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  1. Very nicely done Mokes. What kind of pen do you use to sign your plugs?
  2. greek, how does the HF lath hold up to turning? After my experience with that 36 incher from them, I stopped looking at their lathes. tommyiv, cant hurt to go look at it.
  3. On this site I found that has the less expensive kershaws, I'm thinking about the zing tanto 1735T-$40, tanto Groove 1730-$60 or the blackout at $57. All nice knives. trying to figure out which one to tell me wife I want for Christmas.
  4. Thanks for the reminders shooter. I know that they are probably illegal, but wasn't thinking about how law enforcement would look at them-- Deadly weapons. Slammer, thanks for the heads up on the kershaws. Forgot about them. Found a place that has them for about $20 less than MSRP. Here is a pic of a knife by Ken Onion. Wow.....
  5. Hey Folks, I'd like to get a spring assisted knife or maybe a switchblade kit. I have seen some that I like at the spring assisted knife website. He has a schrade extreme survival tanto knife I like (switchblade). It is sold in kit form to be put together at home. It would be pretty much be just a toy, cut some rope, tape, open a box. I have wanted a switchblade forever and I'm thinking about getting one. Drop point or tanto blade is my preference. I know that switchblades are illegal in most if not all states. I wouldn't be carrying it on me, just keeping it at the house or in the shop. I might carry the spring assisted knife if I go that route. I wouldn't really want to spend much more than about $50, that is why I'm looking at knives like schrade and smith and wesson. Can anyone tell me if the schrade and S&W knives are any good? Anyone have any experience with switchblades (not fights, lol)? Any experience with SB kits? Are the kits available at the site easy to put together? Hold up? Thanks for your opinions Rob
  6. When I was hanging out on some carving forums, everyone was talking about flexcut tools. I don't remember anyone ever saying anything bad about them. While looking around on a knife site, I found a warren basic carving knife set for about $27. I'll send you a PM about it. If I remember correctly, warren is a decent name. Probably towards the lower end though
  7. Ehh, I'd stay away from this one. Add a little more $$ and look at a grizzly or jet. I got the HF large lathe when I first started turning. The head stock is ok I guess, but the tail stock is something else. Has play in it from the start, cheap metal square tubing. Defiantly look at something else. I have no idea how good they are, but look at the grizzly lathes. I don't remember hearing anything bad about them, just nobody raving about them. Most people rave about Jet benchtop. The small bench top is about $157 and the prices go up from there. If you used to turn stuff for furniture, if you think you might want to do some more of that in the future, look more towards a longer / larger lathe. You can do the small plugs on the larger lathe, but you can't do table legs on the bench top.
  8. Nice write up, thanks for posting it. I couldn't figure out how it was done. While reading this, I remember seeing it somewhere in the past, just can't remember where.
  9. Thanks Bobes. Either way, nice job on it.
  10. That is cool!! About the video, were you using a steady camera of some sort to make the vid? Was it on a tripod and just zoom in and out by remote or something? Nice job
  11. Look in the yellow pages under sheet metal. Give them a call. Get a lip you like and take it down to them and ask them for some scrap SS sheet in that thickness. They probably have some laying around. Tell them what you are doing with it. The guy may give you enough to keep you going for a while in exchange for a plug.
  12. If it was held on a day I get into NY, I'd take a train down to hang out for a while.
  13. Mokes, they look just fine to me. If you'd like, I'd happily try them around the rocks where I live. Either one.
  14. I agree with you Sam. If I was going to spend that kind of money I could get a better one for that much. I shop on the cheap as much as I can. I know a guy or two that I might be able to get some stuff from for cheaper than retail. I also don't mind bartering for the supplies I'd need. I'd clean a shop up for a qt or so of resin and a chance to stand around and learn some things. Just have to see if I can talk someone into it. I'm also going to see if I can line up some help in the glassing dept. It's one thing to read about it, but I definitely want someone there to make sure I'm doing it right, at least in the beginning. Then there is the feeling I'll have when it's done and I'll be able to say, "Yeah, I did that"........ Unless I do a crappy job, then I'll say "I can't believe I paid for this crap!" lol.
  15. Thanks guys, You got me heading in the right direction.