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  1. I would be more than happy to dine with Sparky and his Mrs. I don’t have three heads and I don’t eat small children!
  2. I’ll probably be up there on Saturday, let me know if you want to meet up for drinks or dinner.
  3. What he said! Change it quick Tony!
  4. There is all kind of bacterial infested material on a dead fish. Jesus, people get bacterial infections all the time just from handling them and you think it’s too much trouble to was off something that you’re going to eat? I hope you’re not into sushi or sashimi!
  5. Horse hockey, you can’t clean everything off the meat side with a knife. Do yourself a favor and save lots of time by simply washing you filets off in saltwater.
  6. Said the queen if I had them I’d be king!
  7. It Takes a lot of skill to skin a little bird, without ruining it.
  8. Don’t you wash your filets off in a bucket of salt water before you do anything else with them?
  9. Any idea of who I could talk to or write to about this ASGA effort to bring the ASMFC under Magnesson-Stevens?
  10. Bonito and skipjacks are two entirely different species.
  11. For anyone who likes grilled octopus there is a restaurant near Warren called the “ Twelve islands Greek Taverna” that has the best grilled octopus that I have ever had outside Brazil.
  12. I love grilled octopus!
  13. What were you doing at Tomm's old apartment?
  14. I’m well within range for bft, but well out of range for most of you guys to get to me. I’ll wait until tog house starts to fish with you guys.
  15. Is Y going to be our lawyer?