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  1. I'll try. Tie your terminal hook on the leader like you aways would. ( I use a palomar but pick your own flavor) Then where you need and additional hook double the line, past through the hook eye and then put the hook through the loop. It will slip with a fish on but it will tow a long bait very well. As long as your know on the trailing hook is O.K. you're good to go!
  2. Don't forget it's easy enough to rig a siding two hook rig to accommodate any size squid.
  3. Its the political version of "I'm gonna hold my breath until I die"
  4. Because that wasn't his job, as defined by his appointment.
  5. It was ashes!
  6. 5/21 update. The latest pings, around 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 21, show he is southwest of Montauk, according to researchers at ocean research group . It had been tracked off the shore of Fairfield County in Greenwich.
  7. What makes you so sure? I've caught 6 inch stripers in the great salt pond and I know that they did migrate there.
  8. Been all over the internet, the original info came from Ocearch and it pinged right off of Greenwich.
  9. I used to laugh often when I lived there about how people, businesses, organizations would name themselves after that mythical place.
  10. Crocs with socks!?
  11. For me it just makes the unread threads more obvious. I'm sure I could navigate around without it, but I'm not into reading every thread in all of the sections I visit, so it just makes things easier.
  12. Is it blocked off or is it a "real" closure?
  13. chariho! The town that does not exist!
  14. Its diesel, thank you! You just reminded me that I have to go get fuel, next time I'm up there. I'll need it before i run any distance.
  15. Hmm, for some reason my picture of the jigs seems to have disappeared? as I said, they are made by friends of mine at North Atlantic Jigs.