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  1. Haven't found any snook in 2018 yet but iv been more focused on reds/sheepshead/bonnets... i do find most fish species in tampa bay will eat a black and purple crab to include snook so its my main fly these days but i always carry some baitfish streamers and my little docklight wigglers that have a rattle and a silicone tail
  2. i also used the realeyes too figured it adds to the jigging motion and the eyes give the snook something to key in on ! but like dick has mentioned before, fish have the only opinion that matters !! also what about all white, red over white and blk and purple for snook? and if i were gunna tie some clousers for snook areas id deff tie some tan over faded orange to match all our ghost shrimp
  3. i fish that color combo all over tampabay! they seem to like like black an purple everywhere but yes id fish these on a sinking line over a wreck or bridge pilings, it was more of a light bulb moment as to why fish hanging on bridges here might be keyed in on that darker color since we have the same seabass !
  4. wading is prob the most effective way to catch fish, u cant cover as much ground obviously but u can sneak up on fish...theres plenty of public access to the water all over the bay area...id suggest picking a general area an fish that area real extensively, iv learned around here theres fish everywhere its more a matter of when they are there. there is no hard an fast "best tide" rule here weve got so much diversity of fish what is good for some isnt good for others but typically i like to wade knee deep at dead low incoming, that seems to be the best tide for reds an sheepshead but i can think of one spot where the exact opposite is true !
  5. The black seabass we are concerned with is centropristis striata and is prob one of the reason things love to eat black an purple flys ! Thanks for sparking that thought!!
  6. @charliestriper thanks for the advice, i actually have an intermediate 11tarpon line that should work then. i had kinda planned on either taking a buddy or the old lady to help in case i do stick something to big to handle and figured like u said id back the fish out of the water which iv even had to do with small sharks and stuff before anyway.. i am used to casting fast saltwater one handed rods and typically love those rods people say are "too stiff" or should be classified as a line wt higher but i think ill make due ! i didnt know you could convert lure rods into TH fly rods, this reminds me of a rod a local rod builder built thats a long med action 12 wt that has a handle that will take a fly reel or can be easily switched over to a spinning rod if the wind is too gnarly or whatever, its actually still for sale !
  7. next month is a tough one if the weather stays cooler itll be reds, trout, bonnet heads and sheepshead, on warmer days youll find snook mulling about but not with their usual vigor. fish crab patterns and tan/orange ghost shrimp patterns on lighter leaders like 10,12,16#
  8. @Saltybum those tan seaducers with the orange eyes would kill reds an snook down here @TimS thankyou soo much for your kind words about my flies, i started tying flies and jigs years ago while reading this sight when i lived up north so in alot of ways i have you and alot of the talented fly tiers on here to thank !
  9. @Carl Blackledge the crowded head might be the angle of the photo! i took that photo with a cell phone in a cardboard box with a piece of computer paper so i believe in your ability to photograph one ! Also i didnt take it as a slight at all !! i was more asking what could be done to improve them especially since the only time i tie they are for someone else. you mentioned stacking the hair and what not and id have thought that would mess with the taper but like u mentioned you tie 1000s so i doubt youd stack if it wasnt necessary, id be really interested in seeing what they look like since iv prob only ever tied at most 4-6 dozen in my whole life total
  10. @Saltybum - thankyou! @Carl Blackledge - id be curious to see what you called in an earlier post "perfect" clousers the clousers i posted above were tied so that they could be mixed in with umqua flies at my buddies shop without anyone noticing there was a difference. usually he uses umqua for classic patterns but he was inbetween orders and needed some to fill the bins! now i dont think mine are perfect by any means but i am curious what a perfect clouser looks like now!
  11. the rod is a cabelas fish eagle 12'4 8/9 not sure what is required reel wise but i have speedsters in 3,3.5 and 4 as well as a galvan rush 8 and a torque 12 i have a few SA mastery bonefish in 8wt, a cold water intermediate 8wt ( cant recall which) as well as 12wt tarpon lines depth and distance vary bridge to bridge obviously but possibly as deep as 20' we do have a few currents and rips that snook will stack up in a eat pass crabs this was actually the first thing that caught my attention in regard to using a TH rod here wind is a factor in any saltwater situation but not a huge one its alot calmer here then the northeast surf usually is i was thinking of using a TH cause of the fact weve gotta send a large fly quiet a ways and get it down deep around bridges where monster fish lurk, also not too worried about space or other anglers in these spots. in addition to the gags theres also just about everything that swims up along bridge pilings from cobia to kingfish and everything inbetween so no telling whats gunna eat next the gags have been the most appealing cause its something to do at night while the snook are too cold to wanna chew. i figured id be better off fighting a grouper with a short stout rod but the reality is you cant put a grouper on the reel anyway or youll get smoked so its all muscle at that point and if it comes to me breaking a rod ill take it as a sign its time to invest in a higher end rod !
  12. iv been wondering lately why 2 handed rods havent caught on here in florida and what makes fishery better suited to a 2 handed rod? i have one that someone gave me before i left NY and its really just collecting dust since ive got no idea when or how to use it...but lately iv been hearing about gag grouper being all over the bigger bridges around here right now so and id like to try and tangle with one from shore
  13. correct and most people are posting the question on a forum to hear from said people problem is along the way else everyone chimes in about their favorite rod
  14. i genuinely hate tying clousers even the smallest mistakes are super noticeable and any variation like using bucktail from different parts of the same tail will make em act/look different and i know they all catch fish but when tied right they are the perfect example of simple elegance !
  15. i do agree with what you are saying im not looking to use this rod as my everyday stick nothing will replace an 8wt for that here, what im saying is sometimes while chasing smaller fish we run into larger fish and some times those smaller fish are out in what we call a surf lol or the open bay where it can be windy...there is some anecdotal evidence that the smaller diameter line and softer presentation helps out here while fishing for beach snook or docklight fishing. there is also a fair amount of LMB fishing to be done here that iv neglected totally and iv got the rest of the heavier size rods covered. i wasnt actively looking for a 6wt but i bought a brand new lamson speedster 3 for the price of the spool! so time to find something to hang it on