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  1. i havent really tried plugging. i always chunk. i should try to get into plugging, but it seems kinda hard.
  2. yeah, i thought that it was around the 110-125 price range. a buddy of mines just bought one not to long ago. I seen a used one in the FS forum, but im not able to post anything yet. So there goes that reel. Well I checked the sports authority new my house, but nothing. Walmart, i havent seen anything either. Ive been searching on google for the reel, but it seems like there all around 130. for that much, i would rather try to get a used 8000d. PLEASE SHINE IN! Thanks, Tony
  3. So Ive been reading alot of threads about people having shimano baitrunner. I have decided into purchasing one real soon. I was wondering if anyone had any insight of where to purchase one. I went to Surfland B&T (plum island) the other day. They had a 4500b for $140. My question, is it better to buy a new reel or should I try finding a used one. I have started to do alot of fishing this year. And as I dont have a functioning reel right now(broken avenger baitrunner). Should I send in my reel back to Okuma, or just get a new/used reel? I dont know what to do. How long does it take for Okuma to fix the reel? PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Tony
  4. Rocket500, Please let me know about the reel. I am located in Lowell, I would like to pick up the reel today. Thanks, Tony
  5. Rocket5000, I had seen your post, I seen a fs baitrunner 8000d. I was wondering if you had pictures of it. I cannot post anything in there due to being a new member. thanks
  6. Hey guys, I am new to SOL, I have been fishing for about 2 years now. I love it. I have an Okuma Avenger reel, with a St. Croix rod. The baitrunner is now busted on the reel. I was looking into getting a new reel. I was thinking something like a Shimano Baitrunner 4500b or 8000d. Does anyone have any input about this reel. If so, please shine in. Thanks, Tony
  7. I fished there yday morning. alot of people catching stripers with blood worms.
  8. Fishing in lowell if that is what you are looking for you are posting in the wrong place as this is a forum about fishing. If on the other hand you do not know how to spell STRIPERS My apology
  9. I fish at plum island. is this a good place to get stripers? I've just recently got into fishing last year.