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  1. Agreed it's disgusting the level of duplicity the kleptocracy/corporatocracy will stoop to, to get their payback on their free speech. My kid survived at govt schools, although I do admit they held her back. It was nice of you all to help us out w 50% of the bill though. She now attends a top private institution and is exceeding all our expectations.
  2. Well it's been a fun couple hours. I have family matters to attend too. Carry on!
  3. No comprende. Come again, pls.
  4. Agreed you have been labeled a crackpot for sure. I'm with you though, except I recognize this "reform" as a tax deferral not a tax cut.
  5. Leaving NY for the 2nd and hopefully final time. Selling this plan as a middle class tax cut is plain horsechit.
  6. We are all permitted to arrange our affairs to minimize the taxes paid no matter what political party we belong to correct? I am making huge sacrifices and expending my time and capital to earn the money so I'm as deserving of what I earn as anyone. My idea is cut spending and then have a corresponding cut in taxes. What this plan does now is DEFERR the taxes that will be collected to a later date. It adds to the deficit.
  7. Corps are sitting on billions upon billions of cash, and borrowing money is so cheap too so cash is not limiting investment in any way and hasn't been for years now. They may be understaffed but there aren't qualified workers to fill the jobs no matter the salary. You have fallen for their BS again.
  8. I will be and have been the recipient of it because I'm an owner. I am salting it away to make my exit from NY to a free state asap. Depending on what happens I may get a big reduction in my tax bill as a result of the pass through.........I'm still not in favor of it. The effective tax rate on corps is 27% is that high or low? Should we go to a flat tax and keep spending at the rate we are presently and add the difference fo the deficit?
  9. It's a tax cut in name only, there is no simultaneous spending cuts so the money will eventually come from somewhere with interest.
  10. The idea that reducing the corp rate to 20% will result in increasing salaries is BS. That's the line that the GOP is using. Not one extra dime in salary will be expended extra until the supply of labor is reduced or demand increased so that employers have to pay more for labor.
  11. This makes me lol. Theses people will soon be moving to a neighborhood near you making it just as bad as where they came from.
  12. Where is the reform? Still 20% rate on carried interest which Trump vowed to change during his campaign. Tax cuts on individuals expire.
  13. You didn't consider the removal of deductions for some 40% of the middle class which will sustain a tax increase in 2018 and that % rises over the lifespan of the bill.
  14. Tahoe was the first lake in CA to implement these regs and it was well before 2013.
  15. You are incorrect. A quick glance at CA division of waterways and boating or Tahoe Regional Planning Agency web pages will verify the facts for you. 2 stroke DFI's are perfectly legal in ANY body of water open to motors in CA.