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  1. Fish tacos ... made with fresh flounder.
  2. I always keep a few rat traps set in my detached garage as I've had issues with those bastards setting up shop in there from time to time over the years. Much to my surprise, I caught two weasels this winter. I had never seen one in my life to that point. Had to google it to see what they were.
  3. Ah, good luck. The B/C is only allowed to carry 10 passengers per the ME rules. I may give it go next week.
  4. BunnyClark?
  5. You ain't kidding ...
  6. Yup, exactly what I hoped might happen given the lack of/decreased dragging during April. I just wasn't sure it would translate so quickly to improved results. Things should only get better as the water warms ...
  7. Great fish! Have you found the flounder fishing better this spring compared to the last couple of seasons? I have done much better so far this May than last.
  8. Fresh fried flounder
  9. I used haddock (from Fisherman’s wharf in Gloucester), ritz cracker crumbs, parsley, butter and lemon. Side of sautéed broccoli with garlic
  10. Looks excellent captain.
  11. Found a decent flounder bite on this beautiful morning. Four keepers and a throwback. One real nice one. A great start to the season.
  12. Broke through this morning. Managed 10 in a half hour up to 24”. Felt great!
  13. Great news Cap. Looking forward to a great flounder bite this year. The kayak goes in next week!
  14. Treadwells in Peabody is open!
  15. That looks awesome! Those shrimps are huge. I’ve often thought how fun it would be to lobster from the kayak here in NE Mass ... small traps like this might work especially if fished with a partner.