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  1. I have used this knot a lot in freshwater but never the salt. Its a great knot and really allows the lure to move freely. I am always a little leary about the strength of it though. I'm not sure why. Maybe because the line isn't all the way around the line tie?
  2. I have used a spinning rod on a boat for stripers before but I don't do it that often at all. I will be going out for blues this summer to pass the time away and will be using my muskie rod and shimano curado for that. Anyway, back to the spinner I used on the boat. I used the 8 foot mojo and a stradic 5000 that day. Yes the stradic had braid too.. Worked well and didn't have any issues with it! Oh and welcome to SOL!
  3. Your right, and as the guys at SJ said it's tough to come up with a comparable rod which performs at that level for the same price. I'm drawing a blank(no pun intended) but will think about it. I'm with you, i have driven much farther than that for a rod in the past. I was basically referring to the guys who have clearly stated that they have not had the ability to check them out due to a variety of reasons, but i think that the majority of rods being sold are not from these people i think it's guys who bought the wrong model. It's either a love it or hate it scenario when it comes to the 3/4-4 rod or the 1-4 model, the guys that hate the latter seem to take a strong liking to the former, or so it seems. But i'm with you, if a rod was available to check out first hand i would do everything i possibly could to do just that.:th: Interesting you say this and I could not agree more. I bought the 9 foot mojo first and when I first fished it, realized that this rod was too stiff for most of the fishing I do. Then I got the 10'6" 3/4-4 and realized that this is the rod I have been looking for! It casts great and works a pencil and other plugs great!. I did keep my 9 footer though because I figured out that the 9 footer throws (IMO) metal, redfins, and other plugs similar much better than my 10"6'. So I have pretty much set it up like this: The 10 6 is my main spring time stick, while my 9 is my main fall stick. At the current moment, I have to get a new reel for the 9 and am having a tough time deciding what to get. Right now the VS150 is in the lead by a pretty big margin! The 10'6" has a ZB ZX25 on it and I think it feels great, however this will be my first season with the ZB. Last year I had a 704 on it and also really liked the way it felt.
  4. Yeah i got it! LOL. Someone at the post office must have changed the zip because the one you wrote was crossed out and the right one was on it. I'll be sending all my plugs out soon. I'm waiting on hooks to arrive from an order. sorry for the delay but you all will have them by the end of next week.
  5. I got my notice and it was great! Thanks Ryan!
  6. Can't wait to throw this!
  7. How do they swim with them washers as lips? Does the hole in the middle of the washers help it swim or give it a different actions? that's very creative and interesting!
  8. I love loading redfins. I drill a hole in the area right behind one of the eyes, load it then stick a toothpick in the hole with a little super glue around it then trim it down. After that I cover the area with devcon 30 minute epoxy. I also paint a lot of them with the exception of the yellow over white, chicken scratch, black and the bone and blurples. Okay I kinda got off track here but oh well. Lol
  9. Bernies! Great place.
  10. A single soak should work well. I seal with thinned etex and heat the blanks before sealing. This has been my favorite method for sealing that I have used so far. mainly because I'm impatient and don't like to wait the few days or week for a blank to totally dry. Let us know how it works out for you! Good luck
  11. Not sure I understand so please forgive the question. You already sealed the plug with thinned down etex and the sealed it with the cpes? I have never heard of cpes so I can't aomment on it but I would think (if I'm understanding correctly) that if you have already sealed the plug with the etex then the cpes wouldn't be able to penetrate the wood since you already have the etex on it. Does that make sense? Am I understanding correctly or am I way off on this?
  12. Exactly the same for me!
  13. There's one! but a lot of times i don't say anything. If fishing with my buddy then I just look at him and say "got one" sometimes followed by $@@# its off followed by more @#!@##. LOL
  14. I may have some more for you. LOL. Let me check and I'll post them up for you bud