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  1. Many thanks to all of you guys... all the information and thoughts are appreciated. As Al points out, five years is a bit of time. We're starting to take care of various things on the house out here so it'll be in relatively good "sale" shape. One thought is to but a piece of land on a creek/river and build. Relatives in GA are pushing the wife towards that, but we'll see. Out travels out there have picked up in the last few years and we're continually scoping areas out. Thanks! Jeff B.
  2. Thanks... I’ll look there as well. Having family in the area is one draw, the other is the number of military installations around, I’m retired Army, so the facilities are useful if nearby. Jeff B.
  3. Looking for some commentary from the board. Currently the wife and I are in the DFW area. We're about 4 - 5 years from hanging it up and probably heading back to the SE where she's from. So far, we've focused on the Fern Beach/Amelia Island/Yulee area up through St. Mary's, GA, Brunswick, GA (BIL is County Sheriff), Darien, GA and as far up as Townsend, GA. Are any of you guys familiar with those areas, I have heard and read about the Redfishing on the St. John's... had a charter guys I used quite a few times tell me he loved the Georgia Coast, much better than the Ocean Isle, NC area he was in... Reading the thread about fishing prohibitions in Florida got me thinking about it and I figured I'd ask here. We moved into a neighborhood here specifically because it did NOT have an HOA and the more I think of it, the more I don't want to be in a development or neighborhood with an HOA. If I could find a place on a tidal creek with a dock, I'd be in Schaefer city... Jeff B.
  4. Both really nice. Thank you for sharing. I've got a decent collection of mid century (20th) battle rifles and don't have a Krag either. I've been watching a Hunting/Gun forum down here in hopes of finding one, I figure if I find one, it'll need restoration. Jeff B.
  5. On target! Seriously, that's a good post. I do the same and make sure to make the experience as enjoyable adn hopefully memorable as possible. Start with the .22's and work your way up. Don't push someone to shoot something they're not comfortable with or have a fear of. I don't see any humor (OK, a little) in seeing someone shocked by recoil. We want them to enjoy shooting, come back and become regulars or at least casual participants... If you give somebody the bug, so much the better. I suspect one former co-workers wife would shoot me if she got a clean shot as he really got into shooting after a couple of range trips and would usually start our range sessions with . "let me show you this..." whatever his new purchase was. Jeff B.
  6. No fan of Soetero here... But, I think that he's more a symptom than the disease. There's been a very active bunch of Progressives working away for quite a while that've finally gotten the attention of a lot of the "traditional" citizens. Obama, IMO, was in the right spot at the right time and really, really lucked out by having Felonia Von Pantsuit as his fall guy. None the less, its pretty clear to most that the fractures in opinion, thought and political belief are getting deeper and more hardened as we go on. If there were a candidate that could bring the left and right together, I think we'd be witnessing something of near biblical proportion. Jeff B.
  7. I saw this post and came back to comment... The willingness to share experience and knowledge, especially when some effort is required says a lot about a person. It also says something of the "community" at SOL. Thumbs up for FWW! Jeff B.
  8. The absence or removal of any sort of due process is very alarming and as many have pointed out, very subject to abuse by those with an agenda. So, as Ben Franklin said, ""Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.". While I recognize that there are cases where this type of administrative procedure would benefit potential victims, I also see where there's an immense potential for abuse. And, in my eyes, it flies in the face of any concept of a legal system that is based on due process and justice. Jeff B.
  9. Very nice! I've got a Springfield '03 that has been "sporterized" that I want to restore to like issued condition. I better get on it before it becomes an assault rifle and gets banned... Jeff B.
  10. Like SG said, it depends... Lately I've been working on grip, sight alignment/picture and general technique for metal matches I've started shooting. If I've got guests in, a range trip is not unusual and it'll be much more informal. I usually get the wife to go twice a year and have her shoot her "nightstand gun" Beretta Tomcat. I also have her shoot my usual carry gun. I'm working towards setting up my reloading stuff and will at that point have range time to evaluate my reloads and verify their performance and functionality. I have to say that taking new or non-shooters to the range is a great deal of fun for me. I usually end up shooting very little, but have a great time with starting folks out. I know of three people who've purchased their first gun after one of our trips. Young folks are also great to introduce to shooting, also a lot of fun. Jeff B.
  11. Normally, an OWB belt holster in about the four o'clock position on my waist. The two I use (1911 4" Champion & Kahr PM9) work out for me. I do carry inside my pocket on occasion with an LCP. Jeff B.
  12. Another consideration would be moving that sucker around. Storing it would also be a pain. Despite having a fair amount of house, I've got my ammo in an out of the way storage closet that I built some shelving into. I guess in theory I could get that sucker in there, but getting it out would be a real pain. No, I think I'm good with the more standard units of bulk purchase. Jeff B.
  13. I think the advice given in FWW's OP is on the money. Never give permission for a search, of your home or car. Never, ever resist. I've lectured my kids on this with an emphasis on never giving a LEO any impression that you're resisting or threatening. We've all seen instances of situations that have gone sideways, sometimes for undetermined reasons. Down here at least, most officers are simply doing their jobs and are professional and behave as you would expect. There's always the bad apple and then there are Departments in the Liberal enclaves that are run by dyed in the wool anti gun Progressives, even they often have a pretty high proportion of officers that, let's just say aren't too high on their leadership. If I were in NJ, or Hell, here with a Kamala Harris as President, Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader and Hoyer a Speaker of the House and the restrictions they would pass, I'd get restricted items out of the house "sehr schnell" and in a secure and hidden location. Your storage unit doesn't count, either... If they do show up with a warrant or execute an illegal search (settle it later in court) you should just have legal items. Your old JC Higgins .22, bird guns, hunting rifles, single stacks and revolvers... If they are that intent on rousting you, your probably going down for something even if it's really BS... I'm definitely not a proponent of the "over my dead body" school of thought as there are enough willing stooges to accommodate your wishes. If we get to that point, there'll be another time and place to settle up and it's not with a forced entry team and surplus MRAP in your driveway. Slacker's point about vengeful ex or soon to be ex's is probably pretty danged accurate. Jeff B.
  14. Up in my "stuff" I've got an RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Master Kit that i bought and put up. I need to get my dead butt in gear and get it set up and leverage some of the guys at my pistol club who are reloaders that are ready, willing and able source of info, guidance and help... About a year ago, a buddy closed his LineX shop and gave me a Gladiator work table. It's been used but is pretty stout and I think will make a good bench for the press. I've also been picking brass and have (what seems to me to be) a ton of 9mm and .45 with a smaller amount of .45 LC (since I bought a Vaquero). Good thread to motivate me to get it in gear. I agree that getting set up and well supplied before 2020 might be a very wise idea. Jeff B.
  15. Yep. IMO, the there is waaay too much spending that really amounts to transfer payments. When discussions about the Federal budget start, there is automatically a huge chuck that's taken out of the discussion as "mandatory" or entitlement spending. We know there's not enough money and sooner or later, the days of near free government borrowing will end and with it the debt will crush our ability to finance the FSA. Then there won't be pointed debates about taxation and spending, but cities burning, riots in the streets and really bad consumer confidence survey results. Jeff B.