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    tuna fishing, bass fishing, cod fishing, fluke fishing, pretty much every type of fishing is my life
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  1. Maks off the pier? i would love to get my hands on some of them!
  2. m1911 pretty much sums it all up in that one. This article is a joke and cant stand to see this happen repeatedly to everyone. Hunting is safe and legal. Us hunters have rights too. Guns dont kill people do.
  3. Interesting i caught a dozen of them things the other day and was wondering what they were. They were blitzing on tiny shrimp.
  4. Looking to pick up a pair of van staal titanium pliers with the leather sheath any offers?
  5. If you are interested i have a fin-nor offshore 8500 for sale loaded with 65lb. power pro with a heavy action tsunami rod. I bought it brand new last year for chasing tuna and have now upgraded to a van staal. im looking to get a reasonable $180 for the whole setup. if interested you can pm me thanks
  6. A buddy of mine sent me this i figured you guys would like this." target="_blank">
  7. im all set with the gold im looking more for a black one for looks Thanks
  8. i am looking for a black spare spool for my silver VS250
  9. The past week the bay has been real slow for the little guys. A few small, quick surface feeds. On the other hand they have been getting some giants out of the bay. Seen a few 700lbers come into sesuit harbor past few days. Good to hear the bass are still around tho might have to do some bass fishing this week.
  10. This is for all people with a recreational permit and not a commercial permit. "NMFS closes the northern area Angling category fishery for large medium and giant ("trophy") BFT for the remainder of 201 O. Fishing for, retaining, possessing, or landing large medium and giant BFT (measuring 73 inches curved fork length or greater) north of39°18' N. lat. (off Great Egg Inlet, NJ,) is prohibited effective at 11:59 p.m., July 18, 2010. The intent of this closure is to prevent overharvest of the Angling category northern area trophy BFT subquota of 1.7 mt. NMFS closed the southern area trophy BFT fishery effective June 12, 2010.
  11. I am looking for shimano calcutta 700 non level wind reel? Have cabo 80 for possible trade?
  12. no problem didnt want to insult you i figured id make the offer as its all i have i seem to spend all my money on these kind of things
  13. i have $600 cash i can give u if your interested?
  14. ----
  15. aw man great deal wish i saw this post a week ago i just bought myself a vs250.