older house with new owners.The previous owner was a really nice couple.They wanted us to be around to watch out for the place.We always made a special effort to remove any form of debris when we were there.I still do the same thing even with these new owners.But,I don't go over the weedline but just to it and in it!
  10. plenty of that.Thanks!!!!!! Bought it when I lived in Maine and used up the other bottle quickly.Never had to thin it.It's still tough find in any shops.The shop I did get it from closed prior to moving.
  11. No I haven't.I posted this in hopes of someone who has thinned it before.It's tough to find and with only 1/2 bottle[small] I didn't want to "experiment" yet.It is a solvent based but not sure which.
  12. Had a similar issue in Pleasant Bay Chatham.Accessed the water by town landing.Waded below the mean high tide to a point behind this "new" guys house.Flycasting for about 30 mins.Then the screaming started behind me.I explained the correct rights but he wouldn't listen.About 15 mins. later the Chatham police showed up.Both come out to the beach.The officer wanted me to leave so I explained the law to him from the water where I stood.This still didn't go well.He didn't know the law.After his threat to arrest me I said calmly "I'm leaving and will be at the police station to discuss this".At the station,I explained to the desk officer what had happened and was asked if I'd wait in the lobby.No problem......10 mins. later both officers came out and tried to tell me I was wrong and I'd be arrested if I trespassed again.I produced a paper copy of the law.The desk officer had no interest in the paper copy.I said I'm going right back and fish again."Oh you're going to make a big deal about this? No officer,I have a right to be there and I'm going back.Went back and the homeowner was in the window[big picture window] waving his arms and pacing back and forth.It's dark now and lights show from a vehicle on the house.Next is the images of the police and the homeowner waving arms and pointing fingers at each other.The officer never came out and the homeowner has never come out again.Oh! I didn't catch a damn thing after the 1st encounter but stayed till all the lights went out.That guy still stands in the window with his hands on his hips but has never come out again.He tried to put sensor floodlights out there but the neighbors got that stopped too.
  13. I'm looking to thin my Veniard's "Cellire" Varnish No.1 clear head cement.This stuff is head to find and I need to thin out what I have.1/2 bottle left and leaving the cap off while tying has thickened it up.PIA ....cup on cap off!
  14. Thanks all.The motor is in original packing and on it's correct side.It will come out this weekend.
  15. Geee..............Nobody is dying their materials???