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  1. I’ve been building a set up for my girl with her over the winter. She used a simple Tsunami classic heavy last summer fishing RI for fluke,porgie,BSB, tog, decided we needed the XH as well for her. For about $120 for 2 rods I’m ok with it , no problem. She can smash the hell out of them and they work! Next was THE REEL ... nice little project. Picked up a old Penn Surfmaster 100 and stripped it down, headed over to Alantani’s forum, bought new SS hand machined parts, let her pick out her favorite color Tiburon frame. Now she has an indestructible reel that will handle anything the NE can throw at her inshore. She can fish it from a kayak, boat, etc , it has bushings, good to go. Some of the most important attributes for me about an old Penns put through the paces over at Alantani’s forum ... they are solid, the parts are quality machined by guys that care, they are timeless, they will last forever. The price came out to be under $200 .Most important important to her... it’s pretty!
  2. Thanks Tolman, It has been many years since he has cast a conventional. Unfortunetly I'm not sure if he is going to be down with going down that path again. I guess he will have to relearn if that is what he needs... With that being said are the newer magged conventionals that might be a little more foregiving in the backlash department or better yet a spinning reel that could handle those fish? I would give a conventional a shot with a 11' stick myself. RL
  3. I was just thanking you for the boat info, but at the same time trying to keep the thread on target. Vero Beach is on the East Coast north of West Palm Beach.
  4. Smooth washer on top .
  5. So every time my drag is pulled the drag knob spins and tightens down. Have taken it apart, cleaned it, re stacked etc and it still tightens down. Any thoughts would be great. It's very awkward fighting a fish and your drag at the same time and unfortunately I've had people watching lol. Reel is a penn-steal with carbonex washers and new drag knob with rubber gasket. Any help would be appreciated. RL
  6. I appreciate your plug for a good boat, but as my original post states I am looking for surf equipment recommendations. Will be sure to pass On the good Capt. info though. RL
  7. Hello to all you southern salties. My father (A NE surfcaster) goes down to visit my sister in the Vero Beach area and has been on the fishing sidelines for lack of equipment. I want to give him a bait and then plug setup for the beach so he doesn't have to live vicariously through the other guys fishing. What are some normal setups that you guys are using? My sister says it needs to be "tarpon safe", but I personally am not sure of what you beach guys are tangling with in that area. Any help would be great, thanks!
  8. I really enjoyed the gathering, conversation, and food. Billy's shop is top quality man cave material. Even after hoping trains, subways, a ferry, and a bus it was well worth the effort to show up for this event. I should have just brought the blanks home with me...I saw way stranger things on public transit this past weekend then I would have been carrying. RLs
  9. I appologize, it is a Harnell 521
  10. I have an opportunity to get a Harnell 552 for the $30-$50 range. I viewed it once, it is a shorter rod with a roller guide tip (boat length, but not sure exact length). I would have to rebuild the rod which isn't a problem for me, but I was wondering what species/style of fishing it was used for to target and is the blank worth $30-50? I fish Stripers, Tog, Fluke, and have a boat. RL
  11. I am in town for the weekend with all my stuff. Went out today and the fish ignored me. Would def be down to meet up with some of the hometown boys. D.
  12. I appreciate the help fellas. Now if I could only figure a way to disguise my equipment hahah. When I went to the festival last year we stayed in the Dennis area and drove up. Being closer to both the festival and fishing is my aim-point this time around. I am somewhat of a young-in so unfortunately will be passing on the 5 star resorts. RLs
  13. Well, I am tricking my GF into going to the Cape for the Oyster Festival ( have gone before, great time), but my real prerogative is to fish at night. What are some suggestions for places/ areas to stay in so that I can fish in the evening (not looking to burn spots, general geographic area for hotel and I will figure it out myself) . Any help/suggestions would be appreciated fellas. "Oh honey you have been working so hard, I really think I should treat you to a weekend on the Cape for the Oyster Festival"...Buawah ha ha ha... RLs
  14. From the album Forum Attachments