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  1. Just looked at them this morning, I can find FDIC insured CDs that pay more than that.
  2. Taste test turned out O.K., its good stuff. I only baked it at 200 degrees for 20 minutes, so Inguess It didn't sustain any damage. Next tie I'll just lay it out and let it dry naturally.
  3. Up over 400 points so far today.
  4. Yes, particularly for the burners.
  5. I noticed for the first time speed traps and cops pulling people over on I84 yesterday. Time to slow down again. Lots more traffic on the roads this week too.
  6. With interest rates where they are there really isn't much of an alternative for investors seeking yields.
  7. I made a marinated London Broil on the gas grill last night along with some big baked russet potatoes and a salad.
  8. HBD smoke one of those RPs you just got!
  9. Sorry about Annie, Gregg.
  10. Normally dry in the competition is twice the price. Nicer scallops but at twice the price?
  11. FWIW, big y normally has sea scallops in my area for about $10 a pound. Wet not dry and not the biggest, but still a good deal.
  12. So what should I do when the flower is too wet? Just spread it out and let it dry without heat?
  13. Yeah, but it was always tax or corporate law. Haven’t done anything else since law school.
  14. If you get a ticket for dui on a boat, how do “they” know if you have a drivers license?
  15. Go get some of those free tomatoes ! Or is it too early now?