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  1. Wrong place at the wrong time. I'll bet you can find lots of pig faces in the local bars around ten o'clock at night.
  2. Have you tries churashi sushi?
  3. Yeah, except there are no commercials and no talking at all (unlike Pandora and Sirius) If you have prime the playlists are free. I pay the $8 a month and can stream anything I want. But I have it hooked up to my stereo system via a DAC.
  4. Just to point out the obvious, what happens when the eggs hatch and there is no one around to feed the newly hatch youngsters?
  5. Nah, I think we'll stick with beef burgers or maybe even get wild and throw in some sausage patties.
  6. Everything is better than a Toyota! They'll rust away under you. I drove a 99 Silverado for 17 years, put 350K on it before I bought my new truck. That 99 I gave to my nephew, who is still driving it back and forth to work. He said he had to put a fuel pump in it about a month ago.
  7. O.K. Mark your calendars, I'm going to be on the beach in Lavalette on Sunday August 18th. I'd like to invite any of you guys who can make it down for burgers and brews on the deck overlooking the beach. For those of you so inclined feel free to bring your surfcasting stuff. @Sheisty can bring the beer! FWIW, last year I didn't see anyone catch anything off the beach during the day. So who's in? @TimS can come too!
  8. yep!
  9. Where's mama?
  10. Or just a shower stall with a seat in it and lots of handholds.
  11. Sorry to hear that Mick, on the bright side, at least he's O.K. Do this!
  12. Maybe yes, maybe no. What’s the difference everyone farts anyway!
  13. Expertise fades quickly when mixed with alcohol.
  14. I had a Hinkley in the slip across the dock last year and the year before. Pretty boat. But it had a very soft foredeck.
  15. Happy father’s day!