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  1. 1st Turkey vulture seen on Saturday traveling to The Bears Den flyshow in Taunton along rte25.
  2. The operative word in that is "assume".
  3. Done lookin...................................Post closed.
  4. The trail that wound through the backsides of the dunes.Along the marsh and lowlands.Then,access trails through the dunes in multiple[5 I believe] locations to access the beach.Also,we could drive and camp[self-contained] right at the point& drop your trailered boat in on the inside.Another area was what was called LittleNeck.That was a spit that stuck out to the east prior to hugging the shore and around the clam flat to the Point.It was awesome being able to dig steamers & razors and walk back to the camper to steam them up.We used the broken clams and razors as bait for bass and big fluke right there where we dropped the boat to the lighthouse.We always respected the "village" properties and would drop off steamers to a couple of the older folks camps that didn't rake.
  5. Not a name I recognize.
  6. My uncle back in the 50s,60s,&70s worked for and lived on the State game farm raising the pheasants in Ayer.As a kid going there at Thanksgiving was the coolest place in the world for me.It was a yearly tradition until my grandmother passed away in the late 60s.The other place was my aunts on Great Herring pond next to the boys camp on the west side.
  7. Another adventure ruined.When they built that "road" it brought tears to my eyes.
  8. Freezing oysters?????????????? AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!
  9. But,but,but.You can NEVER have enough!!!! I missed not having him show this year at the Marlboro show.Nice deal..................I'll bow to the previous posters.
  10. Thanks for the reply.I'm looking for the rod only.I have waaaaaaaay to many reels now sitting in pouches,boxes,etc.Mostly to be used off the beaches,canal, and kayaking the flats of Cape Cod.
  11. What do you want to tie flies for? Salt,fresh,species,etc? You need to help us help you................
  12. Don't wait put the paperwork in now.It will come right around your birthday.
  13. Put your renewal in now.The new one will expire on your birthday.It will take about 4 months depending on your town/city when they are sent to the state.Some wait and bulk submit some don't.