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  1. I have to list them all to make you happy? Not my job to tell you what you are unwilling to entertain. Go fish.
  2. And of course, breaking campaign finance laws by paying off an indiscretion with a porn star.
  3. Lots, emoluments clause....for one, but then, you cant indict a sitting president, right?
  4. Doing very well. I've learned to post on boards that have more balance so that I don't have to spend so much time explaining things to people who aren't interested in discussing facts. I do miss you guys from time to time.
  5. Braid isn't great for really big fish like shark or tuna UNLESS you add some mono.
  6. "Murder" is a legal definition. Abortion (in some cases) is legal. In addition, illegal abortion still does not meet the threshold for murder which has a legal standard. Of course, I could infer that something equates to murder, such as: "eating meat is murder," but it would have no legal relevance.
  7. LMAO! People admire Trump for breaking the law? Awesome.
  8. A Penn 113H holds 750/65 650/80 550/100 of standard braided line. Be sure and include at least 75 yards of MONO at the end (same strength) in order to give the line a bit of "stretch," otherwise, it will break easier with big fish.
  9. Frank, you didn't even remember who I was!!!! Me, the guy that posted weird threads in your puppet show all the time.
  10. Hey, MAG!!! Where you been?
  11. That's probably a good thing Huey! Brooklyn could use a little yuppie gentrification. Nothing but drug dealers and....uh hum....ladies of the evening.
  12. I was in jail? You finally come out of the closet? *Pride marches don't count.
  13. Truthfully, it depends on the fish and who is asking the question. I have to say that I really like helping new fisherman so instead of "spilling the beans" I might suggest that they're biting, but you wont catch anything today with gotcha plugs. Also I might say something helpful like suggest a ledge where I know they get hookups, but they won't be crowding my area. I'm a firm believer in sharing information, but only to a point and you could fish right next to me and not catch the fish I'm catching. Where they are is 1/5th of the battle. I do love showing folks how to tie proper knots or teaching them how to sun dry liver so it doesn't get all over your hands, etc. I don't go fishing to catch fish; I go to have fun. If there's drinking and bickering - I'm out. The men and women I fish with are my brothers and sisters. Be respectful, polite and always offer a sinker or a hook to someone who ran out.
  14. Dear Tim Can I have the Gulag? It needs to return to it's former, dubious distinction as the worst and most useless forum on Strippers Online. Instead of buttons, I could do other annoying things like edit posts to turn them upside down.....or post "fat chicks" in WHAT I DEEM to be stupid threads. I would rule with tyrannical abandon and met out my imbalanced justice to friend and foe alike while offering up home-spun wisdom and crushing all that lies in my path. It's so insane that it JUST MIGHT WORK!!!