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  1. Good news, now get the eff out of that place, too many sick people hanging around there!
  2. I can tell you that most of your fluke fishing will be in 50-100 feet of water and when the current is running or the wind really blowing you will need 8-10 ounces to hold bottom. I don't think the gearing matters, its more a matter of personal preference, I use 30 lb test Suffix braid on my fluke/sea bass/scup rods.
  3. Someone gave me a bottle of Japanese scotch last year, as a gift for taking him fishing, it was very good.
  4. Feel better quickly Mick!
  5. HBD Tim! We'll celebrate on Monday!
  6. Then what's the "E" in BPOE?
  7. Just bought al the fixing for some Katsu Don.
  8. All I know about Keilbasa in one post; Smoked good, fresh better, fresh with fresh made horseradish, best!
  9. Do you really know what the differences are for all those different types of Keilbasa? My wife was 1/2 polish and all I ever learned was smoked vs fresh. And what's with the mackerel?
  10. What's "SSFF"?
  11. The acid barge off of Block Island?
  12. IMHO the better question is why isn't the current Attorney General actively pursuing an investigation into the whole thing?
  13. Beat me to it!
  14. does it work in reverse as well?