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  1. Don't think bait runner is the way to go. Wide spool reels rule there.
  2. Good luck. I have 3 Glocks (21,30,26) love them all. Like to got a 40 that 10mm round looks like fun.
  3. Tica Dolphin or Tsunami airwave elite are good rods to look at. Can't go wrong with a penn spin fisher either .
  4. Start by bait fishing. Then get an SP minnow. Find a calm beach and have fun .
  5. I hate to say this, but another full blown slaughter at the canal this year will bring up a lot more questions about that fishery.
  6. I agree netting does more damage in one day than one a$$hole could do in a year.
  7. That would be fine. They go through them then give to kids
  8. Needlefish bucktail slugo sp minnow
  9. I got $20 off new penn 4500 bailess
  10. Would not surprise me if they shut down the canal
  11. If Sale is not himself the Sox are in big trouble. His average his last start was 90.
  12. About 20 years ago Masshole officials killed off the coyote population on Monamoy island to protect the plovers. Up till that time the seals didn't bread on the island because of the coyotes . Leave mother nature alone and stop protecting the plovers.
  13. R.I.P. God bless
  14. Got to watch spring and early summer that is when you come across rabid animals the most.