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  1. Well,there was no braid in those days.The 3 Fuji guides and tip top[same material] will handle braid. The next wire guide down could possibly groove over time. Staying with mono on the reels and rod will keep the setup "classic".Older reels seem to be not friendly with braid.I had issues with old penn reels and braid. The blanks could be Lamiglas painted then finished[factory] too. The rods were "slow" mostly. Tossing pencil poppers and Roberts rangers on the Eastside to Great Point and southside behind the sewerbeds down to Madaket for big blues was a blast in the 80s.Those rods loaded half way down the blank.Some joked that "You could smoke a cigarette in the time it took the rod loaded and cast the lure". I would not do anything to the finishes.Just keep them clean and wipe the rod down when home. The finish seems to be Flex-Coat but not sure.There were others on the market then.Both 2 part and single coat finish.Clemens had Crystal Coat and Guedbrod had a single coat and a varnish.Plus a couple of others that slip my mind.Possibly some others here would remember. You could post these pictures in the rod building thread and get more input Personnally I love the old Lamiglas rods.Still have blanks from the early 80s in the rack that "I'll build some day!".
  2. OK. I tied a bunch of flies for a friends trip to the Seychelles last month. He did really well on big poppers as others did too in the group. The darker streamer patterns imitating the reef fish out fished bunker,herring type flies.8" seemed best from prior ties. Sharpie markers brought helped too. A dream trip I'll never get to do.
  3. Are you going to target the GTs too?
  4. Those are "classic" Thurston rods.The wire guides are Varmac guides.Needing a closer look at the others.But I believe they are Fuji BSHG guides [the inner ring next to the frame has a light green tint?]. The guide wrap is most likely Gudebrod thread.Possibly Holland Belding Co.thread. The blank "could" be Harnell [heavy] or Lamiglas[closer look at the grain of the blank].White crutch tip butts is a trade mark of his rods.They were hardly ever used too. That's a great friend.............
  5. The RIT dye chart will tell you the recipe for colors close to what you want. Keeping a record of the amount of dye shades you add.The next batch can be modified to your shade of chartreuse.Time in the bath and temp make a difference.Keep a thermometer in the bath while timing.The temp will drop a bit depending on how many tails you do at once. I use a variable temp hot plate so I can regulate the temp. Trial and error is the name of the game.Oh! wear old clothes!
  6. Some flies are tied down to #6 hooks.Personnally I will go down to #4 depending on the hook style[gap& make].
  7. Here's a couple more: All Points Fly Shop,Scarbourough Me.: Eldridge Bros. Fly Shop Cape Neddick Me.: The Saltwater Edge in R.I.
  8. The goalies have kept them in the game for quite awhile. "Power play"? Ya right! They're going to get rolled if they don't wake up.
  9. If you can listen that long.The monotone dribble puts people in a trance.
  10. You can get a RIT dye chart on-line.Using AKBests book I've dyed different shades of olive with great results.Keep a detailed record of dye measurements,soak time,temp.,etc. It may take a couple of attempts to get your shade.Prep. of the tails is important too. Oh! I did mine in the garage on a plastic sheet covered bench. NOT the kitchen!
  11. I agree with John De.I've gone over to the Gorilla glue on foam[bouy] poppers.I have "issues" with chemical based glues in my eyes tearing and stinging. It works great with no odor. It does sag when putting on a thicker coat.Turning for a couple of hours stops that.A couple of thin coats works well. It may take a little learning curve to manage the thin coat process.Also,I sank a bouy popper in water for a couple of days and no peeling or breakdown of the sealing. Good stuff
  12. Done the same.But in brass and 100' spools. 3 different sizes. Folks come over to the shop and get some and just cover the original cost. Just couldn't pass on a "bargain".
  13. Valid point.I do remember "back in the day". But, you know what I was referring to.
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