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  1. Tuesday I’ll be in CA. Do they have internet there?
  2. And a nice Chablis or Macon.
  3. I know exactly where you mean. I drive right by there on 287 on my way to my daughter’s house.
  4. Yep, irrelevant canned sardines never go bad. I think I bought the sardines off the “bargain” table at the local market. The anchovies are great with hard boiled eggs.
  5. You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
  6. Herring with onions in cream sauce is another lunchtime staple for me. I also like herring in Wine sauce.
  7. I do sometimes, I also eat canned herring and octopus.
  8. Occasionally I'll use it to make tuna salad, I'm not feeding it to my Schrodinger's cat.
  9. Yes and no. If your job moves more than a certain distance (something like 50 or 100 miles) you can still qualify for UI. And it's not a refused relocation unless the employer was willing to pay for the move and even if that was the case he still qualifies for UI.
  10. Right out of the can, unless I'm feeling real hoity toity.
  11. So what's new? Sounds like the same old..same old.
  12. It's really pretty tasteless. I prefer it over water just because it makes the fish less dry tasting. I drain almost all out of the can before I use or eat the fish.
  13. No its not nearly as busy as the old one was at its high, but a lot of the "regulars" from the old site are on the new site.
  14. Just pay some kid to mow it while you supervise with a beer and cigar in hand.