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  1. Kayak on the roof and bike on the rear rack. Or kayak in the car and bike on the back. Kind of a hassle but it allows access to hard to reach sight fishing areas
  2. No, I'm not a resident, hence the lack of town sticker
  3. The 2 spots I use aren't gated. They are more like town landings. One with a handful of parking spots and one with about 50 with a more active parking enforcement. I wonder if the argument "hey, I'm not parking here" holds any merit if I ever get hassled. I think it probably depends on the parking person and what kind of day they're having. Edit to add: Both towns require a "beach PARKING sticker". Seems to me a drop off of a kayak isn't parking since I'm not leaving the car unoccupied.
  4. My favorite kayak launch just became resident permit parking only. Is it legal to drop the yak, park at legal parking nearby and bike over? I've done this before but have never seen a parking officer while doing it. I'm curious on people's experience or knowledge with regard to this. Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for info on public boat ramps for me to be able to launch a trailered boat to access fishing in Plum Island Sound and Essex Bay. I'm not interested in the Merrimack River ramps because I don't want to run through the mouth of the Merrimack. I don't own a boat yet but these bays are where I would be fishing and I want to start looking at launch options. I'm worried that if my only option is Ipswich town landing that they might go resident only and then I would have no other option other than launching in the Merrimack. Ipswich Town Landing: It looks like they just renovated this. Is it open to non-Ipswich residents? Any idea what time the lot fills on weekends? A news article says "Fees to use the launch are $5 for one day of use and $35 for the season. Launch stickers can be purchased online here." Anyone know if those are resident prices or general public? I will call the town hall to ask if needed. Newbury Town Landing: This looks like it's resident only? Essex Town Landing: New update on the town website indicates it's residents only. Was it always residents only? Am I missing any? Thank you
  6. Hi maniac, care to share some important factors you notice helps bring on a worm hatch? Warm day? High tide near dusk? Cloudy sunny or rainy? Thank you.
  7. Wow, that’s an awesome boat for way less than I thought was possible. If I only had a place to store it and something to tow it I’d be all over one this season. I’m close to an hour away from my preferred water. Would I actually ever tow a boat like this an hour back and forth or is that way more hassle than it’s worth for an outing?
  8. Just brainstorming here since I would love a boat but it probably isn’t realistic in my life for a couple years. But anyway, I kayak in plum island sound, Essex bay, and salt ponds in Massachusetts and RI where I beach the yak and wade for stripers. How small a boat could I get away with for this type of motorized boat? And any specific recommendations? Shallow draft, easy to trailer, would be needed. Definitely would be buying used. Thanks for any info
  9. Are you sure these regs are for the better? I know they are better than last year when it was resident parking only every day, but before covid wasn’t the beach open to non residents every day? This is also a kayak launch I use frequently. I got a ticket last year when I drove up to launch and saw the new signs.
  10. If buying flies, check out the bears den fly shop in Taunton, ma. They are local to me but have a great online store. Awesome people, if you call them they will set you up well for albiea
  11. Do you notice a difference using black hooks for such a visual fish? I just got some black hooks for very shallow striper sight fishing but then I got worried the black will stick out too much in the sand background
  12. The website says the parking areas are closed, but I kayaked by there yesterday and there were a bunch of people there including a guy with an SUP. I don’t think he parked somewhere else and walked with it. Any ideas of how it’s being accessed now?
  13. ive been going to cranes twice a week this summer, but I have the flexibility to book on Monday at noon and pick the good weather days. I can see how the policy this year makes it annoying though. anyways, I got a ticket today at pavilion beach in Ipswich. I was parked there to kayak around the mouth of the Ipswich river. It’s probably been mentioned on here but they are saying residents only this year. I decided to take my chances
  14. Can you clarify the issue at crane beach? I fish there a lot and haven’t had any problems
  15. Thanks for the info everyone. I have a 3month old at home, so I need my saltwater trips to have all the stars aligned if you will... I decided to pass because I was worried about glare from the low sun. Next week I'll be able to get out midday and will post a report