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  1. My immune therapy kept the tumors in check after the chemotherapy knocked them way back. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. At least until the end of the month I’m sticking to the immune therapy that I’ve been. A cat scan at the end of the month will measure how it’s working.
  3. Just politically grandstanding. Count how many states have no permit CC.
  4. Could you say that again? Who is overfishing illegally?
  5. That’s exactly why I was confused when Bob used the term “splice” in that other thread.
  6. Why are you in Manhattan today?
  7. Is that your version of R2D2?
  8. Honestly, I believe you. That clears up my confusion.
  9. Most people call that joint a knot. Maybe you call a knot a splice, which could be the source of my confusion.
  10. They are going to burn the place down!
  11. Question came up in another thread. Bob mentioned splicing mono (20 lb. IIRC) my question is how does one do that? I know how it’s done with braid but I never hear of splicing mono.
  12. Pain is off again then on again. Just trying to outlast the on again parts. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!
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