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  1. You don't think there is a problem, when the state of MA is closing beaches due to the fecal coliform pollution from the seal **** and the MA Dept of health is warning people not to approach dead seals because they are carrying either avian flu or canine distemper or both?
  2. Apparently you got that wrong. No bill passed by any state can trump (pun intended) the Federal marine mammal protection act. What happened out west is that two states (WA & OR) petitioned the USF&WS to allow the lethal removal of several sea lions which were eating a type of steelhead that is on the endangered species list.
  3. I've seen a coupe of huge specimens just of the south end of the Block.
  4. There, fixed it or you.
  5. No they are not. Harbor and grey seals are not endangered. They re protected by the federal marine mammal protection act, hence there is not a damn thing the state of MA can do about it.
  6. When I kept my boat in Montauk (1983 to 2002) I was surveyed almost every day I went fishing. Recently in RI, whereI keep the boat now, I get surveyed about every third trip.
  7. Thanks Charlie, I was under the (Mis?)impression that the provision made it into the final bill.
  8. Off the top of my head it was an amendment to the FY 2018 budget resolution for NOAA/NMFS.
  9. FWIW buoy weather is predicting SSE swells for Thur. & Fri. ay 6 feet every 3 seconds for the area inside BI to the mainland.
  10. Effectively he already did by denying the clam cops the money to enforce it.
  11. just got back from a week on the beach in Lavalette. Got a first hand look at what's going on in Seaside heights. Can't help but wonder why they don't put in some hard structure to alleviate the sand migration. FWIW on Long Island the sand migrates from east to west.
  12. She regained hurricane status today.
  13. Don't know how much they are by the dozen, but shucked fresh clams are about $30-40 a bushel these days. Just salted and froze half a bushel this morning.