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  1. SOP.
  2. I'M no expert, but I have seen what these plants can do when they get overwhelmed. Google it if you like, Anyplace along the shoreline in CT has more than its share of disasters.
  3. Regs most likely will not change in any state.
  4. .
  5. Then why is Y posing as Y and why is he not Mike?
  6. When they are operating correctly. Problem is, at least in CT, they get overwhealmed when it rains and then everything goes into the discharge.
  7. We were talking about NaCl, at ambient temperature and ice, probably about 25 degrees.
  8. The guy in this pic. Is this "Mike"?
  9. Don't worry I think he's used to that. Did he walk out of the Matunuck oyster bar with that cute little ass in tow? Didn't think so.
  10. If you're really catching fish there is no time for all that rigamarole. You need to get the damn thing off the hook, bled and into the brine and get back in the water ASAP. You can hose the boat off after the bite is over.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the bleeding and brining technique, its what you after the brining that I'm talking about. I like to bleed and brine and then after about 15 minutes I pack the fish in flake ice. For tuna I take off the heads and gut after brining, then wrap the fish in a plastic garbage bagged the pack it in the flake ice.
  12. Yeah I get that, but most "salts" are bases not acids, at lest the ones we commonly use. Yes there is a saturation point, after which no more salt will dissolve. But usually we are talking about NaCl or CaCl when we talk about salts and they will always lower the temp. The $64 questions is by how much. As far as block ice goes, I get that it's less expensive, especially when you make your own, but take a hint from the commercial guys whose livelyhood depends on keeping the fish as fresh as possible, flake or shaved ice works the best. I can get a 162 quart cooler filled with flake ice for $6, hardly worth doing anything else. If you want to save a few pennies buy water softener salt in bulk instead of kosher salt.
  13. Well, How much of a difference may be open to interpretation by a molecular chemist, but it certainly won't make the water warmer. I would imagine the exact temperature change would depend on the amount of salt vs the amount of water.
  14. Took a grand tour of beautiful New Joisy the last three days. Went to Warren on Saturday to visit my grandkids, left there this morning and drove down to somewhere near Shark River to meet TimS. On the way passed quibbletown high somewhere near Plainfield. Then drove through Wall to get to 195 and then drove all the way to the Delaware Memorial bridge and on to to BWI where I am right now. Just found out the the organizers of the meeting have arranged dinner every night, so I won't be able to try KML's suggestions on this trip. Heading back up to Hammondton on Friday Morning to visit some cousins and then back to CT on Saturday.
  15. 420? Do you have to be stoned to get through the door?
  16. CT went through this years ago, now there is no shellfishing allowed west of Norwalk, at any time. Norwalk is only open when It hasn't rained for a while. All along the CT coastline the frigging sewage plants are spewing effluent into the sound. What they all should do is to reduce it to solids and only treat the liquids. The solids should be bailed up and disposed of on land.
  17. FWIW there is another place called the "210 oyster bar and grill" within walking distance from my boat. Oysters are good but the place is often very crowded. Food, besides the oysters, is so-so and it is fairly pricey. View is very nice, it overlooks the top of the salt pond and they have live music on the weekends.
  18. What a waste. I've fished my 30 footer east of Nantucket in Lydia canyon, more than once. Block canyon is a mere 2.5 hour jaunt as is West Atlantis. Even made the 90 mile trip to the 100 square area of the Hudson when the bigeye bite was on.
  19. Until you get caught offshore in a pea soup fog bank.
  20. I was looking though the pictures from the food fling and there was a pic of some guy who had "Y" as his screen name on his name tag. If Mike is really "Y" why doesn't he get Tim to change his screen name?
  21. My boat is ten minutes from Matunuck and the Oyster Bar, I rarely go there because of the crowds and parking. There is a really good place less than three minutes from there, just down the road past the state beach, but it's not open in October.
  22. @JoeyZacThat is not true! I used to think the same thing until I talked to a chemist. It seems like that act of salt dissolving in water uses heat which makes the resulting mixture colder.
  23. The federal clean water act should have some impact on this.
  24. O.K Gregg get your double dribble ready, here come another stupid question. Why do you guys call Mike "Y" when there is another member whose screen name is "Y"?