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  1. Mustard and Johnson?!? Sweet Jesus.
  2. There’s gonna be a parade in this town!
  3. Awesome codfish
  4. Beauty
  5. Spot on. I have last year’s Hook 5 model and love the twist lock style connectors. Was a factor in choosing that model when replacing an older Humminbird with smaller non locking connectors that gave me some issues staying properly seated from time to time.
  6. Why didn’t you? Because you found that jigging big plastics at night produced or for some other reason?
  7. Love the Helen H and crew. Have done the Shoals Fluke trip a few times ... have always done very well and had a great time.
  8. Ran into a hot starfish bite the other evening. They can't resist the tube and worm!
  9. The bite on the Northshore has been great for me in the past two weeks, an improvement for sure. Still nothing big but the pube and worm has been very effective. Less effective but still doing ok on jigged plastics. I still can't get big bass on big plastics like Slappy and Riddler can ... but I'm trying. One of these days.
  10. From what I've read, the average adult grey seal can weigh between 500-850lbs and they eat between 4-6% of their body weight daily ... so on the order of 25-40lbs of fish/day, ~12K lbs/year/seal. It is a very big number.
  11. Kuhl Liberator convertible pants. Very high quality pants that convert into shorts (zip off legs) if desired. They are the best IMO.
  12. Groundhogs would make my otherwise animal loving dad go mental. If he saw any evidence of them in his garden he would set out the "have a heart" trap. Once trapped, he would take the trap, groundhog and all, and lower it heartlessly into a large trash can filled with water. End of groundhog. He realized after a few years that just leaving the trap, complete with groundhog, out in the summer sun would do the job. They perish in the heat.
  13. Ok so I only do 11 tomato plants in my little patch and get tons. I end up canning about 12-15 jars worth per season. Can’t imagine 48!! Roma’s, jet star, celebrity ... those varieties are my favs. Like the large cherry too. Need some warm sunny weather to get things moving.
  14. Market Basket
  15. What he said. Find a boulderfield/rocky shoreline and work it ... drag that sucker right through the rocks.