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  1. I carry a 44mag when I walk the dog.
  2. Had a great weekend. He came home and told the wife about all the stuff I let him eat.
  3. Come to my house Bob. I get them all the time
  4. A few more to night. I think he'll sleep good.
  5. Had a great afternoon he cought 22-26 in fish on almost every cast. His arms were hanging.
  6. Going up later today. He's also happy about missing school tomorrow.
  7. He has been fishing for years both fresh and salt. We will be fishing salt on cape. We own a home in Dennis . So nothing new for him there. It's just his first weekend away with the guys my uncle and another friend are going too. He's excited that "other guys " are going. Makes him feel like one of the guys. We will be fishing some schoolie spots and a little beach fishing. He has a 7' tide master and a 8'8" tsunami elite.
  8. I'm very excited for this weekend my 11 year old son is coming with me on his first guys only fishing trip. I will keep the fishing fun and not overly long. He had a great time at the store picking out all the snacks last night.
  9. Wait till they rope off the whole area until the grass grows
  10. I crush all barbs. And I have switched out almost all my plugs to inline hooks
  11. Riptide how do you rig the as far as direction of the point?
  12. I like VMC. Most shops carry them. If not they are easy to find online. I think SP minnows swam even better. Seemed to have a tighter wobble.
  13. I've been using them for a few years now and really like them especially at wadding at night. Anyone else make the switch. I still have lures with a treble but very few with 2.
  14. Some macs in canal
  15. Brought fig trees out. They are budding nice. All veggies in 2 weeks