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  1. We don't know that he was killed? Are you looking at the lab report right now?
  2. Tim, don't you want to mock me some more? Come on,'re slipping!
  3. Who said I didn't?
  4. Well...well...well....Frank! It figures. Hey, just post some fat chicks.
  5. On sencond thought, I'm really tired of people in this trhread unwilling and unable to entertain the fact that Sicknick was killed. Including you. This thread is a typical us against you and there's more of us so we win. It's embarassing alright. You should be embarrased.
  6. Tim, as much as you whine about people being sure do it a lot. Forget about me foor a moment or can you?
  7. Tim, I don't care how I look. Why are YOU making it about me? It ain't about me and I couldn't care less if you think I need to not blame the insurgents. I'm kind of getting tired of going over this a million times. .
  8. Whatever, are you going to mention the fire extingusher again for the 50th time?
  9. Tim, two people were arrested in the attack on officer Sicknick. People are ignoring the cause of death because they are heavily invested in him dying from something other than the attack. I AGREE, he died from huffing paint or crack overdose or whatever. He probably even lied about dying. This whole stupid thing was an attempt to make conservatives look bad. Tim, I will remind you that this is the PG. 'Nuff said. No one here is going to admit that Sicknick died defending the Capitol. You know it, I know it. I want to blame someone? I want to blame the worthless people who attacked the Capitol and I do. I'm not asking for permission, if they haddn't attacked, he'd still be alive. .
  10. Yes, Cabo, everyone knows that this was the original information that was being passed around, but a correction was made shortly afterward. But the correction only included preliminary comments that 'suggested' that Sicknick was had no apparent trauma. Everyone was in a big hurry to find him dead of natural causes so the word around the internet was "he was NOT hit by a blunt object," but I kept repeating - wait for the coroners report. .
  11. Another excuse? Oh, now I don't work? Good lord.... Jim, you're using too much salt on the fries.... .
  12. Of course you "don't want to play." because you LIED. You fail - just like your fail thread. I have a VERY good memory for things that I said. When you're ready to apologize, I accept. But NO MORE.....understand? .