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  1. No, they have a competitive advantage over most citizens in that they can more easily elect to vote with their feet and take their business elsewhere.
  2. Slander is not a crime, at last in this country, it's a tort.
  3. Let's be clear about this, it's a civil action, not a criminal prosecution. At worst he will be liable for damages that he most probably cannot pay. I think the only reason he has been names in this suit is to get his testimony about what he did say and how the media distorted it.
  4. That's EXACTLY what free markets are about. How much tax would your county get in taxes if the mall wasn't there?
  5. Of course not! The new governor is the media's darling.
  6. I'm on the other end of that spectrum and believe me its a lots worse from this perspective.
  7. They do IIRC manage bluefish, Bass (I assume you mean striped bass) is managed by the ASMFC. I'm not sure who manages weakfish. Charles?
  8. Now Trump is demanding that CA pay back the 3+ billion they took from the feds for this fiasco.
  9. What would you suggest, punching him in the mouth?
  10. You still don't get it, the 3 billion was a tax figure that they will now never collect. They weren't going to cut a check to Amazon, they were simply going to forgo collecting some of he taxes that otherwise might have been due over the next ten years. Now they will never collect those taxes so there is nothing to give back.
  11. Then I can look forward to making up for lost time. I had a gout attack starting Tuesday so I haven't had a drink since Monday.
  12. You must have been one hot date last night. NOT
  13. AFAIK, they are the only one with a well defined risk policy.
  14. The disk is the flywheel, the magneto is under it. I don't remember if the mag throws off enough voltage to actually charge a battery. On my sea ox I had a 235 for the main engine, the 9.9 was just a kicker for emergencies and shallow water work.