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  1. I can't wait to rip it off and effing burn them all! But I do find myself when shopping at Demoulas looking at the ladies wondering ... is this girl hot? Or am I being fooled?? Definitely adds some intrigue and mystery.
  2. I think I’m headed into season 3 with my original in-hull install using duct seal. The ducer has never moved and the sonar works perfectly (lowrance Hook 5). I followed the advice of others here ... use about 1/3 or 1/2 of the duct seal in the package, made a hamburger patty and stick to the hull. Squish the transducer into the patty flat (make sure the right end of the transducer is facing forward) and work the duct seal up around the edges of the ducer to hold it in place. Couldn’t be easier.
  3. Started taking some casts at my usual spring time estuary spots for schoolies ... nothing yet. Any time in the next week I would think.
  4. Nope. Spring is a windy time in these parts.
  5. These vaccines are incredibly effective. Just read a story in the Globe ... the state of MA just released data showing that less than .1% of fully vaxxed people have tested positive. Additionally, the rare “breakthrough” cases result in very mild disease. Feeling very grateful for these amazing vaccines. Got Moderna #2 yesterday and feeling A-OK (sore arm only).
  6. BunnyClark doing great with haddock. No surprise there really, they always crush it. .
  7. Tony’s fish looks like it could be 35/36” long based on where his hands are. Big fish.
  8. 2021 GOM cod and haddock regs ... GOM haddock DOES NOT close at the end of April. Gulf of Maine Cod April 1 – April 14 & September 15 – September 30 1 fish, 21” Gulf of Maine Haddock April 1 – February 29 15 fish, 17”
  9. Good news released today ... the Pfizer and Moderna vax both show ~90% effective at preventing infections in addition to illness, hospitalizations and deaths.
  10. LB .... a tremendous screen name!
  11. Heard them peeping away late in the afternoon yesterday in Boxford on my ride home.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions Jeff ... I'll check the Saltist out as well.
  13. For years now I have tubed from my paddle kayak with a 7' med heavy Tiger Lite rod paired w/ Shimano 6500 baitrunner spooled with 30'lb braid. I use the baitrunner drag feature to let line out ... which works ok. The reel is getting long in tooth (the adjustment knob that controls the tension on the baitrunner drag is frozen so service is needed) so I'm considering purchasing a conventional reel - specifically interested in an Avet MXJ5.8 lever drag. I think the lever drag feature will make it easier to let line out. Thoughts?
  14. Driving through Boxford one morning last week on the way to work and passed a group ... one big Tom had the spread out.
  15. I have used santini and Als tubes for years and never with any sort of keel. Typically trolling in 4-25ft.