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  1. Inflation isn't easing. As a result of the recently passed spending bill, it's going to get a nice boost. Interest rates will continue to go up, real estate will start to retreat and our standards of living will continue to be consumed by that same inflation. On the bright side, we did make it through the 70's, so it may just be another period of ****** living for a lot of folks. Jeff B.
  2. As its said, this isn't about gun control, its about control. The entire "tabling" and such was nothing but a bit of political hocus pocus to throw the opposition off. It's truly unfortunate that the Federal Legislature is choosing to pass legislation that will remove a huge swath of Citizens from accepting its validity and jurisdiction. Where's our buddy Swalwell to make nuclear threats? Jeff B.
  3. Its funny... we get some cats and rabbits around here, then some 'yotes will move into the greenbelts and the acts and rabbits disappear along with a few small dogs that folks put out in the yard and don't watch. There are owls and hawks too, but I think the coyotes are the primary predator around here. Probably not likely to be able to encourage a population of coyotes. Jeff B.
  4. There are a lot of people who "just ain't right". You have to be cautious, IMO. My BIL and I came on a guy fishing at Tubbs Inlet on Ocean Isle Beach. Had a white bucket with a big tail sticking out of it. We took a look and yep, a big drum. Certainly over the slot. He came up, very friendly and started chatting us up. He was staying two houses over in fact. Then we told him that if the DEC (I think in NC) guys came around he'd get a big fine. Since it was already dead, we told him to take it up to the house, clean and fillet it. He was completely ignorant about the rules/laws. Maybe he was BS'ing us, I believed him and we did see him several other times, but without any under/over sized fish. When someone scuttles to the back of their minivan to get rid of a short, that's breaking the law, no doubt and deserves a call in. Jeff B.
  5. And, you were truthful! You just didn't make mention of any of the words that would have sent them into a tizzy. Smart move. Jeff B.
  6. I found a Dillon 550 used on a local-ish forum. Then sent it in to Dillon for their $79.00 refurb deal. Have it set up right now for 9mm. I need to get another tool hard and set it up for .45 ACP. I’ve got an RCBS Rock Chucker SS for rifle. Bass Pro nearby occasionally gets some small pistol primers in. They will tell you over the phone of they’ve come in. Jeff B.
  7. So, like a lot of things, jurisdiction plays in here. Dallas-Love Field is in Dallas County, which as many can figure out is where the City of Dallas is located. The City of Dallas owns and operates DAL. DFW on the other hand is run by a Board made up of appointed folks from the surrounding area and runs fairly independently. At DFW, you can carry concealed in any nonsecure area of the airport. At DAL, you cannot. If you are planning to check a firearm, it must be prepared for shipment (in an acceptable container and unloaded and locked) when tendered at baggage check in. This particular woman was in violation of DAL's regualtions when she walked in. It got worse from there. IMO, she's fortunate to be breathing. Here are DAL's regualtions which I think are pertinent. 3.20 FIREARMS, WEAPONS, and DESTRUCTIVE DEVICES 3.20.1. Firearms and Destructive Devices are defined in United States Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 44. 3.20.2. No person may carry a firearm(s), weapon or destructive device (collectively referred to as weapons below) on or about the Airport except as allowed by federal, state or local law. 3.20.3. Except for weapons belonging to authorized law enforcement officers, weapons or ammunition may not be stored within the restricted areas (Secured Area, Sterile Area or AOA), nor within any Department of Aviation leased property without the Director’s approval. 3.20.4. Discharge of any weapon on the Airport is prohibited, except in the performance of official duties or in the lawful defense of life or property. 3.20.5. Sterile Area Unless specifically authorized under 49 CFR Part 1500 series, no person may have firearms, weapons, replica firearms, ammunition, firearm parts (including firearm frames, receivers, clips and magazines), within the Sterile Area. 3.20.6. Secured Area and AOA • Except for Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Air Marshals, Federal Flight Deck Officers (in the performance of their duties), and other peace officers or security personnel authorized in writing by the City, no person may carry a firearm or weapon inside the Secured Areas and/or AOA. • Weapons intended for shipment in flight are permitted, provided they are properly encased for shipment for the purpose of transport on or from an aircraft intended for flight. Jeff B.
  8. Is the DOJ investigation of former President Donald J. Trump politically motivated?
  9. You could look at it as a positive as it would certainly result in a new political reality, ie, secession. I guess it depends on what your desired outcome is. Jeff B.
  10. I agree. Enough. As pointed out, it started with the “15 days” and the vax will stop it. Then endless extensions and more vax, then the vaxxed start getting it and the solution is… More VAX. No thanks. Everyone in my immediate family finally got The ‘Rona, but all in the past six months. Most had 2 shots and a couple one booster. The way to work through this is with natural immunity building up. I also think they should be concentrating on treatments and a standard type vaccine. Jeff B.
  11. I know… old eyes as well. I might be hitting the target, but even with the splatter target, I’d need some sort of magnified view to make heads or tails of it. Good work there! Getting out and using your shootin’ irons is what it’s all about! Jeff B.
  12. As it went, he responded to the question about those who might be offended by his statement; And he was then asked what he had to say to people who were offended by those comments. “Be offended,” the congressman said. I’m good with that, as I’m offended by much of the codswallop that comes from the mouths of the Progressives. Jeff B.
  13. I thought we were done with that for a little while at least. The GOP should just stop cooperating and trying to be “bipartisan”. That’s just another term for the slow death of 1000 cuts. Didn’t AR mags go for about $70 - $75 bucks apiece during the AWB? If you actually fire your weapons, you should have a decent set of mags on hand. Even with say sets for competition, you need more as they get worn or damaged. Buy what you can afford now, build up your supply while there’s time. Jeff B.
  14. Yes. Strong side as well. CRTK folder. Carried as a tool primarily. I don’t see myself getting into a knife fight. At least I hope not. Jeff B.