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  1. where is the shady rest?
  2. If you show your fishing rod and say i will be fishing they do not charge you.
  3. I didn't know the stellas were waterproof. I'll have to look into them as I need a waterproof reel as my rod doubles as a wading staff.
  4. For a fishing site this place has gone down the toilet .
  5. One purchase one happy customer. :th:
  6. Brush it on, a lot less fumes ,
  7. I started to use KBS diamond clear coat works great except for shelf life.
  8. change tour screen resolution
  9. I use the korkers chrome, big bucks, but work good plus you can change the soles and go from plain rubber to studs in 1 minute. The metalhead is a bit cheaper but looks to have the same tops as the chrome.
  10. I started using pins that have a T at one end then I bought a bunch of tie claps in the jewelery dept of Michaels works great
  11. I hear he's bringing a meteor with him!
  12. GREAT idea I should have thought of that.
  13. They are great boots love them easy to get on and off and the interchangeable soles are great
  14. Millions, and my bag weighs a ton and a half. :laugh: