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  1. Thanks guys all for you advices and feedbacks. It really helped a lot, and thanks mumichog for bringing up the saltist.
  2. Hi Josh thank you for your reply actually i did and i found a lot about penn conquer and i was convinced to get it specially since it is very easy to lube and maintain until i saw the okuma raw 2 appears to be very good deal for the moneybut i couldn't find much reviews about it so i was wondering about it since i had bad experience with okuma before but it was with the avenger and i think this model should be much better not sure if this drag number for the raw 2 is real though at that price or even if it is true if the body can handle this drag maximum ( 50 pounds) but i wish. thanks
  3. hi guys i had a question about reviews for both the penn conquer 8000 and the okuma raw 2 80 i was saving the money for the conquer and now i am ready to get it but i saw the okuma raw 2 with more drag power ( not sure if it is true though) but less bearings but the raw2 handle seems really solid . i was wondering which one would you recommend and if thereis a better reel at the same price range i would be happy to know . thanks
  4. thank you Alan I really appreciate your feedback regarding this reel but i think even at 8 or 9 kg drag it is worth a try can you tell me which rod and line would you recommend with this reel for boat fishing, and thanks again for you super fast reply regarding the reel i knew 25 kg drag was too good to be true but i thought it was worth a shot.
  5. hi guys i was wondering if any one used banax gt extreme 5000 for jigging or if there was any review for it they rate it at max drag 25 kg which is pretty good for that price also it is lightweight compared to other reels. best regards
  6. hello my name is fady i am from alberta canada i am looking forward to buy banax kingpin 5000 is there any online store i can get it from or ebay , etc and thank you for your help in advance