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  1. Wearing waders on a boat is ridiculous and could be dangerous if you were to fall overboard. Bibs will do you no good at all for surf fishing. As someone else said, two different products for two different applications.
  2. I've got to agree with this. Tog will take clams, sea worms, and lots of other soft baits, the only reason we use crabs so much is to deter all the other fish that will steal the soft baits off your hook before the tog can get to it.
  3. Its also called a sculpin.
  4. But it identifies as a box turtle.
  5. Its a sea raven, definitely NOT an oyster cracker or toadfish.
  6. Don't assume they are all fishing for striped bass. Some of my best sea bass and scup spots are in the EEZ just off of Block Island.
  7. Not true for sea bass, or any other fish. You are subject to the regulations governing the area where you are, where you intend to land fish is immaterial. That's why I pushed so hard for transit provisions to apply to sea bass and for an end of the October close period in federal waters. Finally got both!
  8. Then you either have a reading comprehension problem or you didn't bother to read the federal register notice that I posted.
  9. Care to elaborate? Most of the fish I was talking about are found well offshore as well as inshore.
  10. Bigger problem fo forage fish in the future, is likely to be they're being harvested for fish food in aquaculture operations.
  11. AFAIK the only baitfish that is being used for that purpose in this country is the Menhaden that are harvested by Omega Protein. The ASMFC is in the process of adopting a new menhaden management plan that will consider the species' importance as a forage fish. The MAFMC has adopted a forage fish management plan which prohibits new fisheries for those species considered forage fish. I don't think that, other than menhaden, there is another species of fish in the Atlantic that has "no table value."
  12. Congressman Lee Zeldin from NY has been pushing for this for years now.
  13. FYI almost all of the commercial herring catch goes for lobster bait.
  14. I doubt they were fishing for herring, most of that fishing takes place well to our north.
  15. My charts only show about 1/2 of that area as southwest ledge, but I take your point!