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  1. Clearly I should be standing in the surf right now, versus standing on the roof …. Actually its kinda pleasant up here, sunny, not too cold, quiet-ish, & they forgot I'm busy putting up the lights…. Hmm maybe a second stogie & play some music before i get discovered . Ketchumup, fellas <}}>><€
  2. I'll take these, $65 shipped
  3. Sussex DE not too farvfrom Jersey Striper territory, certainly we’ll see ya plugging away ;-) Met a gent from Virginia yesterday who drives up on weekends in the fall, sleeps in the truck and hits it hard both day’s before trekking home. Impressive !
  4. Agreed, the better size, although less frequent, were lingering well behind the chaotic leading edge & mass of boats and guys. Was more enjoyable during the ebb when half the guys wouldn’t/couldn’t get out on the bar
  5. Enjoyed the mayhem yesterday for Thanksgiving Eve, covering much of MoCo and getting consistent topwater action on the long bomb casts. It was a good day !
  6. Me too. First time ever, switched to stocking foot, after reading multiple favorable reviews of the Hodgman neoprene wading shoes to pair with them. Went with Frogg Toggs, and together with the Hodgman shoes they’ve been awesome. Minimal sand gets in, very comfy and decent insulation with wool socks
  7. Worked 80% of MoCo today, 5am til 5pm, no bait, no birds, no bass. Saw about 25 other dudes with a similar story. We commiserated, we shivered. The end.
  8. Today was supposed to be "finish clearing the leaves in the yard" day. Leaf blower, mower, raking etc ... Yeah not. Ya remember the Tasmanian Devil cartoon, whirling spinning thrashing, debris flying everywhere ... I looked kinda like that. It'll have to wait
  9. I was just going to send you a message, we’ve never met, but I think you were fishing next to me ??
  10. Poked around a few different places outback and out front NoMoCo yesterday, there’s still plenty of fish in the bay some boats were breathing the wind and pulling in good sizes, I found some schoolies along the shore that were quite ravenous. Later out front, at about the point where I was frozen solid (not even going to guess what the wind chill was but the sand blasting was significant !), enjoyed an hour long blitz at dusk with about eight other guys after the tide turned. School size and nice fat slot fish, think there was a few overs mixed in. BT, metal, swim shads & a few on my RM Smith waverer. A good day
  11. Just messaged Gateway Nat Pk Facebook page & they actually replied, stating that the SH dredging closure “should be done within next two weeks” ….
  12. $160 yes agreed. Not available today & will be out of town tomorrow night thru next weekend. Might be able to try tomorrow. Will message you further
  13. Thank you, sorry I missed your earlier replies. Respectfully offer $150, can meet you in Bergen County.
  14. Just switched from boot foot to stocking foot Frogg Toggs and paired them with the Hodgeman “neoprene wading shoe” after searching out a previous discussion here & other fishing sites, with claims of comfort AND minimal sand accumulation. I can confirm after two long stints in the surf, they feel & work great.
  15. Interested, if others fall through.