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  1. I did 3 jars of stuffed cherry peppers and made two huge eggplant parms last night.
  2. my cherries are that tall but loaded with tomatoes . I've been picking for 10 days.
  3. They should triple all fines
  4. A$$holes ruin it for true sportsmen.
  5. very true. I've been fishing there for 35 years. A lot has changed out there over the years. My fishing buddies and I walk the flats early May every year to map out changes and again if we have a major storm. 2 hrs after low we move no excuses . Never had a problem.
  6. walking in on a rising tide as the sun comes up on the flats is a beautiful sight.
  7. I still fish the flats, but not as early or late. No more 1am water up to my waist stuff.
  8. Yes they do. I love the white ones.
  9. I was really surprised. It was great.
  10. They shut down boat traffic in some areas yesterday because of the whale.
  11. For years I have been using fire line on my Z reels. 704,710,712. I think the stiffer line worked better on the z reels. A few weeks ago I had to respool my 710. I couldn't find fireline so I tried Daiwa J braid 4 strand. It is a little stiffer than the 8 strand braids. I thought it might be good for the Z. I was right. It casted great and was a nice line lay. Very happy.
  12. I caught a lot of fish on large rebel minnow silver black back. That was years ago. Compared to new SPs they were lousy casters.
  13. Chapin beach is also closed at night. Never had gates before now locked at 9:00pm
  14. I had a bunch of old rebel windjammer I think they were called. Wide mouth. Blues loved them.
  15. When I was a kid I bought a ton of lures in green mac color. Loved the look. Still do. The rapalas from 30yesrs ago had a great look.