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  1. Nice needle... What's it weigh?
  2. Drew, nice needles... Who makes them?
  3. Would you trade for a older style commando bag in nice shape?
  4. I didn't make it, my step mother had it made... She said it was the biggest fish he caught in 3 yrs...LOL!!
  5. I have a 50.00 cabellas gift card + some plugs or something else
  6. Any trades...anything your looking for?
  7. I'm in, thanks
  8. I would be interested...can you post the pics. Thanks
  9. Check the you tube video... Steve McKenna rigging the sluggo. Shows you everything you need to know and how to fish them.
  10. ...CRIPI...
  11. I feel your pain man. I had a Buck knife I kept on me at all times and I lost it in a sandy crawl space I was working in. I tried to check the whole area when I realized it was lost, but no luck...
  12. I will give
  13. That's a real $h!tty feeling when that happens!!
  14. Any trades?? Couple plugs, or any other fishing stuff?
  15. I meant will this fit 150 size reel?
  16. Any interest in a trade for plugs... Will this fit a 250 size reel?
  17. I will give. Thanks!
  18. I'm in... Thanks for the chance.
  19. I'm in,thanks for the chance
  20. Surf Warrior
  21. Linesider69 Custom Plugs!!!
  22. Surf Warrior... Thanks for the chance.
  23. Definitely a sweet darter right there!!