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  1. only party boat i have been on there is the Judy V..... dont catch anything big but both times i went caught alot of fish.... sea bass and croakers... its in the Indian River Marina, just put a post up right above yours.. was there yesterday and they barly even had enough people on that party boat to take it out!
  2. leaving in about an hour to head to indian river..... takes about 4 hours to get there from where i am in PA.... let yall know how it went.. hopfully have pics!! Alright yall just got home... fished from 745am this morning till 5ish in the evening with my buddy and dad... really slow and pretty crappy actually, i got one ray almost four feet across, fought em for almost 45mins, 3 skates and one blue, my buddy got one striper about 15inches and had a ray on, pops only caught one skate, had a couple flounder on.... saw few stripers being caught and small tautog , and one decent sheepshead. dude caught a flounder beside me they meassured 26 inches probably 5lbs real nice and that was about it for the day!
  3. thats freaking insane! awesome tuna! glad it all came together for yall, never seen a reel brake like that! cant even imagine!
  4. i like eating stripers as much as the next guy, but i do think it would be awesome if they did a slot size, nothing wrong with throwing the big boys back in the water to swim another day, i think it would be aweosme if they did that! one a day is enough for one angler to keep too! and besides a picture does last a life time!
  5. it just blows my mind that no one ever had a plan or two or 20 already thought up incase something like this ever happened... just seems like a big joke to me, and i also agree, why arent we using the help offered to us with the skimmers, we always seemed to be needing to help everyone else out, so why cant we just take the help offered to us!! its just sad!
  6. id have to agree witht he bucktail!! almost always comes through for me, white bucktail with white curly tail on em!! normally 2oz just to get out a tad further but have ripped on the one oz in close!
  7. yeah thats funny because ive been there twice and had a ball and heard from more than 3 people that its been its best in like the past 20 years???
  8. hey guys first time on here, just wondering if anyone has been fishing Indian River yet, and if so hows the bite going? hoping to be down in two weeks!