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  1. Brought out my fig trees yesterday.
  2. With in line hooks most guys go up 2 from treble size. 1/0 treble to a 3/0 inline. 3/0 is as big as you want to go on SP. IMO
  3. SSS Shoot , Shovel,shut up
  4. $5 a nose??
  5. I really like a white sluggo. At canal savage sandeel can be lights out.
  6. Thanks guys. It did look big to me.
  7. Was thinking about getting a power knob on my 200. Any one thoughts?
  8. Talking about hot dogs. When I was in college we used to go to hot dog annies. was 3 for $3.40. On Wednesdays it was 4/ $3.45. I used to get 10.
  9. I don't keep stripers to eat. I crush my barbs and try to do my best for a quick release. That said I'm in favor of any regs that will help the stripers. I just hope whatever they decide will actually work.
  10. I have to say that I saw a lot less ******** at the canal this year. I also think that if regulations are not the same state by state there is only going to be a small effect.
  11. The best laid plans of mice and men.
  12. I use palomar,Trileene,Albright. For heavy floro I love the fast tie tool makes a perfect knot. I use a drop of crazy glue as well.
  13. Remember the little clip on brass bells?