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  1. Did someone say stones.......32 years stonemason
  2. Nothing like jiggy up some Stripers through the ice
  3. 6.4 [img= 5.12 http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1582947/]
  4. From the album personal best

  5. From the album personal best

  6. Left over chinese food from the night before:p
  7. My son at the time was 8 years old when this guy walks up with this dog to my son while we were fishing swimbaits, when the dog takes a nip at my sons hand:mad: Told the guy to get his F'n dog away from my kid, but the guy didn't listen to me.....It was lights out for him!
  8. Is a great fishery for Bass, Quabbin as good? Maybe, but i'll always say no, only because you have to learn Wachusetts first. Theres much unproductive areas that one shouldn,t waste your time to fish, but you have to keep in mind the seasons, Spring and Fall being my favorite time of the year for Smallmouthbass. Heres a few we,ve caught over the years. Quabbin is a beauteous place to see for the first time, and the fishing can be good too, but i've had days at the Chuu, that i'll never forget! If your into still fishing (chair an a samwhich), it has some spots like Scarhill-Stone church-Rook to name a few. Took me a few years to learn it, dont let anyone kid ya, it's got fish! Anyone like White Perch? Sorry for the large post
  9. Like to say hello, names Ed and i from the East Coast, Massachusetts. I do more FW fishing then i do SW waterfishing, but with Striper season, i'm all Stripers!!! Boston Harbor and it's outer islands is were we fish most for Stripers with about 10/12 trips a yearfish. Going to be giving the BF Tuna a "first try" this year on a buddy Johns new boat he just got. So i know i'd be needing a Standup Tuna rod and reel, any suggestings would be a appreciated. Heres a couple fish photos from last year trolling live Makrel out at Lond Island And John again with his first Tuna last year out at STELLWAGEN BANK Thanks Thanks everyone, Ed